After looking for Lego designs, I found one for a Lego grandfather clock. This gave me the idea for to find an analog clock design, but there were none geared from only legos. So, after a few failed attempts, I made one myself and it works great. 
The first 6 pics are overhead shots and finished product.

the rest are photos of construction. 

Use Motor 71427 (output 360 rpm)! 
This is my entry for the Clocks Challenge, so if you like it please vote it up!
you should try making one with concentric arms. i designed one a few years ago using a turntable for the hour hand. <br>http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v191/legofreak1988/?action=view&amp;current=a2333446.mp4
Your fingers look like they are made from wood....
haha nope they're real.
Sure, No problem. Each number cooresponds to the teeth on that gear. <br>RPM 360 - 20<br>--------------40-8 <br>-----------------40----worm-<br>1 rpm-------------------36 &lt;-1rpm or Second Hand<br>36-8<br>---40-8<br>-------16-8<br>-----------24-8<br> 1/60 rpm -&gt; 16 &lt;--- minute hand <br><br>1/60rpm<br>16-------worm-<br> -----------12 &lt;--- 1/720 rpm or hour hand
Thanks!<br> <br> L<br>
You're welcome.
<br> Since you must have worked these out: what are your gear-ratio?<br> Last time I thought about this I didn't have the right gears....<br> <br> L<br>
I realized my post wasn't a reply and just wanted to let you know it was there. ^^^^

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