Step 4: Remove earwax

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When in-ear headphones were just starting to become a thing, I went deaf in one ear. Panicked, I went to the doctor only to discover that I had a cebum compaction, earwax clogging my ear to the point I couldn't hear. Gross, right?

For the temporarily hearing impaired, there's an easy home remedy to handle that waxy buildup: baby oil!

While laying on your side or tilting your head so your affected ear is up, drop five drops of baby oil inside (warmed, if you really want to dissolve the mess) your ear. Let it stay for long enough to dissolve some of the wax, then let the oil drain out onto a clean towel or into the sink. A small amount of warm water can be used to dislodge any last bits with a small bulb or needle-less syringe.
marcdraco5 months ago

The only thing you should be poking in your ear is your elbow!

Seriously, I've suffered with this problem for 30+ years and I've seen all the things come and go. Even medics here don't used syringing these days as there is too much risk of damage to the eardrum.

wilgubeast (author) 3 years ago
After having a significant cebum compaction due to extra waxiness and some in-ear headphones, I highly recommend all the hydrogen peroxide recommendations here.

Best method? Hydrogen peroxide + needle-less syringe. The hp will break up the wax, and water from the syringe flushes it out. (You don't need a lot of water pressure. Nor do you want it. Unless you want to see if you can brainwash yourself via your auditory canal.)
SIRJAMES093 years ago
needle-less syringe = catheter tipped syringe.

This is another type of syringe without a needle in it...in fact, the way this syringe is made, there is no way a needle can be attached normally. I'm not for sure, but I think you can buy Catheter tipped syringes at your local drug store...check with the Pharmacist for sure.

I know this because I use these every day.

BUT, any syringe that does not have a needle will do just fine.
My mom always used sweet oil for ear aches.
piemonkey464 years ago
Hydrogen Peroxide works pretty well for this. I haven't tried the oil though, it seems like it would be messier...
thinkiam4 years ago
My mom used to put warm honey in my ear when I had swimmers ear. The honey, which was denser than the water, would "push" the water out. I have no memory of how she got the warm honey out of my ear!?!
That's pretty cool = I have a version of Swimmer's Ear that water = a worse mess. And so far I see to be allergic to the commercial ear cleaner on the market. I use to go to the doctor's to be "flushed, and vacuumed" but that is really spendy. I switched to ear candling but that takes at least two people and makes a smokey mess.
All that to say: if you find out what cleaned out the honey = I'd sure like to know! :*)
Honestly, I think since the honey was warm, it flowed well, so she just had us lay (honey + ear) down on a warm damp washcloth. I remember it felt really really soothing. The most important part is to make sure the honey isn't too hot, that happened once, ouch! I'm also thinking a drop of tea tree oil afterwards would be really helpful. Ears. Ya don't really think about 'em till they hurt, then ya can't think about much else!
Honora4 years ago
Also, if you get an insect in your ear e.g. a small moth, use oil to get it out. Water may cause the insect to swell. That said, in an emergency my partner squirted water in my ear to flush out a small moth. It flew out to live another day...
mrmuskrat4 years ago
As a kid, my mom and grandma would use warm olive oil to deal with earwax and ear aches.