Step 6: Bath oil

Picture of Bath oil
Put a few drops into the next bath you draw. It'll leave your skin feeling touchably soft and silky. May not prevent pruniness in the extremities.
Be very careful using baby oil in the bathtub. It will be VERY slippery!!

Any bath oil can also be a big problem in the drain. It tends to clog drains. I would recommend running very hot water through the pipes as soon as you are out of the tub so the oil is flushed through the system.
Lol! I can 2nd the 'be careful' part of this! I stayed in an apartment with 3 women for a few weeks, a number of years ago. Having a bath was a bit like Russian roulette (only with 5 bullets in the chamber!) - I ended up cleaning the bath out every time I wanted to take one!
MsJaxFla4 years ago
Also, it is a good idea to clean your 'already' free flowing drains once a month with about a cup of baking soda and followed with with a cup of white vinegar. Wait over night and pour a lot of hot water down the drain...... should be good.

If you think you need more help, try a hefty squeeze of a decent dish detergent and let it sit in the drain over night, then pour a bunch of hot water down the drain.... will help for sure. Do this one first and wait a day or so to use the vinegar and baking soda and only if you don't have a major problem.