Picture of 11 Unusual Uses for Baby Oil
Have you heard that joke about baby oil? The one that goes something like:

If corn oil is made with corn and peanut oil is made with peanuts, then what is baby oil made with?

The answer: Baby oil is made with mineral oil and fragrance by industrial professionals; babies don't have the fine motor skills or chemistry knowledge to create baby oil, duh.

Baby oil is useful for a lot of things beyond baby bottoms. It'll smooth, soften, lubricate, refinish, clean, and so much more. It also has some usual uses for which it really oughtn't be used. Read on for some tips and tricks that'll help you step your baby oil game up.
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Step 1: First, some don'ts

Picture of First, some don'ts
Don't use baby oil as a "personal" lubricant, particularly if you are using a latex condom. (Just look at the next step to see who wins in the latex vs. baby oil battle royale.)

Don't use baby oil to tan. Melanoma looks bad enough without being shiny.

Don't eat baby oil. It has laxative properties and likely doesn't taste delicious. (Mineral oil is safe for human consumption, but only up to around 100 mg. Many of those milligrams come from food-grade mineral oil that's used in baking and other industrial food processing places because it's odorless and tasteless. My guess is that baby oil mineral oil isn't food-grade. Stay safe: don't guzzle a bottle of it.)

Don't use it in your 2-stroke engine.

Don't aim baby oil at helicopter pilots. Wait... that's for lasers. But you should still be careful around helicopter pilots with baby oil. It can be a slip-fall hazard, and pilots prefer the scent of aviation fuel.
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Where did you get the 100mg for human consumption from? Its sold in the pharmacy as a laxative. The dosage is in the tablespoons range, way more than 100 mg. not recommended for frequent use due to interfering with vitamin absorption in the intestines. Youve got to look for it but its in the pharmacy section. It's baby oil minus the baby smell and its cheaper. Also good to lubricate rusty metal but go easy with it because its oily. One time I drank about half a bottle of it over the course of a day (mineral oil, not baby oil) and I was fine. It didnt even really work well as a laxative for me though I drank like 10 times the recommended dose.

KellyC228 days ago

I have been using dermelastic Serum for a few days and I have noticed a difference in the look of my stretch marks they appear to be getting lighter I use it twice a day

angelhalo811 month ago

This is AWESOME info!!!!

Tanamoril3 years ago
On behalf of the nation of Canada, I am obliged to inform you that -10 C is not cold.
You get down to -20 and then we'll talk.

That being said, this is a really good way to prevent windburn, much like a good lipbalm, only all ovah ya face.
I acknowledge that -20 C is cold, but I'm from Montana. -20C is nothing, it's not strange to have -40F with a wind chill of -70 or 80. That would be about -57C...

-70F is not -57C.. it's -21C ... your point is invalid... yes I know, 3 years late, but someone had to tell you...

actually -70F is infact -57C so their point is valid, sorry (-70-32)/1.8 = 56.7(1dp)

I was going to comment on this, but you basicly nailed it!

-30 a couple of nights a year in these parts, colder happens... I was happy when my car started at -34 C .. :-)
</pissing contest>
Try Northern alberta. Minus 50 withoutany windchill. and winnipeg where its regularly in the minus 40's
I've got you ALL beat.
Try sitting on a warm sunny beach with a light breeze, your favorite drink, and favorite person/people.
Well...I'm not saying that's where I am, but it'd SURE be nice :)
Seriously - I know most people like this... but to me that environment (except the people!) is one of the worst situations I can find myself in.

I much prefer if it never gets above 30F. I'm just different.

And I thought the song said:

Almost Heaven... West Virgnia.

And here you have been hiding it up there all this time!

BTW - beautiful country up there!
Florida, here. 2004 saw hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Ivan. Mineral oil was great for getting camp gear unstuck during the blackout, keeping the native "no-see-ums" at bay, keeping the watermarks on the hardwood floors from gaining any permanence, and keeping various tools from becoming rusted and inoperable.

Vacation seasons often see vacationers trying to substitute baby oil for suntan oil or afterburn oil...which, by the way, is an excellent way to develop blisters in a sunburn - but not so great for "tan acceleration", contrary to vacationers' expectations. It's also great for getting the fans unstuck after a season of storage.

Baby oil is also excellent at removing Kool Seal from hirsute homeowners' forearms, as, yes, it breaks down the latex.

Yes, it also makes for a great bath oil - but only in moderation, and - as with all oils - always be certain to clean the oil out afterwards, as the tub can get quite slick for the shower-taker afterwards.
unlock laferte3 years ago
On behalf of the people of Hoth ...
My pet wampa agrees
Well try 45 C. For half a week on end.
On behalf of those who are native to the Great Lake snow belts, -20 Celsius also is not that cold. When you get down to around -30 F (-34 Celsius), and the humidity is high enough that your nose-flesh literally freezes when you try to breathe - this is when its starts to get cold. Standing on the shores of the Lake with it blowing in your face - while the temp is in this range also will make it hard for anyone to say they are "cold" ever again.

And as to wind chill - forget it... -30 windchill "feels like" is picnic weather when comparing it to actual mercury levels on the thermometer.

Now we need someone from Siberia to post and say, -30 is nothing b/c...

I agree. -10C is nothing. -20C is cold, maybe awful. I am glad that I have never experienced -30C! I tried to run in -21C, and I got more tired than usually. Applying vaseline or baby oil on the skin is useful if you're outside for a longer time, but won't these freeze or makes it worser on the longer term?

-10C can even feel comfortable or really awful, it depends on
the wind and humity. I recommend slowly acclimating yourself to the cold weather by going out (shortly) with little clothes, letting oneself freeze and becomes cold to make it easier for the body to accept colder climates. I usually do that at autumn. :)
From experience over many years, here is an even easier way to acclimate in just a few hours...

Go out in the cold all bundled up. Do some back breaking labor - like splitting firewood. As you get warmer start stripping off outer layers of clothing until, Keep doing this until you are in a T-shirt. When you get done with the work, go in the house and take a shower but do not try to cook yourself b/c the water feels good. Also do not have the heat in the house up so it is baking you. And, above all, do NOT use an electric blanket - these cook you all night and your body gets to expecting this kind of heat and then you cannot acclimate.

I used to go to school in SC and would come home during Christmas vacation to the Lake Erie snow belt. The first day I was home I did this very thing and, from then on, just had on a light jacket & hat while still home.

And if I was willing to write a book, one of the most intelligent sayings I have ever heard is an old indian saying: "white men get cold b/c they treat cold like an enemy instead of a friend." I have found this more and more true as I get older. Explore the meaning of this saying and it will be hard for you to be uncomfortable in cooler climates. I also find my immune system is stronger.
> "white men get cold b/c they treat cold like an enemy instead of a friend." .....

True, beautiful said. Thanks. The Western have lost a lot compared to the ancient tribes living in harmony with the nature. Look at the animals and birds, do you actually see somebody resisting the cold weather?
They seems to shrug it away, it seems that they're listening more to the body, it's older and more developed than the brain. Where does the resistance most people have comes from?

The modern world seems to have that attitude that everything unknown/uncomfortable is a enemy to one's welfare. I wonder why.
Discomfort and pain are your body's way of telling you "something's wrong, fix it or I'll keep annoying you."
On behalf of Australians: .... 20C is pretty cold... i think my legs would drop off at -20C. :D but I suppose you get used to the weather wherever you are, eventually.
On behalf of Missouri, at least you all have predictable weather. One day we'll have rain, sun for half the next day, followed by snow, all ended nicely with tornado warnings, usually mixed with a little flooding.
...or have 80 weather and five inches of snow two days later :)
Hear Hear Tanamoril!!!!
slam80004 months ago

I would think twice before using baby oil in the bath as it will render the tub extremely slippy and create a fall risk. If you MUST use it, be extremely careful when getting in and out of your bath, and be sure to clean the oil a thoroughly with a good detergent when you've finished.

kookoome5 months ago

Ive used creamy baby oil to clean like leather and wood

cplace17 months ago

Great instructable! Quite funny!

KellyCraig7 months ago

Coconut oil has become easy to find. Use it, instead of baby or straight mineral oil for dry skin.

Too, coconut oil makes a fantastic deodorant. I find it works better than any of the commercial products I've bought over [several] decades. My mix is just backing soda and coconut oil.

leflic7 months ago

This article is both funny and humorous! I enjoyed reading it and found it very helpful as well.

leflic leflic7 months ago

Oops... that came out wrong! Oh get the drift

Good solvent for removing gummed labels, price stickers, etc. from non-porous surfaces. WD40 is even better.
WD-40 is Fish Oil, also good for arthritis stiffness
Horsefeathers, Bosun Rick. I do not doubt the arthritis benefits. WD40 is good for many things you won't find on the label.  There is no fish oil in WD40, that's another urban legend (a fish tale?).

Here's another WD40 use I have tried successfully: restoring noisy carbon potentiometers. I feel safer using Caig Deoxit, but WD40 sure seems to work as well. 
fish oil in wd-40 is true. 100% google-proof.

a couple of previous posters mentioned mineral oil or baby oil on metalic/stainless finish appliances (like the stainless fridges) I think one said it worked and another poster claimed it didn't. Well I can tell ya from personal experience that WD40 works great on stainless appliances. Many naysayers will warn that it is a fire hazard on the stove; but I didn't think so; I just wiped off the excess. It really worked great; and fast too. I wasn't scrubbing and polishing all day.

grapenut8 months ago

Well I read all 176 posts./comments; looks like alot of bases were covered in the comments. One thing I really didn't see was that baby oil or mineral oil can be used as a trimmer lubricant if the tiny bottle that came with your trimmer runs dry or gets lost. I spent quite a bit of time on google trying to figure out exactly what kind of oil is used on trimmers (simply because I couldn't find a retailer that sold it, not even the local Walmart). A few bloggers nailed it down to a high grade mineral oil after looking it up on MSDS sheets. I would prefer to use (unscented) mineral oil, however the baby oil is basically the same and comes in the convenient travel size bottle with the fliptop and small opening that can easily be used to dispense a drop or 2...

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