100 Ton Steel Press Without Hydraulics for Bending, Crushing, Punching and Forming





Introduction: 100 Ton Steel Press Without Hydraulics for Bending, Crushing, Punching and Forming

You'll enjoy wielding the awesome power of the inclined plane in order to make this simple, cheap and very effective press.
In the vid you'll see me test it by punching 17mm holes in 8mm solid steel plate. 



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    Silly question, but how do you know it's a 100T press?

    Take the clamping force of 1"-8 x 4 = 100 tons

    I took it up to it's practical limit punching big 36mm holes in 1/2" plate steel.

    Required force to do that is 80 tons. Close enough for the girls I go out with.

    LOL, I was just wondering if it was the limit of your muscle strength, multiplied by something clever to do with the length of your wrench and the angle of the thread...

    It would be really nice to see a video describing the operation of this press and showing the real time speed of it to determine if it could be used as a forging press as billets cool down pretty fast so you only have a limited amount of time to use a press.

    I'm really not trolling....
    Something I learned in my last job was pneumatic impact impact hammers for tapping.
    I was the Engineering manager for a for a aircraft parts manufacturer. We used impact hammers for all our tooling threads.

    Hi PK,

    Sure you're not trolling ;). (still waiting for you to reply to my 100 clam bet.)

    I've shattered a few taps (shocking, I know) and when it messes up it takes more time to fix than just doing it by hand in the first place.

    What materials and thicknesses is impact tapping suitable for?


    We've done impact tapping in mild steel and all grades of aluminum.
    At home I use my Ridgid X4 drill. It works pretty good. In my opinion, you can never have too much oil for tapping.
    I'm actually getting ready to run some 1-8 threads through some 1" plate for the leveling feet for the mobile base I'm making for my BP.

    1-8" with a hammer drill?! heh heh, now THAT I'd pay to see. Vid please!

    I usually use the drill for smaller diameter taps.

    I haven't decided yet if I'll try the impact for the 1-8. I'll try to get vids. If I do, you'll see an instructable. I've been bad about actually getting projects loaded.