Picture of 10x5x5 Soccer Goal
In this Instructable you will find instructions for a simple fool proof soccer goal that a five year old could make for around $40.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools
-4x 10 Foot Lengths of 1-1/4 Inch PVC Pipe
-6x 90 Degree CONDUIT Elbows
-6x 1-1/4 PVC Couplings

-PVC "Scissors"
L.messi2 years ago
what is the depth of the goal, So i can figure out the wright net to get. i may have found on one would this work. Here is the link
hi111 (author)  L.messi2 years ago
The depth is five and a half feet so that would not work.
FC boise hi1112 years ago
i lost my account so this is L.messi, but my name says FC boise. So do you have any other ideas on nets
could you make this on a larger scale? like international size?
hi111 (author)  EaglesSoar095 years ago
you would have a major sagging problem it could even snap under the weight i never got a net for this i just use it without and it sags so i dont think it would work good luck
oh. thanks
Cykeltorest5 years ago
Lightweight and cheap!!  Can be designed for take-apart/ indoor use.  As far as the net... you have to cut more off the pipes (18" ) to allow for the extra length of the elbows. Piece of cake!
Here a link to a smaller portable pvc goal: www.schoolyardpuck.com/2010/01/pvc-hockey-goal.html It was made for hockey but could probably be used for soccer as well.
lemonie5 years ago
This looks good. The great thing about soccer is you don't need anything more than something round and some markers for the goal. Good job (and nice lawn) L
hi111 (author)  lemonie5 years ago