Step 80: Reuse Your Chopsticks

Picture of Reuse Your Chopsticks
Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese restaurants give out chop sticks for free, and they are used to be disposable.

Reuse these chopsticks by a simple cleaning. That way you don't waste trees by taking chopsticks.

You can also buy permanent ones with cool designs.

diyluke2 years ago
Hey peeps complaining about "food poisoning dangers". Wash them as you would a wooden cutting board, then coat them in a food-safe finish someone who makes wooden utensils/cutting boards/etc. uses on their wares.

cornbaque5 years ago
i like to reuse them to put my hair up after they've been washed. reuse doesn't necessarily mean to keep eating with them. i re used a bunch or chopsticks when i made my tiny swamp cooler out of a computer fan since i didn't have any popsicle sticks. oh my god, i'm gonna try to make chopstick lincoln logs, lol :D
fwater5 years ago
Food poising danger. Irresponsibility fail.
shannnn6 years ago
But hey, if they give you disposable forks, knives or spoons, made of plastic (or, egads, plastic chopsticks), by all means keep & re-use those! Bamboo chopsticks can also be a nice stake to support wimpy houseplants...
coerul7 years ago
The reason it's smart to throw away unsealed, wooden chopsticks is because, like cutting boards, they can retain dangerous bacteria if used with raw meats. If you don't eat any raw foods (like sushi, sashimi, etc.) then it should be fine, but otherwise throw them away.
msfwebdude7 years ago
I am pretty sure these are made of bamboo. Bamboo is one of the key renewable resources. A bamboo plant can grow 1-3 feet every day. and from 1 feet of bamboo they make maybe two dozen chopsticks. And if they grow bamboo for chopsticks, Then the bamboo plant has had time to remove carbon dioxide from the air. So disposing of disposable chopsticks might be better than using one pair. Don't mind me, I live to be devil's advocate :P