Step 4: Test

Once you have the control box wired up, and the floor mat connected, it's time to test...!Plug in the fan to the power receptacle, plug in the 110v AC into the control box, and press down on  /step on the floor mat. The fan should turn on. Step off / release pressure, the fan should turn off.Toss a towel or dog bed onto the top of the mat, and wait to see how the pup reacts to it.Our female Malamute took took a few days to get used to "this thing" in front of her fan... but now she uses it without issue or question. :)
<p>I am going to have to build one of these. My Mom has Samoyed and they love their fans but like you said 24/7 is annoying.. It just so happens that a supplier sent a 110v relay by mistake for the 12v one I ordered... </p>
I live in the Mojave desert North of Edwards AFB and I had a siberian husky named Opal. In the summer it would get 110F+ and in the winter it would get 10F- with winds that would blow 30 to 50 knots on a bad day. Every spring I would take Opal to town for her annual check up and haircut. They left the tail and face alone. By the time it got cold again the fur would be full and fluffy again and she would be right back in her favorite sleeping depression all winter night with out any damage. The shorter fur made it a little more comfy for her in the summer because I had an exhaust fan blowing out the air under the home toward her and we would confine our bike/runs on the dirt roads for early AM or late afternoon, depending upon my work schedule. It also solved the &quot;blowout&quot; everywhere problem.
Cool project. Hope the heat is not too hard on what looks to be a breed ment for snow. Maybe in the summer add a copper coil of running icewater on the fan for even more cooling.
Malamutes do surprisingly well in the Tejas heat so long as they have shade and fresh water. Their coats insulate both ways for heat and cold, so the same reason they do OK at -50f is the same reason they do OK at +110f. Still, they prefer to be inside in the AC with access via a dog door. We've tried other cooling devices for different prospects of providing additional cooling (Most Malamutes would pretty much prefer it to -ALWAYS- be -27f and buried to their chests in snow) but a big fan on the floor where they can lay in front of it and let the air blow up their fur the &quot;wrong way&quot; seems to have worked out best. Cool mats (or cold tile) do work tho, so if you can put on fan on a cool surface that would likely be the best option... well, again, short of burying them in snow. :)

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