1£/2$ - 16 Piece Lock Pick Set - MacGyver Style




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Introduction: 1£/2$ - 16 Piece Lock Pick Set - MacGyver Style

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Hiya guys n gals - So the fiendish Doctor Evil has your true love trapped in the burning warehouse with the door padlocked  - you hunt around your car for something to free them from the building  - AHA! your trusty mulitool and some hobby clamps left under the seat by the kids.


But before we begin (there's loads of time - the flames are not even smashing the windows yet).
I bought a set of the clamps used in this build from a POUND STORE in the UK, I am sure where you live there are similar places.
The really cool thing about this is - 1 the springs we are going to use are poor quality spring steel (this is good for us) allowing you to bend and file if needed your picks, while still being good enough! quality to make some picks that will last you a lifetime. 2 the clamps came as a set of eight on a cardboard backing - we are gonna use the springs, meaning we can use both ends if we want, therefore giving us 16 possible picks for 1£/2$ - - is that cool or what.


Step 1: Multitool and Clamp

Grab your trusty Multi and one of those clamps - using the cross head driver dismantle the clamp into it's separate parts.

Step 2: Ok

Grab that spring and using the pliers straighten out the spring till it is flat - ok cool - now do the same again with another clamp.

Step 3: Tension Wrench and Pick

Good, your doing great.

Take your first spring and using the pliers, bend a small ninety degree bend - this is you tension wrench for turning the lock - make the bend small enough so the tool will fit into the lower portion of the lock but not! obstruct you inserting the pick - if needed you can use your tools file to thin the wrench down to make a better fit.

Ok, take your second spring and make a simple bent finger shape - nothing fancy and not too sharp an angle, check out the photo to give an idea of what I mean. the simple finger pick needs to be shallow enough to move freely up and down the lock and move the tumblers but!! be angled enough that if there is a security plate at the front of the lock you can go under it and still get to the workings behind (some locks have a small plate in front of the tumblers, if you touch this it re sets the lock (for want of a longer explanation) or! sometimes the first pin does the same as the security plate, if you do not pick it last it will re set all the tumblers also - you will need to go under it, pick the rest then come back to it - - you'll see with practice).

A simple basic pick will go through a good seven tumbler lock, with security plates etc and security tumblers be they at the front or as part of the sequence - fancy picks are fine and help a lot but when it comes down to it a couple of good single finger picks will do the job - not as fast but once you get the feel you will see how good they are.


When your done come back as there is a bit more to follow.

Step 4: Safe - Phew!!!

Fantastic, your partner is safe and on the way to the hospital.

Come take a look at this.

In the first picture you can see a shop bought pick - came a s a set of ten - way too thick, tension wrench broke and was far to bulky - this was not a cheap set but it was a pain and I never use them now except as a last resort.

Picture two has some home made items - when I found some shapes that worked really well I took some silicone tube and pushed two together to make one single double ended item with a soft handle.

Picture three shows a brilliant extra thing about using springs - when your picking a lock you do not need to force the pins, if your tension is right they will kinda drag and stay in place - look at the picture and you will see how the finger becomes a pivot and the thumb can press downwards at the back,thus lifting the front  through the spring allowing for constant firm pressure that really lets ya feel what is going on.

Check out LOCKSPORT if your interested in lock picking as a challenge.

Good job Mac - farewell.




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    I actually tested this with the same clamps and it works surprisingly well. I would pass on a few suggestions though.
    1) If you slightly file down the tips on each, they won't scratch, cut or catch on anything.
    2) Holding them flat as you make the bends is crucial or you could have some odd twisting (wasted two clamps from that).
    3) Instead of silicone tubing, try a resin or something in a small mold to make handles. My neighbor likes to repair tools and had some stuff he uses for making screwdriver handles (like plastic)

    Those are just some things I noticed in trying this, but I really like the results. Awesome concept.

    1 reply

    All great comments - I tried to keep things simple for folks who have not made these before but your right on the money, once these guys see what a nice, quality tool these can be I am sure folks will make them personal and made to fit their individual styles.

    Good to hear from ya.