Introduction: 1,000 Ft Range Knex Gun!



hawk45 (author)2017-02-02

thanks man btw on the same subject you just lost the game

rlaxrlax (author)2011-07-16

ha ha!

bennyboy96 (author)2011-05-15

i built it and its amazing xD

squiddy412 (author)2011-04-20

The video doesn't have anything to do with a 1,000 foot range knex gun.

Seleziona (author)2011-01-06

Btw: thanks for my 6100 th comment :D

Seleziona (author)2011-01-06


kylebusch18 (author)2010-12-01

This is a knex gun???

Skreetsha (author)2010-07-05

Lolz, why did i even watch this, it's impossible to get those kinds of range out of pieces of plastic.

Seleziona (author)2010-03-17


KnexFreek (author)2009-11-28

you got me! ive been rickrolled!

NYPA (author)KnexFreek2009-11-28

And then you subscribe to me? Thanks?

DJ Radio (author)2009-08-31


KnexFreek (author)DJ Radio2009-11-28

HEY :P to you too :P

JK :)

then (author)2009-10-28

cool! gonna post instructions?

Fred the Penguin (author)2009-10-17

you stole my plan! I was going to do the exact same thing but say i had a semi auto gun that shot 20m

I love rick rolling people, good job

J Moneyman (author)2009-09-30

wow. u are ten. i hate these things!

NYPA (author)J Moneyman2009-09-30

Heh heh.

rootbeer96 (author)2009-09-11

why do u have a picture of stupid bush

DJ Radio (author)rootbeer962009-09-25

Its photoshopped.... look at his eyes.

razzlekunai (author)2009-08-31

Poo. I lost the game.

amtdude (author)razzlekunai2009-09-02

omg i hate u... how do u know about the game

cj81499 (author)amtdude2009-09-12

i know about the game because of my camp if you are wondering what it is it is camp senaca lake

razzlekunai (author)amtdude2009-09-03

The game.

Lowney (author)2009-09-08

That doesn't actually work since you can see the music video before you even click play! Still it's not as bad as those screaming pop-eye ones, they're horrible.

lord voldamort (author)2009-09-04

ha ha i saw him before the video started

knexguy (author)2009-08-31

The name of the vid gave it away ;)

NYPA (author)knexguy2009-09-01


knexfan9182 (author)2009-08-31

max rang of an ak-47 364 yards
364x3ft=1092ft hmm...

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