I was inspired to make a duct tape jacket of some kind because of hat day at my school. Why hat day, you ask? Well...I didn't have any awesome hats, so I made a hex hat from duct tape. It was a hit with my friends, and a lot of people gave good feedback. I was excited to do something bigger. Something with some more "Wow" factor.

When first worn, this jacket is kind of stiff and pretty much a plastic tube. It keeps in a LOT of heat, and is great for wearing in the cold outside! It is also 100% waterproof, and can be used as a rain jacket. The more you wear it, the more more comfortable it gets. Unlucky for me, it is still hot here in the south, even at 5:00 am when I have to go catch the bus for school. Eventually though, I will be wearing this to school everyday :D

So without any more delay, here is my Duct Tape Hoodie! I hope it has enough "Wow" factor for everyone.

Step 1: Materials

First, you need the right tools.
- Scissors
- Razor
- Sharpie
- Yard/Meter Stick

Now, gather your materials.
- Duct Tape. I used two 55 yard rolls, and part of a 40 yard roll, along with fluorescent green tape for decorating.  I probably spent around $15 for the duct tape. I didn't use proffesional tape... I used the cheapest I could find.
- Masking Tape

Oh! Forgot! You need a large flat surface that you can cut on. I have (clean) concrete floors, so it's no big deal. You may wish to use a large cutting board on a table if you need to (or improvise!).

<p>That is awesome. Now for the pants. :)</p>
<p>This is a very nice hoodie and probably one of the absolute best Duct Tape creations I've seen. I think I'm gonna try something like this; a Duct Tape Duster!</p>
I'm having and issue with the bottom edge of the body staying strait when I put it on. Just wondering if you had the same issue and how you fixed it. Also did you do anything to keep it closed.
<p>Mine naturally overlapped itself on the front, and the end didn't crinkle/wave or anything, but in the end was a pretty rigid and uncomfortable tube.</p>
Nice I'm making this but with fabric instead
This is awesome! Tomorrow is Duct Tape clothing day at my school, and im going to use some of your measurments and ways to make a duct tape t-shirt!
could you make the ACIII coat with this method?
Fantastic job!
&quot;The biggest issue is that the water drips directly onto your pants. Maybe future developments will fix this.&quot;<br /> <br /> Future developments such as Duct Tape Pants? :D<br />
One day man, one day...&nbsp; :D<br />
A while ago i thought of making a duct tape kilt (even with the plaid pattern), but sadly i just didn't have the time, skill, or duct tape to do it. And awsome instructable by the way. It totally beats a duct tape wallet.
I don't use wallets and there are soo many duct tape wallets that I wanted to make something else.&nbsp; I am glad Jacket beats Wallet.<br />
If pants beat jacket, does wallet beat pants?
This is great!! Five stars. Wish I could rate it six stars. <br> <br>How many roles of duct tape did you use to make this? I want to make sure I have enough tape before I begin.
I used the largest ones WalMart had because they were the cheapest. Somewhere around two and a half? I went by yardage (110+) because you can divvy that into whatever size rolls you have available. Larger jacket needs more duct tape. Colors and decorations will also require more ductape.
Very cool!&acirc;™&yen;&acirc;™&yen;&acirc;™&yen; I'm making this for my Art class when we have a duct tape project :) About how long did it take yu to make this?
I want to guess two days? It didn't take that long, but don't rush or else you get wrinkles ;)
wow this is great for broken hood's
wow this is great for broken hood's
Mine is still way to stiff what should i do?<br><br>
Mine is still stiff too. Try crumpling it repeatedly until it becomes more malleable.
*sees the duct tape hoodie and gasps* *sees Csi ny and loses intrest* !!&nbsp;Great work man im making one but im going to add a arm strap thing that my mp3 player fits in and A thing for my blackberry<br />
Good luck! But don't complain to me if it isn't the best heheh.<br /> Oh, and that isn't CSI NY on the tv... it's&nbsp; a weird movie I forgot the name of. I don't even know if I&nbsp;was watching it.<br />
Thanks man <br /> <br /> btw Thats adam and mac from csi ny !!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Dont ya love csi nerds !!<br />
I dunno, I don't watch TV xD<br />
&nbsp;I do watch TV, but I refer to guides to see only the program I want to watch. In this case, Mythbusters is wednesdays @ 9PM eastern.<br /> <br /> I don't just mindlessly stare at the glowing box for hours on end like many people do.
Yay another mythbusters fan! LOL watching 40 year olds blow stuff up for a job I cant believe that we watch it&nbsp; ! that would be a great job :-)<br />
When in doubt, C4 (or in this case, duct tape).
I also have another saying for people who like guns<br /> <br /> When in doubt, enpty the magazine.
i like that, but, just saying, the mythbusters like being reconized for there science show, not for &quot;hey look those guys are the guys that blow stuff up!&quot;
true... <br>
add another arrow that says&quot;Record in slow motion and watch repeatedly&quot;
where is the cow?<br>
How big is the sheet? What are the dimensions?
See step three and find out how big to make it for yourself.
also doubles as a raincoat, sick. <br />i have made 1 sport coat, 2 backpacks, 2 hats, 3 belts, and 1 neck tie out of duct tape<br />
Nice! I may possibly make a backpack (with multiple slots) messenger bag, lunch box, pants, and a belt.<br />I&nbsp;have made a cheap belt and wallet.<br />
'IBLE&nbsp;ON&nbsp;THE&nbsp;PANTS&nbsp;PLESE!!!!!!!!!!<br /> Like, NOW!!!
&nbsp;Well they were meant to be shorts, but I can't do that now. I broke me finger and I can hardly play Xbox...
<p>Do you think that you maybe can do that&nbsp;instructable&nbsp;after it gets better?&nbsp; I really want to&nbsp;make a pair of&nbsp;those.<br /> <br /> PS: Hope your finger gets better soon!!!</p>
&nbsp;I just broke my finger. Like, yesterday.<br /> <br /> Maybe in 6 weeks it might be healed.<br />
<p>How'd you break it?</p>
i made duct tape shorts and will make an 'ible when summer comes<br>
Awwww. I'll have to wait an entire 5 months!

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