Introduction: I Made "Simon Says" in "4LED Touch Write Block" of 100 Yen Shop.Collaboration!

I found the "4LED touch write block" at 100 yen shop .
I was tempted to make a ”Simon says”.

Step 1: 材料

Picture of 材料

・4LEDタッチライトブロック ・・・1個
・ATMEGA168P-20PU ・・・1個(または、ATMEGA328P-PU)
・ICソケット(26P) ・・・1個
・ユニバーサル基板 ・・・1枚
・タクトスイッチ ・・・4個
・3mmLED 好きな色 ・・・4個
・電圧ブザー ・・・1個



・ 4LED touch light block ...1
・ATMEGA168P-20PU ··· 1 (or, ATMEGA328P-PU)
・ IC socket (26P) ...1

・Universal Board ...1
・Tact switch ... 4
・3mmLED favorite color ... 4

・voltage buzzer ... 1

・3M Puraneji (10mm) + nut ... 2 (I forgot to take photos.)

※ ATMEGA168P-20PU and LED we used the surplus that was in the house.

Step 2: 4LEDタッチライトブロックを分解

Picture of 4LEDタッチライトブロックを分解



Remove the battery cover.

To the left and right of the case, there is a nail caught.

Precision screwdriver (-) and using the disconnect.

Step 3: ボタンの位置を決めます

Picture of ボタンの位置を決めます



I will cut the universal substrate as shown in the photograph.
Tact switch you are installing is an alternative 2cm intervals.
Drill a hole with an electric drill and reamer.

Step 4: ボタン固定のためのプラネジ用の穴を開けます

Picture of ボタン固定のためのプラネジ用の穴を開けます



It opened two holes for Puraneji for tact switch fixed.

Step 5: LED基板の白色LEDを取り替えます

Picture of LED基板の白色LEDを取り替えます



Remove the 5mm LED. Then, attach the 3mm LED.

Step 6: LEDのハンダ付

Picture of LEDのハンダ付



Photo hard to see, but only the bottom of the pattern of the LED substrate so as to shine LED is independently and then cut three places with a cutter.
The side that does not cut the more LED's feet short (-), we are attached to the better to cut the long leg.

Step 7: タクトスイッチをハンダ付けします

Picture of タクトスイッチをハンダ付けします



I soldered the tact switch as shown in the photograph.

Step 8: ケース(裏)をカットします。

Picture of ケース(裏)をカットします。


In order to incorporate the parts, and then cut as shown in the photograph one place battery.

Step 9: 配線

Picture of 配線


ATMEGA168P-20PUには"Simon says"のスケッチを書き込んで置きます。



We will wire the LED , tact switch and ATMEGA168P-20PU(IC socket).
(See here for circuit and source code.)

In order to move on two AAA batteries, fuse bit of ATMEGA168P-20PU will be operated in 8Mhz.
The ATMEGA168P-20PU Place by writing a sketch of the "Simon says".

IC sockets and wire wearing a ATMEGA168P-20PU I and secure it with the glue gun.
If you do not secure it with glue gun it will come off for filling the parts.

Step 10: 部品を詰め込みます

Picture of 部品を詰め込みます



We stuffed the parts.
It's hard to cram so location is narrow.

Step 11: 出来上がり

Picture of 出来上がり

simon saysを手元に置いて楽しんでいます:-)


I am carrying put in my bag the "simon says".We enjoy the spare time :-)



armxu (author)2015-10-04

can u express in english?

SANUKI UDON (author)armxu2015-10-05

I'm not good at English.
English translation is difficult for me.
I will challenge .
It may take time.

devicemodder (author)SANUKI UDON2015-10-05

Hello from Canada.

Your English is pretty good. :-)

I had NO trouble understanding you.

although i can read only a little bit of japanese.

eg; I understood what the lights packaging said.

good instructable.

SANUKI UDON (author)devicemodder2015-10-05

I appreciate your comments.

devicemodder (author)SANUKI UDON2015-10-11

no problem

mkaida (author)2015-10-06


SANUKI UDON (author)mkaida2015-10-06

ありがとうございますm(_ _)m

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