Step 12: Disposable diaper in the washing machine?

Picture of Disposable diaper in the washing machine?
Oops! If you inadvertently washed a disposable diaper in the washing machine, there's an easy fix:

First, here's what a major diaper manufacturer recommends:

    1.) Put load of laundry into the dryer as is (with the jelly beads).
    2.) Drying laundry will cause gel to bead up and fall off clothing; most beads will collect in lint filter.
    3.) You may need to dry laundry longer than usual to collect beads
    4.) When laundry is dry shake it outside
    5.) To clean the washing machine, simply use rinse cycle and wipe inside of washing machine

Second, the power of chemistry (quite possibly apocryphal, unless any chemistry experts want to weigh in):
  1.     Leave the load in the washer
  2.     Run the load again with salt instead of detergent
  3.     The salt should destroy the –CH2CH(CO2Na)– monomers, thus eliminating the obnoxious gel beads
  4.     Dry normally
ginger200372 years ago
Okay, I wold have figured that the one with the diaper and the horse hoof was so obscure that I'd have to add it to the list! lol
I have had to use that old trick a couple of times, twice when my one mare would suddenly go lame for a day after a shoeing, and a third when our farrier took too much soul off of my dad's geldings hoof (that took about a month for it to grow back to where he wasn't limping anymore).
wilgubeast (author)  ginger200372 years ago
I'm still soliciting photos of horsies in nappies, so please take a couple of pictures and send them my way next time you see one.
jlyvers7432 years ago
Fantastic instructable. I will be able to use a couple of these ideas. Thank you.
Biodynamic2 years ago
I wish I had known about the salt a few weeks ago when my 2 year old dropped a diaper into his laundry basket. My wife and I found ourselves shaking out plenty of "fake snow". Super job on the instructable.