Signs of blocked nozzle when filament are not extruding uniformly, extrude very thin filament than usual or not coming out from nozzle.

What you need: (It will cost you less than $15)

1. Acetone ($7 for small bottle)
2. Torch (Available on eBay at around $5)
3. Very thin wire

Important note: Please read your user manual before removing it from the block. Some 3D printers require heat to remove and install.

Step 1: Soak the removed nozzle into acetone for about 15 minutes to clean out exterior dirt. Use a tissue paper/cloth wipe clean the nozzle.

Step 2: Place a nozzle on a stone and burn it using the torch for about 1 min. Make sure it is extremely hot until you see slight changes in the colour.

Step 3: Use a very thin wire to clear the hole in the nozzle. If the wire cannot go through repeat step 2 again until the can go through. You do not want to scratch/damage the internal wall of the nozzle. Do not force through the hole with the wire. I use soft copper wire stripped from an unused phone cable.

If everything goes well, the nozzle should extrude nice smooth thick filament.

<p>Not best way to clean up nozzles. It may damage the nozzle if it gets to hot.</p><p>Better heat it up in a stoven like I commented below the video on youtube!</p>
Guitar string is great but there is already a tool availabke for cleaning the nozzles. I have used them for years. They are madenfor cleaning the small holes of torches for Oxy/Acetaline welding... The tool has several sizes and you fold out the size you need. The wires are similar to guitar strings.
<p>Interesting. I've read that acetone is best used for ABS filaments, that it tends not to work well with PLA. That said, have you tried it with PLA?</p>
I would just use a heat gun actually, as a torch might burn plastic and harden deposits. that's what I have been doing anyhow.
I have found that a guitar string is a great wire to clean or unclog the nozzle.<br>
You are genius! I was searching high and low for very thin wire and I didn't thought of using guitar string. I will use guitar string next time :)

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