Step 76: Buy Organic

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Buy organic foods, because the processed foods are well...processed. Organic foods do not go through the energy consuming processes and they are healthier for your body.

The non-organic foods have pesticides and other potentially harmful preservatives. So, eat organic, be healthy, and save energy.
ChemGuy456 years ago
Actually, organic foods have very few regulations and it is not required to grow organic foods without pesticides in most cases. Also it's a common misconception that preservatives are "bad" for you. In fact preservatives are radical scavengers that seek out free radicals in food (and in your body). Various processes like decomposition and even cancers are radical chain reactions, preservatives stop these. The most common preservative (which is no longer found in most "high-end" foods), called BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) has no LD50 (this is the measure used to determine lethality of various compounds) which essentially means that the only way that preservatives will kill you is if a 100 pound bag of the stuff falls on your head. Actually, rats fed BHT had very increased life-spans in comparison to their control counterparts. You can buy BHT now as a supplement at GNC stores. Cheers!
well, preservatives are not bad if you're just taking it moderately and you drink a lot of water 3 liters everyday...but, if you can all natural, why not...
Cite your source please.
ronmaggi5 years ago
Yay Organic!
Organic food contains more nutrients. Grow your own organic garden. Mother Earth gives you her best pesticides naturally. Lady bugs and certain herbs will keep your garden harmful chemical-free.The idea is natural. Ask any RD, go organic. Better safe than sorry.