Introduction: 100lux in Pocket

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Build a 100~ lux light source which attached to your keychain

Step 1: Find a Case and Make the Battery Pluggable.

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usually garage door remote or cheap mp3 player cases works. find a small piece of conductive metal and glue it as battery connector. don't forget to solder wires to it.

Step 2: Led Module and Button Placement

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i used this one in this sample. using it almost 1.5 years. not bright as first day but still got enough battery to use it in emergency cases.

push-button was salvaged from an old pc case (probably power button) you can use something similar which in same size or purchase together with led module:

Step 3: Final Connections

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to prevent corrosion, connect the wires and solder them. then glue the led module to back. hot silicon also can protect the led module.

Step 4: Result

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now you got 100 lux light in your pocket.

cost: ~$3

time: 1 hour


tomatoskins (author)2015-10-28

This is so cool! I love super bright LEDs!

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