Picture of 100% Authentic Duct Tape Hoodie (110+ yards of duct tape)
I was inspired to make a duct tape jacket of some kind because of hat day at my school. Why hat day, you ask? Well...I didn't have any awesome hats, so I made a hex hat from duct tape. It was a hit with my friends, and a lot of people gave good feedback. I was excited to do something bigger. Something with some more "Wow" factor.

When first worn, this jacket is kind of stiff and pretty much a plastic tube. It keeps in a LOT of heat, and is great for wearing in the cold outside! It is also 100% waterproof, and can be used as a rain jacket. The more you wear it, the more more comfortable it gets. Unlucky for me, it is still hot here in the south, even at 5:00 am when I have to go catch the bus for school. Eventually though, I will be wearing this to school everyday :D

So without any more delay, here is my Duct Tape Hoodie! I hope it has enough "Wow" factor for everyone.

Step 1: Materials

First, you need the right tools.
- Scissors
- Razor
- Sharpie
- Yard/Meter Stick

Now, gather your materials.
- Duct Tape. I used two 55 yard rolls, and part of a 40 yard roll, along with fluorescent green tape for decorating.  I probably spent around $15 for the duct tape. I didn't use proffesional tape... I used the cheapest I could find.
- Masking Tape

Oh! Forgot! You need a large flat surface that you can cut on. I have (clean) concrete floors, so it's no big deal. You may wish to use a large cutting board on a table if you need to (or improvise!).

J.F9 months ago

That is awesome. Now for the pants. :)

connorr2 J.F7 months ago


This is a very nice hoodie and probably one of the absolute best Duct Tape creations I've seen. I think I'm gonna try something like this; a Duct Tape Duster!

I'm having and issue with the bottom edge of the body staying strait when I put it on. Just wondering if you had the same issue and how you fixed it. Also did you do anything to keep it closed.
Kaiven (author)  tmcfarlane11 year ago

Mine naturally overlapped itself on the front, and the end didn't crinkle/wave or anything, but in the end was a pretty rigid and uncomfortable tube.

Nice I'm making this but with fabric instead
EnderMegan1 year ago
This is awesome! Tomorrow is Duct Tape clothing day at my school, and im going to use some of your measurments and ways to make a duct tape t-shirt!
could you make the ACIII coat with this method?
boomer20112 years ago
Fantastic job!
zoneykid5 years ago
"The biggest issue is that the water drips directly onto your pants. Maybe future developments will fix this."

Future developments such as Duct Tape Pants? :D
Kaiven (author)  zoneykid5 years ago
One day man, one day...  :D
A while ago i thought of making a duct tape kilt (even with the plaid pattern), but sadly i just didn't have the time, skill, or duct tape to do it. And awsome instructable by the way. It totally beats a duct tape wallet.
Kaiven (author)  natethegreat885 years ago
I don't use wallets and there are soo many duct tape wallets that I wanted to make something else.  I am glad Jacket beats Wallet.
If pants beat jacket, does wallet beat pants?
Sadi7892 years ago
This is great!! Five stars. Wish I could rate it six stars.

How many roles of duct tape did you use to make this? I want to make sure I have enough tape before I begin.
Kaiven (author)  Sadi7892 years ago
I used the largest ones WalMart had because they were the cheapest. Somewhere around two and a half? I went by yardage (110+) because you can divvy that into whatever size rolls you have available. Larger jacket needs more duct tape. Colors and decorations will also require more ductape.
ZombiiDoll3 years ago
Very cool!♥♥♥ I'm making this for my Art class when we have a duct tape project :) About how long did it take yu to make this?
Kaiven (author)  ZombiiDoll3 years ago
I want to guess two days? It didn't take that long, but don't rush or else you get wrinkles ;)
wow this is great for broken hood's
wow this is great for broken hood's
dgeer14 years ago
Mine is still way to stiff what should i do?

Kaiven (author)  dgeer14 years ago
Mine is still stiff too. Try crumpling it repeatedly until it becomes more malleable.
*sees the duct tape hoodie and gasps* *sees Csi ny and loses intrest* !! Great work man im making one but im going to add a arm strap thing that my mp3 player fits in and A thing for my blackberry
Kaiven (author)  stephenniall5 years ago
Good luck! But don't complain to me if it isn't the best heheh.
Oh, and that isn't CSI NY on the tv... it's  a weird movie I forgot the name of. I don't even know if I was watching it.
Thanks man

btw Thats adam and mac from csi ny !! 

Dont ya love csi nerds !!
Kaiven (author)  stephenniall5 years ago
I dunno, I don't watch TV xD
 I do watch TV, but I refer to guides to see only the program I want to watch. In this case, Mythbusters is wednesdays @ 9PM eastern.

I don't just mindlessly stare at the glowing box for hours on end like many people do.
Yay another mythbusters fan! LOL watching 40 year olds blow stuff up for a job I cant believe that we watch it  ! that would be a great job :-)
Saturn V 1825155 years ago
When in doubt, C4 (or in this case, duct tape).
I also have another saying for people who like guns

When in doubt, enpty the magazine.
i like that, but, just saying, the mythbusters like being reconized for there science show, not for "hey look those guys are the guys that blow stuff up!"
add another arrow that says"Record in slow motion and watch repeatedly"
dgeer14 years ago
where is the cow?
rosswight4 years ago
How big is the sheet? What are the dimensions?
Kaiven (author)  rosswight4 years ago
See step three and find out how big to make it for yourself.
Furloy5 years ago
also doubles as a raincoat, sick.
i have made 1 sport coat, 2 backpacks, 2 hats, 3 belts, and 1 neck tie out of duct tape
Kaiven (author)  Furloy5 years ago
Nice! I may possibly make a backpack (with multiple slots) messenger bag, lunch box, pants, and a belt.
I have made a cheap belt and wallet.
Saturn V Kaiven5 years ago
Like, NOW!!!
Kaiven (author)  Saturn V5 years ago
 Well they were meant to be shorts, but I can't do that now. I broke me finger and I can hardly play Xbox...
Saturn V Kaiven5 years ago

Do you think that you maybe can do that instructable after it gets better?  I really want to make a pair of those.

PS: Hope your finger gets better soon!!!

Kaiven (author)  Saturn V5 years ago
 I just broke my finger. Like, yesterday.

Maybe in 6 weeks it might be healed.
Saturn V Kaiven5 years ago

How'd you break it?

i made duct tape shorts and will make an 'ible when summer comes
Awwww. I'll have to wait an entire 5 months!
ninjasfly4 years ago
do you need 110+ YARDS of duct tape or 110+ FEET??????? because 110+ YARDS sounds like A LOT!
Kaiven (author)  ninjasfly4 years ago
Oh. Actually, I can't remember... how many yards/feet are on a roll? I'm pretty sure in the material list I used two 55 yard rolls. And some of a 40 yard roll.
It's only three rolls of duct tape, and considering it costs about 3 bucks a roll, it's pretty doable.
how big do you make it
Kaiven (author)  adrienvesely4 years ago
The cutting mat is measured in inches, but you would probably make it big enough to cover your body.
i cant find the cow
would crossing the strips of duct tape perpendicularly add strength to the "cloth"?
Kaiven (author)  the "wow shammy"4 years ago
i think so. Duct tape is made out of cloth and the fact that it is easy to rip apart makes me guess that the threads run in one direction only.
Kaiven (author)  beehard444 years ago
The threads run in two directions, like
I can tear it by hand either way.
yoyojoeco4 years ago
dude, you should make more and sell them to those lazy bums who don't want to make their own becuase:" it's too much work!"
Oh my gosh, I just made this jacket and it looks SO legit. xD
Kaiven (author)  iammadeofducttape.4 years ago
Thanks :D
vennev5 years ago
AWESOME! very creative! very...WOW!
Skai5 years ago
hmmm do you think that adding water to your cutting board for the first side of the sleeve would make it easier to unstick it from the cutting board? Or do you think that would ruin the sleeve? Really awesome and creative, by the way :)
Kaiven (author)  Skai5 years ago
Probably not. You would have to get all of the water off of the duct tape, and wiping it would be a big no-no. Adding water would make it harder to stick duct tape to duct tape.
wilcurt5 years ago
Well. It looks easier to wear than [http://www.instructables.com/id/Duct-Tape-Armor/ this.]
wilcurt wilcurt5 years ago
Ok link formatting isn't working. Here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Duct-Tape-Armor/
maxpower495 years ago
how many sheets do i need 2 or 4
Kaiven (author)  maxpower495 years ago
Just two, one for front, one for back.
Saturn V5 years ago
I'm planning on making a whole Duct Tape wardrobe.  I have the hat, tie, belt, hoodie (of course), wallet, and shoes.  All I need is a watch, a shirt (probably adaptable from this), and pants.
Kaiven (author)  Saturn V5 years ago
 WOW, you are going to sweat a lot! haha, it get's very clingy :P
Saturn V Kaiven5 years ago
You'r probably right, but just think about how cool it'll look!
it works better iff you have shorts, not pants. im about to make an instructable about it though
Kryptonite5 years ago
Ha ha ha, awesome!!!

This should be enterred into the light up the night contest.

Amazing job, did you take those pictures in the Introduction yourself? If so then they're very good.

It seems the sleaves need to be a little longer on you though, when you bend your arm it comes half way up your wrist.

Kaiven (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
Why should I enter this in to the contest? It doesn't have lights...?

And yes, I took the intro pictures by putting the camera on top of my computer.

The sleeves are short.  That's the one thing I would change, but I like it the way it is because it does not cover my watch ;)
Saturn V Kaiven5 years ago

It would count if you lined it with LEDs.
(and yes, I know that contest is long over.)

It's highly reflective though, so I imagine it could pass.

Those are good pictures, mine doesn't have time delay so I can't do that sort of thing.

And hey I never thought of that, looking at your watch could get annoying because pulling your sleave up would be harder than normal.
Kaiven (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
I don't ever use time delay on my camera ;)

And the light contest entering ended :( Maybe next time.
I praise thee, lord of cameras. Tell me your secrets.

Ahh i see, sorry about that.
Kaiven (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
Oh whoops! I do use time delay for the picture of my body... I thought you meant a picture of the procedures.
What pictures do are you talking about? I can show you some super macro pictures that don't use flash or time delay.
No I was talking about the shots of you.

I have some awesome macro shots of my own, I really like my camera, it's really good for a whole bunch of things.
stuntid2235 years ago
Make a 'ible 4 a pair of pants, or an entire jumpsuit!
Kaiven (author)  stuntid2235 years ago
I may do pants later, but who knows. I need more money for more duct tape. And I don't know whether to do shorts or long pants.... probably cargo pants.
Sarjex Kaiven5 years ago
I'd be very keen to see you do a pair of cargo pants!
Warlrosity5 years ago
Duct tape cardie!
i made a back pack out of duck tape and an old shoe box
 Excellent job! I came to see your chainmaille (which you don't seem to have an ible for, but I will wait), but this is too cool! I think I need to try this out, but gotta go get more duct tape first! :)
Wow!!! cool idea alert!!! when you said chainmail...my mind thought about the interwedz and thought white hoodie that says on the back *insert stupid story here* copy and paste this to 10 different tshirts by midnight or you will DIE!!! and all over the front it would say "copypastecopypastecopypaste" too bad I don't know how to make tshirt designs...*sigh*
 Hey, ummm I would bet you could make T-shirt designs with all the other things you can do! Just try it, if it doesn't work out right, then call it "ART" {=^.^=}

Kaiven (author)  barefootbohemian5 years ago
Thanks! Once again, don't be disappointed by the rigidness of it.
 Oh I'm not worried about that, I've worn duct tape before :)
Kaiven (author)  barefootbohemian5 years ago
Oh ok :) Good luck!
ramonimbao5 years ago
 Awesome 'ible. I followed *most* of your instructions and made on for my own. I changed a few things though:
1) I didn't use duct tape and used electrical tape (now it looks like a leather jacket. Not as cool as silver, but you know, kinda don't like silver)
2) I didn't make a hood; I made a collar (for ++cool points)
And I kinda don't have pockets 'cause I ran out of electrical tape, and I had to celebrate new year.

Anyway, as I said, awesome 'ible. You've been a great help. Thank you!

(I included a pic so you could see :D) 
(forgive my not-so-nice smile and not-so-nice look, I had just eaten my dinner and my stomach was quite full and the jacket is still pretty stiff so it's hard wearing it with a full stomach and a big smile)
(I need electrical tape shades now)
Kaiven (author)  ramonimbao5 years ago
Very nice! Kudos for making one ;)
I actually do have photos on how to make a kind of collar for the jacket, but I have long forgotten them and am very lazy...
you? lazy? coming from the guy who made a hoodie out off more than 110 yards of duct tape
Kaiven (author)  foxtrot46975 years ago
Yes haha. I lose interest in things very fast... let's say for example, I play a new video game for 27 hours straight.  I take a nap and pla for 10 more hours.  On the third day, I will not really care to finish the game, even if it is near the climax.

This happened to me after making K'nex guns, cardboard guns, chainmaille, and duct tape stuff... I stopped making all of those stuff and am now playing video games again. Lol. Usually it's a cycle that I keep following, and sometimes extra stuff butts in.
1825155 years ago
DO you actually wear this outside?
Bridel5685 years ago
put an ipod pocket on the inside then there you go it wont die while you listen in the rain
Dude you're on Gizmodo!
Kaiven (author)  declanthedork5 years ago


mckenzor5 years ago
how much could i buy one for im a size mens m
Sunbanks5 years ago
I just saw this on geekologie :D  
Kaiven (author)  Sunbanks5 years ago
ZOMG! Yay! People like it!!! I am so happy to get recognized in this world! :D
So few friends in the real one...
cerealfreak5 years ago
Great I love it really caught my eye.  My mam is a tailoress so will show her this, absolute ingeniuty I love it! 

Going forward, the comments re a liner, maybe deconstruct a cheap hoodie and use that as a pattern when making your hoodie, it could then be used as a liner, also if it is a zip up one, there's your answer to that.

You could sew (machine needed) the parts of the deconstructed hoodie to your duct tape patterns and sew your hoodie together, then use your choosen decorative tape to cover the seams?

Just a thought, but I might do one (with mam's help) myself like that - keep eye out for ible coming your way hahaha.
$35 worth of duct tape, to generate an uninsulated "hoodie" ...... hmmmm.. ok :)
Kaiven (author)  AustinSlacker5 years ago
Uninsulated? Do you mean that it does not have a cloth inside? Because it insulates your body very well and keeps you warm...
red-king Kaiven5 years ago
 It's probably quite water proof too eh? and 35 bucks is a lot less than a lot of the rain jackets I've seen...
Kaiven (author)  red-king5 years ago
I spent closer to $15 :)
red-king Kaiven5 years ago
 even better. =P
 Insulating Material: A material that reduces or prevents transmission of heat/sound/electricity. Sounds like it does the trick to me.
gupiuis5 years ago
100% flammable...Be careful, your garment can ignite like gasoline xD!
 Huh? In order for it to be sold on an open market, it needs to be proven to be nonflammable and safe to use in ducting that could heat to a significant amount, because that is what it is designed for. If you held open flame to it, sure, it'd melt, but not ignite :P
One thing is that they (dont) conduct electricity (insulation) and other chemical properties of the glue(adhesive) ... and the tape with real retardant composition is the black (or red) electrical tape, gray is for external use (pre-packaged cables).
Finally, if you want to do the test and expose the gray tape to a lighter flame and see that it cach fire much faster than paper, but goes off in a few fractions of seconds by the retardant, but can cause burns if the tape hot melt.
But for me this Hoodie is awsome and less flammable than nylon or other
synthetic rain Hoodies =D 
...I use a cotton Hoodie
treated with hairspray xDDDDDDD smell funny and i use a nonflammable hairspray......but for snow (very cold climate)  cowscankill hoodie is 100times better cause the  ininsulation
mr. clean5 years ago
that would be a really good idea u should definately make an instructable for a back pack or book bag. also amasing hoodie i freaking love it now i think i might have to make one 5 stars.
Kaiven (author)  mr. clean5 years ago
Be ready to get hooked on to making it and probably not stop for anything xD
As for the bag... well... mine is in good condition and I don't really know how I could do it without zippers. I can make a draw-string bag though.
 Definitely. I'd love a satchel instructable, and probably wouldn't make one without one :D
Sshebba5 years ago
All I can say is WOW! Love your use of fluorescent green tape!

   I am a forty seven year old female and I would wear this out camping, walking the dog, or riding my bike in the dark. Everyone would see me then!

   Your Creativity, Ingenuity and Imagination are priceless and when combined with Will Power and they will take you anywhere in life you want to go! No one can stop you but you.

   Just think the knowledge of how to make this Duct Tape Hoodie could potentially save the life of some one lost in the wilderness, or keep some kid at home creating this unique jacket so he/she never got hooked on drugs that day, or give a depressed person another day and another project to look forward to.

   It could just make you rich and famous some day! But if it doesn't, remember to be happy and satisfied in a job well done!

From the
Goddess of
Shiny Objects,

Kaiven (author)  Sshebba5 years ago
Wow, thanks for the words! Yeah, a lot of people say I will be rich one day. But who know. I hope I do :D
stranoster5 years ago
 Excellent 'ible. I'll be watching to see what else you put up :D
Warlrosity5 years ago
Woah Woah Wouah, Can we stop for a moment?? YOU MADE THIS?? YOU?? Really? Nice
Kaiven (author)  Warlrosity5 years ago
Yeah? You think random people on the internet have no skill? Haha... Right now I am making duct tape TOMs shoes for my friend.
well done, i think this is fantastic, ive seen much worse things prancing up and down a cat walk before, i think you're very innovative young man, keep going, make some cash back by selling them online perhaps?
great stuff, thumbs up
Kaiven (author)  xaraxania5 years ago
I thought about selling this type of thing... a famous tailor once sold a duct tape jacket that he said was ugly (and I think it was too(bad colors!)) for about a grand. That is a nice sum of money!  I would be happy with $50, but I could probably get away with much higher.
Deffinitely. If you made it to specific sizes like store standards or what not, that would improve the "professionalism" of it.
bacon lover5 years ago
Thats so cool about how long did it take you to make it
sev175 years ago
 Nice job cow!
bonfire8175 years ago
That is AWESOME! How inventive!!
catfish235 years ago
jtpoutdoor5 years ago
The glue in duct tape isn't really that water proof in my experience so I think you might find it starts to delaminate in heavy rain - especially with your body movement BUT - cool ible and well done for making it, love the concept. I'd be interested in your back pack ideas
Everfalling5 years ago
oh wow i'm making myself one of these. i wonder if there's a good way to add a cloth lining to this.

how is it to wear? duct tape doesn't seem like a very flexible material for all the movement you'd be doing in it. do you have a way to close the front portion of the jacket? a zipper or buttons or something?
Kaiven (author)  Everfalling5 years ago
It's not flexible.  After wearing it a little, then the duct tape get wrinkles in it that makes it easier to wear. I would put a zipper on the jacket, but I didn't have one.  Also, the hood was a problem in school, so I modified it to have a collar.
THAT SO AWESOME... i subbed, do i need to say more....? 
temp5 years ago
so, I guess this is a "no sew" hoodie.  :D
temp temp5 years ago
It sounded funny in my head...

XD rofl well it's random so its funny anyways...:D

Chromatica5 years ago
Great job.
Congrads on the featured.
Vulcanator5 years ago
nice instructable, very well written :D
josh5 years ago
Absolutely AMAZING!
Great job!
Based on my username alone, I have to say this is awesome.
That was awesome!
Great job man!
Kaiven (author)  StupidInventions5 years ago
Thanks! :D
zs5 years ago
when I made a kilt out of duct tape , I made "fabric" by cutting trash bags down the seam to lay it completely open and covered that in duct tape. it worked rather well, had plenty of freedom of movement, easy to cut and work with.
Kaiven (author)  zs5 years ago
I would've done that, but I wanted it to be only 100% duct tape :D
zs Kaiven5 years ago
yeah thats understandable.  great ible btw
kachup5 years ago
this is brilliant, it can serve as both a rain coat and high-visibility jacket. Well done!
Jayefuu5 years ago
This is pretty cool, and well made and documented. But I doubt it'd be much good to wear other than to show off for a little while. You'll get soaked walking in it as duct tape isn't at all breathable. All your sweat will just soak you. But like I said... it looks damn cool.
yea if it was me id make a linign out of actual fabric like fleece or cotton
Kaiven (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Depends where you live. Right now it is pretty cold, so I don't sweat in it. having the front open helps with controlling body temperature. but yes, indoors and in the sun it can get very hot.
Put a couple of vent holes in the armpits. They do that with store bought rainslickers to help let cool air circulate. And you can always patch them closed with DT.
Great I'ble.
ycc21065 years ago
Nice...  But I think there's a big chance that the tape glue overflows after a while, and the jacket will become sticky. It is a LOT of tape - maybe the flat parts should be made with something else(?)

BTW, how long do you think it lasts/wearable?

Kaiven (author)  ycc21065 years ago
Probably lasts 1 billion years LOL. But I say it can be worn for ever, until it doesn't fit you for some reason. If it ever tears, you can put a piece of tape on it to fix it. I'm not sure if the glue will come out unless you leave it in a hot place.... just store it in a cool closet instead of an attic.
TyMan210 Kaiven5 years ago
 When you out grow it you can just cut it an expand with more tape!
imrobot5 years ago
wow I greatly approve! awesome!
Kaiven (author)  imrobot5 years ago
Thanks! :D