Step 54: Rebuying

Picture of Rebuying
Rebuying is when you buy items that have already been used, but are still useful. What is the need in purchasing something brand new, when you can get it for a cheaper price, and it does not have to go to a landfill.

Also, through buying heavily packaged foods, you reduce in the waste the comes from them. The wrappers are not recyclable, and they are not good for the environment. Plus, the foods not wrapped heavily, are sometimes more healthy for your body.
BtheBike4 years ago
1 word : Wardrobing .

Buy it , use it , return it .

austinjeff6 years ago
I don't understand how the second parargraph relates to the first. In the first, it sounds like you are talking about buying things at thrift stores, yard sales, etc. instead of buying new. Makes sense. But I don't see how this is related to heavily packaged food. Unless....
when you buy something brand new, it comes in packaging that often can't be recycled and is just thrown away. When you purchase a previously used item, it usually has no packaging to throw away, so for the packaging waste of one purchse, two people or more get to use the product. it's like cutting the watse in half.
Also a little confused, but yeah. I like the overall idea. I really like consignment stores because people make some money back on genuinely nice clothes, that would otherwise cost double or triple what you pay to rebuy them. Thrift stores and garage sales are great but involve a lot of searching, I suggest psyching yourself up to do the whole hunting for treasure thing, because otherwise you will probably not want to go at it for too long.