Step 49: Non-Recyclable Water Jugs

Picture of Non-Recyclable Water Jugs
Instead of using plastic water bottles, you can use a Nalgene bottle, or any other reusable water bottle.
I think this should be titled "Reusable water bottles" since these should also be recyclable.  I don't know about Nalgenes but metal and glass ones definitely are.
belkorin6 years ago
Even better, use glass or metal bottles.
My friend drinks tea out of Mason jars.
Alecia Silverstone uses Mason jars for everything too! I have thought about it myself, but I really don't use many jars for food. almost everything comes in plastic unfortunately.
If you use pasta sauce out of glass containers, you can clean and reuse the jar for that water bottle. I've replaced almost every piece of plastic in my house by reusing them at the grocery store. Have a cashier weigh all of the bottles empty, write those numbers on your grocery list. Buy bulk, use your own jars!!It can be a pain to bring in those jars, heavier than just oyur reusable bag but worthwhile if you're sincere about zero waste.