100 Kazooz in My Pocket





Introduction: 100 Kazooz in My Pocket

Can You Make

An instrument anyone can play?

An instrument small enough to fit in your pocket?
Not impossible.

An instrument so small that you can fit enough in your pocket for all of your friends, their friends, chance acquaintances and any bystanders?
Now you're getting silly.
Of course, that's the sort of instrument it is.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

With just a few readily available materials and tools you can make hundreds of pocket kazooz, quickly and easily.

Light weight cardboard.
I will including a picture that you can print out on 8 1/2 x 11 inch cardstock to make 20 kazooz, but you can use almost any light weight scrap cardboard (cereal boxes, shirt boxes, business cards, greeting cards, incomplete deck of playing cards, the heavier weight junk mail, etc., etc., etc. )

Ordinary lightweight disposable plastic grocery bag--Actually not just the ones from grocery stores-- from Walmart, KMart, Walgreens, Target, etc--but not the heavy plastic ones.
I have never tried counting the number of kazooz you can get from one bag; but it is a LOT.

Rubber Cement --This is the best thing I've found to glue the plastic to the cardboard.

Scissors or craft knife--the only tool you really need.

Step 2: Step One

Print out the sheet of kazooz on letter size cardstock Sraying the printed side with a fixitive helps prevent the ink from running if it gets damp.
Get a scrap piece of card from cereal or other box or etc.

Cut out one the printed kazooz or if using scrap card, cut an approximately 2 inch square.

Step 3: Step Two

Fold the square in half.

Cut a hole about 3/4 inch diameter in the card. Circles are nice, but a diamond shape only takes two cuts with either scissors or knife, so they are a lot quicker.

Step 4: Step Three

Cut a piece of shopping bag about the size of your square of cardboard. Exactness is not important as long as it is at least 1/2 inch or more larger than the hole.

Step 5: Step Four

Spread rubber cement around the hole on the unprinted side of the cardstock. Spread thinly, try not to get an excess around the hole or it can sqwish out onto the plastic.

Step 6: Step Five

Place the plastic square over the hole and press it down smoothly. I find getting it more or less smooth, but not stretched tight, usually works best. The square should still fold fairly easily.

Once dry enough to be stuck firmly in place, trim off the excess plastic (a craft knife works best)

Step 7: Step Six

Playing your kazoo-- With your mouth a little open, hold the plastic covered side touching your lips. Humm. You can play any tune you can hum.

the sound is controlled by your voice, but can vary some what by
the size (the larger the vibrating membrane area the louder it can be --but if it is very much larger you will need a heavier plastic or try stretching it tighter.)

how loose or tight the membrane is A looser membrane tends to produce more buzz
and amplification.

How to make different types of Kazooz, kazoo history and myths, kazoo design, etc.
For more than most people could possibly want to know about kazooz, go to



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    Go to
    for pocket kazooz in colors suitable for 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day, etc.

    Make them and hand out to everyone for a holiday concert.

    Find more info (than you probably ever wanted to know) about the kazoo at the Yahoo group Kazooz

    Just came across this instructable... what a great idea, and beautifully presented! Thanks heaps - kept as a favourite :)

    1 reply

    Thank you.
    I just added another picture to be used on them.

    Any chance of a video or sound-file of it being played?

    2 replies

    I'm going to try. I should be able to do it with my digital camera, also takes videos. It had to get sent back to the factory for repair. On the 23rd the estimate was the typical 7 to 10 business days. I am less than pleased with Canon at the moment. I only had the camera 3 months

    I just got notice, Cano shipped my camera by 2 day FedEx yesterday. I don't know if FedEx delivers on Saturdays, so I'll probably get it Monday. I'm going to try to remember to get a tripod today, since I don't have anyone to hold the camera. Does anyone know how to edit the video clips? I'll probably need to cut off the extra and the beginning and end.

    Blender is a free program that can do modeling, rigging, rendering, animation, etc. http://www.blender.org/features-gallery/features/

    3D Max is a high end program (with corresponding price tag) that does those things

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    can u show me a link 2 that program

    Here is the one for Poser7 English Windows version. It also comes in MAC and several languages

    You can get a trial version here

    DAZ Studio works pretty much the same as Poser and uses most of the same content.
    You can get the basic version for FREE
    You can buy DAZ Studio Advanced which has a bunch of extra features . There is a trial version to download and try.
    DAZ (and a lot of other places) also has a bunch of free stuff that can be used for both programs

    The latest version is Poser Pro

    Poser Figure Artist is very similar to Poser4. You can use the little wooden manikin or the more realistic figures to practice drawing, which was the purpose of the original Poser. You can also use to to create pictures in various styles, from photo realistic to pastel, color pencils, pen and ink, etc. without drawing at all, but I believe it doesn't have a bunch of the newer features, such as the Cloth Room and Face Room.

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    Has anyone actually made any of these, yet? I know they all come out pretty good for me, but was wondering if anyone had any troubles making or playing them?

    Thanks. That's a great kit! I left some suggestions for other tyes of boxes for people who can't find Altoids.

    Thanks, that's dang nice of you. Not being able to find an Altoids tins seems to really stump people when in fact you can use any old tin really. Thanks for adding some suggestions.

    I LOVE this. It's silly and fun! I'm going to make loads of them.

    1 reply

    Thanks! That's the idea. If you have a small reclosable tin--Altoids, Bandaids, etc.-- You can safely carry a bunch in your pocket., ready for anything!

    Neat. I see you suggest using a fixative to prevent coloured lips. If you have access to a colour laser printer then this would be better as the 'ink' is waterproof.

    2 replies

    A fixative also protects the front of the paper from moisture; (rain, snow, sweaty hands etc.) The back is covered by the plastic.

    I see - so it's waterproofed all round.