Picture of 100% Pure duct tape Belt!
Ever wanted to keep your pants up and be original/creative at the same time? Well now you can, with the help of DUCT TAPE! This belt is made out of pure duct tape. That's right, no wires or anything! OK, now that the advertisements out of the way, let's start. This is my first Instructable, so it's guaranteed to suck.
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Step 1: Stuff

Picture of Stuff
What you're going to need for the Instructable are the following:
A ruler
A knife or scissors (optional, but recommended)
And the tape.
You can use multiple colors if you like, but I ran low on red and ended up using blue.

Step 2: Starting the Buckle

Picture of Starting the Buckle
The buckle is the part of the belt that makes it look better than just a piece of tape tied around your pants.
So the first thing you want to do is make the pieces. Measure out a 4 in. piece of tape and cut/rip it, turn it sticky side up, and make a small fold at the bottom. Then start to roll it up as tightly as possible, while still keeping the cylindrical shape. Do this 3 more times.

Step 3: Making the Buckle

Picture of Making the Buckle
Place one of your pieces at the 1 in mark of the ruler. Put another at 1.25 in., one at 2 in., and one at 3 in., as it appears on the picture.
Then go ahead and grab a piece of tape about 3 1/4 inches. Put this piece over the tips of the sticks, making sure not to mess up the placement. Press down and turn it over.
Now fold the sticky part over as far as it can go. Now turn it over again.
Cut the extra sticky parts ONLY ON THE SIDES TOUCHING THE STICKS. Now fold that part up and roll it over the not sticky part. Do this with all the extra bits.

Do the exact same for the bottom part, so that you get something like the last picture.
MegaMaker5 years ago
I researched it in my school handbook, and I'm gonna make this and wear it to school, I have proof I'm allowed to as long as it's black or navy blue.
whoismezero6 years ago
It doesn't seem like this would hold up very well, I made a belt using two metal rings as a belt and it breaks occasionally. And I make stuff with duct tape all the time, it just seems like this would break.
You'd be surprised. It works pretty well for me.
Matt214976 years ago
sweet might make this once i get some more duct tape i used up the rest of mine on a hat i made ( its sweet and not box like, like the ones in the instructables ) and everyone thought the hat was sweet wait till they see this
wilcurt6 years ago
I'm making one!
Lance Mt.6 years ago
SWEET! Btw i'm thiniign of making neumaics messanger bag, but i'll use this belt rather bit rather than a real belt bit... 100% pure ducktape