100% Food Safe Home Made Wood Finish.





Introduction: 100% Food Safe Home Made Wood Finish.

Hello everyone, I made my first salad bowl on the lathe and was searching for a low cost finish. I found a few different types that are 100% food safe they are mostly in-expensive but I am giving this bowl to my fathers nurse as a gift and I wanted to send her something with the bowl that she could apply herself.
The ingredients are as follows
1 part Beeswax
5 parts Mineral oil (I used CVS brand (make sure you go with "orderless and tasteless"))

I used a metal bowl inside of a pot and made a makeshift double boiler. Temp is not important. just make sure that when the water begins to boil lower the heat to a little more than simmer and do not use too much water.
The bowl should only "slightly" float until bottoming out in the pot of water.
after the bar of beeswax is melted stir it until it completely dissolves. then let it cool
It will harden to the consistency of chap-stick and smells wonderful. 

To use the finish simply wipe on the butcher block or any wood product that you want to be "food safe", then wipe off.



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If I don't have mineral oil could I use a vegetable oil of some sort

This is a late response, but don't use vegetable, or any other food based oils (e.g. olive oil) as it will go rancid. Mineral oil should be available at most any drugstore or grocery store.

Thank you I haven't tried anything yet because I didn't know so again thank you.

Wow. Cool bowl!

Beautiful bowl!

Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Thank you! and your very welcome. Hopefully more instructables to come.

I have a doubt: is that mineral oil the same for babies?

Yes, on the bottle it says its a "digestive lubricant." No taste, nor smell.

OK, thanks. Last week I needed to finish for foods a wooden turned piece, and did not remember this instructable. Searching the web found that egg albumen hardens with the light after dry, becoming insoluble. I tried it, and it works! It shines a bit less than wax, but is nice too. Preparing it is very simple, you can churn the egg whites until stiff, to dissolve little lumps it has, or use it "as is", in many thinner coats. Each coat lasts two or four hours to dry, depending environment and thickness.

I had never heard of using egg whites as finish.. This finish on a spoon will see much heat and pretty much melt the finish... I doubt my finish is good in high temp use...