Step 68: Clean the lint screen

Picture of Clean the lint screen
Clean the lint screen in your dryer after every load, or every other load. This will increase efficiency.

If you want to be even better, check out #11!
shannnn6 years ago
Better yet, line dry! Besides saving mucho energy, your clothes will wear out less quickly, will shrink less, etc. If you shake them fiercely before hanging them up, you'll have fewer wrinkles.
belkorin6 years ago
Not only is it inefficient, it is a fire hazard to let your lint trap go uncleaned.
0.9.3906 years ago
Isn't the lint screen picture the same as your ac filter? Creepy!!
Brennn10 (author)  0.9.3906 years ago
Yea, I had to use all of my own pictures, and I couldn't get one of my AC filter.
martian7427 years ago
And to be better the other way, try to make a paper out of collected lint.