I found the "4LED touch write block" at 100 yen shop .
I was tempted to make a ”Simon says”.

Step 1: 材料

・4LEDタッチライトブロック ・・・1個
・ATMEGA168P-20PU ・・・1個(または、ATMEGA328P-PU)
・ICソケット(26P) ・・・1個
・ユニバーサル基板 ・・・1枚
・タクトスイッチ ・・・4個
・3mmLED 好きな色 ・・・4個
・電圧ブザー ・・・1個



・ 4LED touch light block ...1
・ATMEGA168P-20PU ··· 1 (or, ATMEGA328P-PU)
・ IC socket (26P) ...1

・Universal Board ...1
・Tact switch ... 4
・3mmLED favorite color ... 4

・voltage buzzer ... 1

・3M Puraneji (10mm) + nut ... 2 (I forgot to take photos.)

※ ATMEGA168P-20PU and LED we used the surplus that was in the house.

Step 2: 4LEDタッチライトブロックを分解



Remove the battery cover.

To the left and right of the case, there is a nail caught.

Precision screwdriver (-) and using the disconnect.

Step 3: ボタンの位置を決めます



I will cut the universal substrate as shown in the photograph.
Tact switch you are installing is an alternative 2cm intervals.
Drill a hole with an electric drill and reamer.

Step 4: ボタン固定のためのプラネジ用の穴を開けます



It opened two holes for Puraneji for tact switch fixed.

Step 5: LED基板の白色LEDを取り替えます



Remove the 5mm LED. Then, attach the 3mm LED.

Step 6: LEDのハンダ付



Photo hard to see, but only the bottom of the pattern of the LED substrate so as to shine LED is independently and then cut three places with a cutter.
The side that does not cut the more LED's feet short (-), we are attached to the better to cut the long leg.

Step 7: タクトスイッチをハンダ付けします



I soldered the tact switch as shown in the photograph.

Step 8: ケース(裏)をカットします。


In order to incorporate the parts, and then cut as shown in the photograph one place battery.

Step 9: 配線


ATMEGA168P-20PUには"Simon says"のスケッチを書き込んで置きます。



We will wire the LED , tact switch and ATMEGA168P-20PU(IC socket).
(See here for circuit and source code.)

In order to move on two AAA batteries, fuse bit of ATMEGA168P-20PU will be operated in 8Mhz.
The ATMEGA168P-20PU Place by writing a sketch of the "Simon says".

IC sockets and wire wearing a ATMEGA168P-20PU I and secure it with the glue gun.
If you do not secure it with glue gun it will come off for filling the parts.

Step 10: 部品を詰め込みます



We stuffed the parts.
It's hard to cram so location is narrow.

Step 11: 出来上がり

simon saysを手元に置いて楽しんでいます:-)


I am carrying put in my bag the "simon says".We enjoy the spare time :-)


can u express in english?
<p>I'm not good at English.<br>English translation is difficult for me.<br>I will challenge .<br>It may take time.</p>
<p>Hello from Canada.</p><p>Your English is pretty good. :-) </p><p>I had NO trouble understanding you. </p><p>although i can read only a little bit of japanese.</p><p>eg; I understood what the lights packaging said. </p><p>good instructable.</p>
<p></p><p></p><p><strong>I appreciate your comments.</strong></p><p></p><p></p>
<p>no problem</p>
<p>ありがとうございますm(_ _)m</p>

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