Picture of Сomposite PET Vases
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Make a flower vase,candlestick,desk organizer ,from recycled PET bottles.
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Step 1: What we will need

Picture of What we will need
Empty PET bottles 2l,1l,scissors,blade,pliers,ruler,decorative materials and accessories(your choice),
for example page of the magazine,computer image printout.

Step 2: Make a vessel

Picture of make a  vessel
Cut the top pat of 1l bottle.

Step 3: Make a decorative panel

Cat middle pat of the 2l botle and bend.

Watch Video.

Step 4: Decorate panel

Picture of Decorate panel
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There are many decorative techniques (your choice)
I decorate panel ,page of the magazine.

Step 5:

Picture of
Paste vessel to the decorative panel .

Step 6: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
Made vases of different sizes.
This is very nice. Something different from the many "drinking glass" projects.
mycroftxxx6 years ago
Nicely done, and much simpler than I expected. Bravo!
irrilia6 years ago
I love this!! Looks very nice and is a great way to recyle. Thanks for posting.