<p>thanks man btw on the same subject you just lost the game</p>
ha ha!
i built it and its amazing xD
The video doesn't have anything to do with a 1,000 foot range knex gun.
Btw: thanks for my 6100 th comment :D
This is a knex gun???
Lolz, why did i even watch this, it's impossible to get those kinds of range out of pieces of plastic.
you got me! ive been rickrolled!
And then you subscribe to me? Thanks?<br />
HEY :P to you too :P <br /> <br /> JK :)
cool! gonna post instructions?
you stole my plan! I was going to do the exact same thing but say i had a semi auto gun that shot 20m<br /> <br /> I love rick rolling people, good job
wow. u are ten. i hate these things!
Heh heh.
why do u have a picture of stupid bush
Its photoshopped.... look at his eyes.
Poo. I lost the game.
omg i hate u... how do u know about the game
i know about the game because of my camp if you are wondering what it is it is camp senaca lake
The game.
That doesn't actually work since you can see the music video before you even click play! Still it's not as bad as those screaming pop-eye ones, they're horrible.
ha ha i saw him before the video started
The name of the vid gave it away ;)
max rang of an ak-47 364 yards <br/>364x3ft=1092ft hmm...<br/>

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