Picture of 100% all natural plant food ( fertilizer)
hi im pinolover10124353, i love to study plants and expirement on them. and here is what i found in all my stidies and reserch and little expirements. me myself has found a way to use anoying weeds to make wonderful fertilizer. i use this on unhealthy plants that seem to not be doing good,, it gives them a boost of nutrients and vitamins......if you dont belive me reserch this stuff your self , please belive me.
this also gets my veggie plants  to grow healthier.
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Step 1: Info on weeds

in this plant food "fertilizer" I just use the weeds I find in my yard........ weeds grow anywere its moist,.. or anywere you planted plants, if you wondered why , its because your always adding rich soil and fertilizers that help the weeds to grow rapidly in your garden, and steal the nutrients in your soil  leaving your garden plants with nothing to keep them healthy..... and here in this instructable weeds are bad but can be used for good!

Step 2: What happens

see what happens over time to the  strawberry plant.

yet weeds dont need almost any nutrients at all to stay alive , but they take them in like crazy anyways.

so thats why the weed dosent die, but for the strawberry plant.....thats another story.

                      now go on to see how to make it.

Step 3: First

Picture of first
weeds hold lots of good nutrients in the stems and leaves, so when we feed this to the garden plants they receive all those nutrients. im going to show you how to make this recipie ...im only going to make a small batch , but for you, if your going to de-weed your flower beds, take all the weeds you pulled from your flower beds, and put in a large bucket.
here is the weeds in my yard...........clovers are best to use.

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nadialtbr2 years ago
What an interesting idea! and with the amount of weeds in my yard I could make tons of feeder. Thank you for posting.
pianolover10124353 (author)  nadialtbr2 years ago
your welcome! and if you make extra, you can save it by puting it in a ziplock freezer bag and freezing it, for winter because weeds hardly grow in winter and plants loose alot of there nutrition in winter. so you can defrost it and put it in there soil in winter.