Step 43: Your Chemical Non-Romance

Picture of Your Chemical Non-Romance
Try to use non-toxic products around your house. Toxic chemicals poured into the ground are harder to purify than non-toxic ones.

Try to use water-based products. They are the safest.

Use low-phosphate or phosphate-free detergents.

Take unwanted household chemicals to hazardous waste collection centers; do not pour them down the drain. Pouring chemicals down the drain may disrupt your septic system or else contaminate treatment plant sludge.

Thank you EPA for those tidbits on chemical use.
Nyxius5 years ago
3/4 white vinegar + 1/4 3% Hydrogen Peroxide will clean almost anything that was originally water soluble (i.e. soap scum, mineral deposits, tarnished metal, etc...)  Plus, both chemicals exist naturally and are naturally unstable and decay into harmless byproducts.
ronmaggi5 years ago
This is step 31 again.
fwater5 years ago
How does one contaminate sludge?
White distilled vinegar mixed with water is good for cleaning just about anything!
Why mix it with water? It is already 94% - 97% water!