Step 98: Upgrade your computer

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Upgrade your current computer, instead of going all out and purchasing a completely new one. Load it with new software and anti virus, graphic cards, and sound cards, and you are on your way.

However, this should be used for the computer savvy people. Unless you want to take your computer to a shop and have them upgrade it for you. It will be less expensive than having to purchase a whole new system. Including a monitor and mouse and keyboard.

You already have them, why buy a new one?

Here, I already did a Google search for you!
nDR01d3 years ago
Actually there are PLENTY of Linux distributions that are specifically designed for older computers that have slow specs. As with all linux OS's, you don't need ANY antivirus software and new software updates alerts are (generally) normal practise. One click, one password and its done. PLUS, it's all free.
see w w w en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux for more detail etc.
Shane11636 years ago
you pretty much need to buy new, if you computer is too old, like 98, you may not have what you need, like a lot of USB ports, ports and jacks in the front, card slots. Also, upgrading can make the computer run poorly, but if it's only a few years old, then upgrading would be feasible. But if you want the newest styles and the latest technology, you'll have to buy new stuff..
i agree with kucloth. i've had my two computers since 1998 and 2000 and they still work great, both on old operating systems and with externals for parts i couldn't fit inside the actual case. and many of the parts i did add internally were refurbished from even older computers i parted out to upgrade my current systems. while hardware is constantly getting better and better, it doesn't necessarily mean the old stuff is unusable. just be sure to watch the energy use of the machines... as you crowd the case, you need more fans, too. if you really wanna get fancy, you could do like my friend did and build your own case with a circulating liquid coolant. then you wouldn't have to worry about ports and jacks at all. maybe you could find someone who bought new and reuse their "too old" computer to build your system...
For the most part, people that do a lot of recycling, upgrading, and resuing are far less concerned with "the newest styles." As for a 98, if you are referrring to the operating system windows 98--my parents are still using this OS and it runs perfectly fine. I just had to clean all of the other junk out it. You could just as easily install a new operating system. If your system is too slow, add new RAM and Hard Drive. There are TONS of techno geeks out there that would LOVE to take your old parts off your hands; most will pay.
belkorin6 years ago
Remember to pass on the stuff you remove from your computer when upgrading. It probably has a lot of use left in it, and for those who cannot afford to buy their computer and are using a used computer your old stuff can be an upgrade for them.
theadamlevy7 years ago
upgrading to new software often slows down your computer