Picture of 11 Unusual Uses for Coffee Filters
Coffee filters are better then paper towel, and a lot less expensive, you can buy 1000 at the dollar store for almost nothing! In this ible I will show you 11 unique ways to use coffee filters!
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Step 1: Bowl Cover

Picture of Bowl Cover
Cover bowls or dishes with coffee filters when cooking in the microwave, they make excellent covers.

Step 2: Cleaning

Picture of Cleaning
Clean windows, mirrors, and chrome.... coffee filters are lint-free so they'll leave windows sparkling!

Step 3: Nail Polish Remover

Picture of Nail Polish Remover
Use them to remove nail polish when out of cotton balls.

Step 4: Protect China

Picture of Protect China
Protect china by separating your good dishes with a coffee filter between each dish.

Step 5: Filter

Picture of Filter
Use them to filter things like lemon and lime juice so the juice comes out and the seeds stay behind.

Step 6: Apply Shoe Polish

Picture of Apply Shoe Polish
Apply shoe polish. Ball up a lint-free coffee filter.

Step 7: Prevent Odors

Picture of Prevent Odors
Put baking soda into a coffee filter and place into shoes or a closet to absorb or prevent odors.

Step 8: Make Tea

Picture of Make Tea
Coffee Filters 011.JPG
Use them to make your own tea! Put some herbs into the filter and tie shut with string!

Step 9: Spoon Rest

Picture of Spoon Rest
Use them to place your spoon/ spatula down on the counter while cooking, so you don't make a mess of your counter.

Step 10: Bowl

Picture of Bowl
Can use to hold dry ingredients when baking or when cutting up fruit or veggies.... saves on having extra bowls to wash.

Step 11: Disposable Snack Bowl

Picture of Disposable Snack Bowl
Use as a disposable "snack bowl" for popcorn, chips, etc.

Step 12: Coffee Makers

Picture of Coffee Makers
CaptSnaz1 month ago

Make Coffee!! - Use a nice, fine, Drip Coffee brand. Heat the water to just under boiling. Put the spoon in, so the bag doesn't boil over, then put the bag in. Cover with something so it won't cool too much & leave for 5-10 min. - You can leave it soaking longer if you leave it on one of those tiny 1-cup hot-plates. Squeeze it out & add your sugar & cream (opt). Just like Fresh-Dripped. Yumm! :-9

Actually I DID mean use it as a single bag-

AlexandraRue10 months ago

Coffee filters make great snowflakes. A round filter folds and cuts nicely. I you can use regular size filters or filters for a 4 cup coffee maker.

ritzy19663 years ago
I use coffee filters to drain my oil after frying I put a coffee filter in a small strainer and place that into a cup of some sort and let drain gets all theose little things out of the oil.. learned that from my mama....
Mauigerbil3 years ago
Oh wow! I have those shoes!
joffler3 years ago
I've used them to line flower pots when repotting indoor house plants so water flows into the saucer when watering from above but soil won't. They won't last forever, of course, but when they've decomposed enough that soil begins to flow through into the saucer, you'll know it's time to check the roots getting potbound. Your plants will appreciate it.
I use them to help with drainage in the bottom of house plants, with or without small rocks or gravel. Works wonderfully
vettech883 years ago
Tomcat943 years ago
I'm surprised this hasn't been pointed out yet, but you misspelled "Snack" on the title of step 11. You may want to check that out. :)
Celine1107 (author)  Tomcat943 years ago
I probably should have mentioned this first, but this is also a very nice instructable! I would have never thought of any of this. :)
greyhuk3 years ago
I used them to cover the intakes on laptops in the middle east ... kept 90% of the dust out but let the air through
Coffee filters are good to place in the bottom of a planter to cover the holes before adding gravel or potting soil to keep soil from running out.
Celine1107 (author)  KellyMorgan193 years ago
Thats a great idea!
LesB3 years ago
Wear it as a yamaka!
TucknDar3 years ago
Simple, yet brilliant ideas! I'll certainly favourite this one! Thanks :)
that's true. What a nice and good idea.. thank you .

Celine1107 (author)  TucknDar3 years ago
i use coffee filters to make home made cream cheeses by filtering sour milk, yogurt and alike milk products. The liquid i save in a glass is great to use in breads and cupcakes, it makes them super soft and fluffy.