100 LED 10 Band Audio Spectrum Atmega32 MSGEQ7 With Peak Hold and Fall Down





Introduction: 100 LED 10 Band Audio Spectrum Atmega32 MSGEQ7 With Peak Hold and Fall Down

 MSGEQ7 and atmega32  based  Audio Spectrum.
10 level height and 10 band width.
 peak hold and fall down display style

Step 1: Components List

      components list
1, atmega32 - 1
2, MSGEQ7 Audio spectrum ic -1
3, veroboard - 1
4, RED  Bar graph  LED  -10
5, 20 pin ic base -   10
6, BC557 -10
7,Resistors - 330Ω  -10
                      -  8.2KΩ  -1
                      -  200kΩ  -1
                      - 22k Ω    -2
                      - 10k Ω    -1
8, ULN2803     ic    - 2
9, 7805   5V regulator ic -1
10, crystal - 16Mhz -1
11,Capacitors-   22pf-3,  0.01uF -1, 0.1uF  - 2
12, single-strand wire 

Step 2: Circuit Diagram / Wiring Diagram

Step 3: MSGEQ7 Board.

Step 4: Assembled Board - Final

Step 5:

at mega 32 hex file.
Fuse settings
1, External crystal  high Freq  16CK + 64 ms;
2, no memory lock features enabled
3, serial program download enabled

USB  Programmer Software :

atmega-32 Audio spectrum  Hex File

Step 6: Working Video

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Please share the source code to everyone for learning purpose.Without the source code,the project is kind of incomplete to the end user.Obviously anyone who is working on microcontrollers,doesn't want to do a copy-paste type job!!!!Making the project without knowing the source code would be like that copy-paste type of work....

how to design the MSGEQ7 separates the audio spectrum into 5 or 7 frequency bands?

please help me!

(1 band use only 1 led)

it would be great if the guy who made it first, posted this from the begining in the fuse settings, it would save me a day of swearing and trying to figure it out.

i've sorted out finaly, it is not the clock, you must disable the jtag port witch is using the channels 3 to 6.it;s working fine now.thank you for your post.

channel no. 3,5,6 are pulled high by atmega and channel no.4 is low.

IT DOES NOT WORK, only 6 channels are working, the other four in the middle of the screen are not. It's software issue.

projeknya kaya tai !

Would you be willing to post the source code rather than just the hex file?