Step 13: Remove bubblegum, wax, or bandaids

Picture of Remove bubblegum, wax, or bandaids
If you've got some bubblegum or wax on your body or in your hair, baby oil will get it out. Apply a small amount to the affected area, let it sit, then work at the mess with your fingertips. It'll make the gum easier to get out, it'll soften the wax, and it will help the bandage come off without tearing out any hair.

This is a particularly good method of removing excess wax after an eyebrow or bikini job.

For those of you who remove more band-aids than body hair, applying some baby oil around the bandage is a great middle-of-the-road option for people who can't subscribe to the RIP IT OFF! camp or the IT'LL FALL OFF ON ITS OWN, DON'T TOUCH IT! contingent. Firm but gentle, that's the way to do it. Tough love.
angelhalo8115 months ago

GREAT info!!! I appreciate this

onemoroni11 year ago

Good information. I use it every day after I shower to lightly lubricate the male apparatus to prevent sweat sticking and snagging and obvious parts shifting and discomfort. I also do a exfoliation with a natural sponge of my neck and face in the shower and then a light baby oil rub of the same areas. Very light and not greasy, trying to prevent wrinkles.

reddhedd1 year ago
Baby oil is also great for cleaning and softening leather.I have used it on shoes ,purses,jackets & just about anything leather you can think of.
muldoon man3 years ago
I've read that mineral oil is a non-conductive liquid. Because of this unique property I've seen people who have literally dropped a computer into a fish tank filled with mineral oil. Allegedly they work great, it's like poor man's liquid cooling.
it provides better cooling than fans and its noiseless and it has the possibility to be further cooled thus allowing you to overclock your system well above the norm
mrsthursday3 years ago
you can use baby oil to clean a stainless steele fridge, it gets rid of the finger prints and a little goes a long way- so just use a dimes worth- put on with a soft cloth and buff up with another soft clean cloth.
Annaaziza4 years ago
I use baby oil right before the show ring. We smear it around my Arab Quarter Geldings eyes and muzzel to make him stand out. Their is the option of buying Face Goo, but baby oil works just as well. (Although, Blaze dosent really appreciate it...... :/ ) The one bad thing about it is, if your horse is white, or has white markings on his/her face, (Like my horse, who has ALOT of white) they can get sunburned. So on those hot horse show days, wipe it off with a baby wipe (HA! A theme!) to reduce the chance of their tender muzzes getting crispy fried.
Good solvent for removing gummed labels, price stickers, etc. from non-porous surfaces. WD40 is even better.
WD-40 is Fish Oil, also good for arthritis stiffness
Horsefeathers, Bosun Rick. I do not doubt the arthritis benefits. WD40 is good for many things you won't find on the label.  There is no fish oil in WD40, that's another urban legend (a fish tale?).

Here's another WD40 use I have tried successfully: restoring noisy carbon potentiometers. I feel safer using Caig Deoxit, but WD40 sure seems to work as well. 
zuclo4 years ago
I find the mineral oil is cheapest as baby oil for cleaning and maintainiong my swords and knives
mooster4 years ago
Baby oil removes beach tar very well.
ashmantech4 years ago
Also an economical stainless steel appliance cleaner.
baby wipes (which contain baby oil, I'm sure) are absolutely the best for this.
Big Tattoo4 years ago
Wipe down shower curtains to help prevent soap buildup.
BGreenHVAC4 years ago
I used to work in the jewelry business. Pearls will dry out and lose it's luster. You rub a small amount of baby oil on them about once every 6 months. Your natural skin oils are good for the pearls, but your natural body salts are not. You can rinse them off with water only (DO NOT use cleaners or detergents, just water) then rub a very small amount of baby oil.
The pearls are pourous and will absorb cleaners, detergents, and other things that can stain pearls. The baby oil will prevent or at least reduce the risk of the pearls getting stained.
Baby oil is also useful for stopping creaking floor boards. Just trickle a small amount on the joint and hey presto.