Step 16: Tailstock Accessories

Picture of Tailstock Accessories
The first thing I made was a center to support the work. Originally it was supposed to be a live center, but its too heavy or too much friction to rotate easily, so it is actually a dead center, but works pretty well still. I took a 1/2" diameter (to match the hole in the tailstock) threaded rod and stuck it in my drill press. After a few minutes with a file and sandpaper, it was sharpened to a deadly point.

I had a broken cordless drill kicking around, so I took it apart to see if I could get the chuck out of it. Lucky for me, it had a 1/2" diameter shaft too, so I now have a chuck to hold drill bits and accessories in.

The first photo is of the dead center in the tailstock. The second photo is the cordless drill chuck in the tailstock.
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