This is a neat little wind chime thing you can make out of little more than a 99 cent Arizona Tea can in an hour or two. It's sound is more of a clicky clacky clanky noise than a chime sound, but I think it sounds good. Plus it looks kinda pretty. 
To make this you'll need:
  1. materials:
  • One tall Arizona Tea can. Get a flavor you think will look good. I absolutely love the Green Tea kind in every way, so I used those. 
  • Thin, light string. Fishing line will work very well here.
  • See through tape. I used packing tape because it's very clear and will stick to almost everything. Alternatively, if you want this to be really really durable and more legit you could use hot glue.
  1. Tools
  • A pocketknife you don't care about. You wouldn't believe how easy these cans are to cut with a small knife, but there's absolutely no way that can be good for the blade. I had my old leatherman that I broke when I was little hanging around so I used that. Alternatively, if you have tinsnips and an awl to get the cuts started, that would probably work better. In my case, I have neither and it's the weekend so the shop's closed, and the little knife works splendidly. 
  • A straightedge
  • A good sharpie
  • You might want scissors, and maybe a little awl, but you don't necessarily need them. 
That's it!

Step 1: Mark Up the Can for the First Cut!

Okay, there really isn't any measuring in this project. I mean, you're making a wind chime, it's going to be kind of whimsical and unique in the end anyway, right?
But you're going to need to divide the can into five pieces.
On the Green Tea can there just happen to be some graphical elements that you can line up to guesstimate the cuts, and for everyone else, just draw two vertical lines a little more than two inches apart on the can, and check out the last picture for reference. 

So if you've got a Green Tea can, line up the 'A' of "Tea" and the 'T' of "NATURAL" with your straightedge and draw a line. (first picture)
Then line up the 'G' of "Green" and the little tiny uppermost little bud picture and draw that line. (second picture)
It should look like the last picture when you've got it. 
<p>Okay I never go on this website anymore so I didn't see this comment but I didn't call them chimes because they don't really chime, they kind of just... clank</p>

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