This is a project that I worked on in my sports psychology class this semester. The class was split up into groups and given pedometers, which we would use at various sites in Louisville to make interesting walking paths. We would then map the paths on Google Earth and try to make them as easy to understand as we could.

The whole point of this project is to get people involved - just a little bit of physcial activity is a good thing, and this program is easily acessible to nearly everyone. By using Google Earth, you can easily find a good place to walk close to where you work or live, and find out the exact distance you'll be walking. You can also share this information with others and hopefully get them to make a healthy choice!

Our final project in the class was to get someone to walk one of our paths with us, and as that didn't work out I've decided to instead share this with everyone here. We (my group) tried to get the University of Lousville to use our finished walking path as an orientation walk, but with no luck.

In this instructable I'll explain 1,000 Steps and how to create your own walking paths using Google Earth.

The offical website is here: http://louisville.edu/~dnpate01/index.html

Also, the opening photo is from Brad Alsop's site, http://www.run131.com/ . I highly recommend visiting and reading about him and his mission. My class got to meet him and he is truly an amazing athlete!

Step 1: Why 1,000 Steps?

1,000 steps is an easy task, something that can be done during your break at work or after you get home in very little time. The idea behind this is to introduce people to activity, and to get people to realize that it is not impossible to work a little physical activity into their day.

When most people think of activity, they think of going to the gym three days a week or running a mile before they go to work - they don't realize that they can work up to things like that. Fitness is not something that can be achieved instantly - you must work toward it!

The 1,000 Steps program is a simple way to introduce people to physical activity. They can start at the level they feel comfortable with, and they can modify the paths to fit their time limits. You can start at 1,000 extra steps a day and quickly work your way up!

Main points of the 1,000 Steps Program
- easy to do, even with time constraints
- modifiable to fit your fitness level
- a good introduction to physcial activity
- can be done with friends and family
- requires no extra equipment
- suitable for the eldery and overweight - walking is not as strenuous as you might think, and you can certainly slow down your pace and still reap the benefits!
I like this. I will have to start posting the photographic results of my walks. Thanks for the idea!
Same thing the method here does AND it will determine your calorie burn in relation to your weight!<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/">http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/</a><br/><br/>
thanks, just tried it!
Hey, do you live in louisville, KY? I've been there!
Yep. Lived here for five years now. :) It's a pretty nice city, but I think I still prefer the country!
Well, I didn't see much of the city, we stayed in a national park. It was gorgeous.
cool, i didnt know you coud measure distances with google. i am a user for life.
i think willpower might also be something to throw in there. my friend got talked into going for a midnight jog one night around his school. he said it about killed him. but he kept it up, and now he runs about 3 miles every day. me on the other hand. i went to the gym one day, said i need to go back. i havent been back since. i also said i was going to start doing a few exercises every day like sit ups and push ups, that lasted about a week.
Yeah, it's true. I wish willpower was something I could teach people. :P It's just so hard to get started, and that's why moral support is so important. If you're doing this stuff with other people you're more likely to keep going.
Lol. Nearly as bad as me. I use google earth as a street mpa on my wireless broadband when i travel.
oooh, cool.

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