In this Instructable you will find instructions for a simple fool proof soccer goal that a five year old could make for around $40.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

-4x 10 Foot Lengths of 1-1/4 Inch PVC Pipe
-6x 90 Degree CONDUIT Elbows
-6x 1-1/4 PVC Couplings

-PVC "Scissors"
what is the <em><strong>depth</strong></em> of the goal, So i can figure out the wright net to get. i may have found on one would this work. Here is the link<br> <a href="http://soccer.epicsports.com/prod/8758/index.html" rel="nofollow">http://soccer.epicsports.com/prod/8758/index.html</a><br>
The depth is five and a half feet so that would not work.
i lost my account so this is L.messi, but my name says FC boise. So do you have any other ideas on nets
could you make this on a larger scale? like international size?
you would have a major sagging problem it could even snap under the weight i never got a net for this i just use it without and it sags so i dont think it would work good luck
oh. thanks
Lightweight and cheap!!&nbsp; Can be designed for take-apart/ indoor use.&nbsp; As far as the net... you have to cut more off the pipes (18&quot; ) to allow for the extra length of the elbows. Piece of cake!
Here a link to a smaller portable pvc goal: <a href="http://www.schoolyardpuck.com/2010/01/pvc-hockey-goal.html" rel="nofollow">www.schoolyardpuck.com/2010/01/pvc-hockey-goal.html</a> It was made for hockey but could probably be used for soccer as well.<br />
This looks good. The great thing about soccer is you don't need anything more than something round and some markers for the goal. Good job (and nice lawn) L

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