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Well i guess I'll start by saying that this is my first able, so be gentle (; lol. I always seemed to have a problem with my halogen security lights burning out. I wanted a simple, cheap, permanent solution. Led's seemed to be the way to go. Im fairly new to 120V electronics and am learning quickly, but I've been customizing 12V for years.

Step 1: The problem

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The first picture shows what has been happening to my halogens. Not just one or two but all seven. Not once or twice a year, but every few weeks. At about $6usd it can become an unnecessary headache. The second picture shows my personal choice for a solution. A 10w led:) The original halogen could produce over 3000 lumens, and this led produces around 950 so it's not quite equivalent. Having said that I chose the 10w led for several reasons. Mainly cost, and no heatsink fan needed at 10w. any higher and you would probably need a fan, which i couldn't get to fit tidily into the housing. 10w produces more than enough power for my application anyhow. The pictures are vague for lower light output, but i can see clearly in front of these lights for over 20 yards, or read a book easily at about 20 feet.
dtidbeaux (author) 1 year ago
That's a great idea. I've thought about that but i couldn't do that with heatsinks i had. If i ever have problems with the leds burning out i will definitely put that idea to use with some new heatsinks. I wonder if using the aluminum housing as a heatsink, if i could get away with a more powerful led without using a fan. Since it would constantly have fresh air moving around it, it might work. Any insight?

As bhvm says, if the heatsink is isolated from fresh air, it will not do its job properly.

But if you can solidly fix and screw the heatsink to the casing, it will act as a heatsink for the heatsink, so there would be no problem from it being sealed inside.

dtidbeaux (author) 1 year ago
I actually wrote it because i wanted the simplest upgrade i could that produced the most bang for my buck as it were. And the housings are sealed, but the first one i built as a tester was almost 6 months ago, and i haven't had any issues with them as of yet. That was definitely one of my concerns, but no problems so far:)
bhvm1 year ago

Love your simple mod man! I hope that the fixture is not air tight otherwisey the heat will accumulate and cook the LED.