100% Recycled Magnetic Bulletin Board!





Introduction: 100% Recycled Magnetic Bulletin Board!

This is for the Fridge magnet challenge.
This is made of parts that I had around. All of it's reused!

Step 1: What You'll Need

For this project you will need,
-102 corks
-12" x 15" piece of cardboard
-Glue (I used Gorilla glue)
-Masking/painters tape
-And magnets! (I used 3 magnets from some old speakers I disassembled)

Step 2: Start It

Cut some cardboard and get started. Start by lining up the corks exactly how you want them, this might take a few minutes because some of the corks are different sizes.

Step 3: Tape It Up

When you have all the corks exactly like you want them cover the whole thing in painters/masking tape and flip the whole thing onto another piece of cardboard or something flat. (Taping the corks will keep the corks in place so the side you want can face up, if it has a word or date you want to be able to see or something)

Step 4: Glue It Back Together

Now that the corks are upside down, put some glue (Don't use too much glue! it will leak through the corks and ruin this project!) on the cardboard and carefully place it back on the corks. Then place another box on top of that, and some weights on top of that. (The box will help distribute the wieght)
It's best to do this all on a hard flat surface, unlike what I did. ;-)

Step 5: Trim and Glue the Magnets!

Last step! I forgot to take pictures of this step.
Trim the edges to your liking. If you need to you can trim off one of the rows of corks, I had to do this because the ends didn't glue as well.
now, just glue the magnets to the back of what you have so far and let it dry.
You're done! Now you have a magnetic bulletin board that you can stick to your fridge, garage door, or anything magnetic! I stuck it to the back of my front door, seeing as it's metal.



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    Oh, I had no idea it had been done.... Cool. Mine is different though, so I think I'm good. ;-P

    Mmm, very original, very useful too. Although it looks a little funky and lumpy, unless the modern - abstract look is what you're going for :D I like it, hope you win.

    If you like it then give me a good rating! :-P and thanks. :-)

    Sweet. How green and happy you must be...

    omfg, where did you get all those corks!? It looks really cool, mabey you could make a frame out of like rope or something.

    Haha, my inheritance. I like that idea, I might try it. I'll put up pictures if I do.

    (I actually raided my dads cork collection, but inheritance sounds better.)

    Pretty cool! +1