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Does anybody know the beauty of 100 degrees?

That’s all about to change.
The element I designed will give a new perspective on modular systems for the next reasons.
- it’s made out of recycled aluminum from soda cans
- it’s sustainable, it can be passed on from generation to generation but can also be used to make different kinds of furniture by one owner
- it doesn’t require tools of any kind except a hammer
- it’s ideal for transportation because it can be shipped in small packages
- it stimulates the creativity of the owner. The owner can choose the functions and the aesthetics, this by form and by material. Every material can be used as long as it is 18mm thick (because then the firm construction will be guaranteed).

So now everybody can discover the beauty of 100 degree.

Step 1: Step 1

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collect the needed 100° element to build the furniture you like

Step 2: Step 2

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select the type of wood you would like to use

Step 3: Step 3

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shape the wood in the form you prefer

Step 4: Step 4

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give a finishing touch to the pieces
assemble all pieces together in to the furniture you have been creating

Step 5: Chair One

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chair one is the first and most basic chair you could make with 100°

Step 6: Chair No. 14

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this is an advanced chair based on the Thonet chair no. 14

Step 7: Cabinet Five

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Step 8: Others

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of course there are allot more possibility’s
so create

100 degrees gives you your creativity back!


kenn van overveld (author)2013-01-27

the dimentions are 180 x 110mm.
there made of recycled aluminum cans. these are recycled back to a 25mm thick Al-plate where the 100° elements are cutted out by water.

Kiteman (author)2013-01-27

What about the elements you designed - what sre their dimensions? What did you make them from, and how?

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