Introduction: %100 Homemade Headphone

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İts havent very good sound qualty but its very funy to make :D

We will make our speaker with magnet and copper

Step 1: Materials

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3-copper vire



Step 2: Make a Headphone

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Cut and glue it as you like it and it need to look like headphone ♪♫

Step 3: Make Your Speaker Part 1

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Take wire and wrap it on a pen. Free the end of wire. Ducktape it on a piece of paper

Step 4: Speaker Part 2

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Solder some wire to copper

and make yourself a jack. i use old broken earphone for this

Step 5: Fınıshıng

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Glue the magnet to inside headphone and glue the paper and ready to go

Step 6: Testing

Not very good but you can hear the music


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