It's the night before a birthday/Christmas, and you want to give a handmade gift which holds meaning to you and your giftee. What do you do?!? There's no time!
Ahem. This is when I step in with my 10 minute Foil Photo Frame. 
It's really simple, but you can make it unique and meaningful. 
And it's SHINY! :D

Step 1: What Is Required?

- A photo
- Cardboard, thicker box cardboard is probably better. Enough to cover the photo with a border twice, and then some more extra.
- Scissors or a utility/stanley/craft knife. Sharp is preferable, unless you want to spend more than 10 mins cutting cardboard. 
- Ruler
- Pencil
- An old ballpoint pen that has no more ink in it, or any other similar writing implement that will not mark aluminium foil, and is not   sharp enough to tear it.
- Craft glue
- Standard kitchen aluminium foil (I believe it's also called aluminum foil?)

And anything else that you think you want to use to decorate your frame with. 
Ooh, I've made one of these as a kid! I glued pieces of string in swirly shapes and then added the foil while pressing the shapes out with a old ballpoint pen. I also painted it with light blue acrylic, and it covered the foil completely. <br>I most probably may still have it somewhere, I just crossed an old photo of it hanging on my wall :3 Must try to find it and take a pic to show.
Wow, I haven't seen this 'ible in a while, but please do!

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