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Time for a Halloween ible!

This year I decided that I wanted to put together an 11th Doctor costume for Halloween.  Of course, this meant that I needed to get myself a sonic screwdriver!  Without the time or funds to make a decent working version from scratch I decided to buy one of the spring-loaded plastic toys from Chapters Indigo.  I was pretty happy with it, until I quickly discovered some design flaws present in the toy right after installing the batteries.  Here they are:
  1. The screwdriver toy has very obvious buttons, which are not present in the actual prop.
  2. The main activation button for the lights and sounds only works when the screwdriver is in the closed position.  If it is open you are stuck using the silly red button on the bottom, which is also not present on the actual prop.
  3. The screwdriver has a spring action.  The real prop is flicked open.
  4. The claws are hollow!  The prop definitely doesn't have hollowed out claws.
After playing with the toy for a day I decided that these bothered me too much to ignore.  I did some poking around on the internets and found votesaxon07's series of youtube videos on the toy and the modifications he has made to it.  He has made 6 versions of the sonic screwdriver, each succession coming closer and closer to the actual prop.  The videos were very handy because I got a good look at the inside of the toy without ever having to take mine apart, so when the time came I already knew what I was getting into.

I have essentially done the same modifications that he made in his 6th version, except I traded out duck tape and hot glue for heat shrink and epoxy, just to give the final product more longevity.  I also wrapped the handle in leather as he did in his early versions, repurposed the switch from inside the screwdriver, and weathered the screwdriver a bit.
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What you used to tighten the claws?

Which part of the claws are you referring to?

Where the Gap between the Claws when I originally had mine (I returned it which the little tab of mine somehow weakened) I tried the duct tape method and it didn't work as well. on the actual prop it was close to the emitter with a small gap in between.

Because the magnets are holding the claws closed, rather than the original latch, the claws are pulled slightly closer than they are on the regular prop. I am not familiar with the "duct tape method" so I can't really help you out with that.

NSalkoff2 months ago


I used the smallest Allen key in a imperial and a metric set but it still didnt work
Did the allen key fit in the screw? If it fits and isn't so small that it strips the screws it should work.
Also the handle rings are very hard to get off.
Yeah, they are one of the parts that I had a lot of trouble with too. I just took my time and tried to pry them off very carefully.
I can't find a triangular screwdriver
I used a very small Allen Key. It was Imperial, not metric, and was the smallest in a large set.
jedibugs5 months ago
While the CO toy does have most of the inaccuracies you mentioned, the buttons aren't among them. The activation button on the CO is actually LESS noticeable than the one in the prop, which is a standard micro switch the likes of which you can get at any Radio Shack. And the red button, while never seen on-screen, is present on the prop. (Newer re-builds have omitted it, but the original four that were used for the first few seasons all have it). It was how the sonic was designed to be activated (he does once, I think it was in Crash of the Byzantium) but they added the Micro-switch to accommodate how Smith preferred to use it.
NathanaelScheffler (author)  jedibugs5 months ago
I've never noticed the red button on screen. Good to know!
It's definitely never seen. And after they added in the new button, the red button was no longer functional, so they just glued the cap shut. But here's a shot of Smith using the button, even though you can't see it:
NathanaelScheffler (author)  jedibugs5 months ago
danielemur5 months ago
Really cool!
NathanaelScheffler (author)  danielemur5 months ago
daofgeek5 months ago
Cool. Now I can have a duel between Gary Seven's servo (Star Trek TOS: Assignment Earth) and the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver! Personally, I'm persuaded that Gary Seven was a Timelord...
BenP515 months ago
Looks like you ruined a perfectly good sonic...
danielemur BenP515 months ago
Actually, Character options did the ruining all on their own.
StarwarsChick5 months ago
So, sooo cool! Can't wait to try it!

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