Pranking friends or coworkers is a timeless tradition. The pranks can be simple or elaborate, but are always fun.
In this guide you can find 12 fun and easy pranks you can play on people. From gravy tea-bags and hacking a calculator to the classic stapler in jello, you're sure to find a prank that works for your occasion. All pranks shown here are written by expert pranksters from Instructables.com and provide you with all the details on how they are done so you can pull off your next prank with ease.
Let the pranking begin!

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How To Put A Stapler In Jello style
As a big fan of The Office, I wanted to take the classic Stapler-In-Jello prank and re-create it for April Fools Day. Not only is this prank easy and cheap, but you're bound to get some bonus laughs...
Crazy Diaper Prank style
Perfect for April Fool's Day! It's not what you think. Play this easy and funny prank on your friends.Watch the video for a bonus prank.
The Best Toilet Prank Ever! style
This is my favorite toilet prank so far.  When your victim flushes the toilet, the water goes down, but the water stays yellow.   This prank will make it seem that the toilet is broken, or the pipes m...
How to set up the barfing pillow prank! style
You will need 1 empty sandwich bread bag 1 can of shaving cream   Step 1 Fill the bag with shaving cream   Step 2 twist the end to close the bag   Step 3 tuck the bag inside your victims ...
How to make fake cat-food style
Here is a story: A chap called Billy spent a night on a sofa. In the morning Billy helped himself to a breakfast of whisky and cat-food. He did declare "''tis the finest gravy you ever did taste." (o...
Pre-sliced Banana Prank! style
Imagine how surprised you would be if you peeled a banana and it was already cut into regular chunks. Yup, that's what I thought. This instructable is about a prank I like to do that never fails to...
Creepy Eyes Prank style
Make some creepy eyes to put on an unsuspecting sleeping person. . . . Also great for wearing yourself, so you can sleep virtually undetected during meetings, church services, boring dates, job inter...
Coffee Mug Snout - turn your unsuspecting friends into pigs style
This prank is embarrassingly easy but lots of fun for April Fool's Day or a quick prank.Obviously you can choose which ever animal (or message) your prefer to appear on the bottom of your friend's dri...
Refrigerator Handle Switch Prank - Make a Fool Out of Your Coworkers! style
Ahh yes, the saga of the Squid Labs downstairs refrigerator... It all started one day when someone decided that the refrigerator door should swing open from the right instead of the left. It was a re...
head in a jar prank style
Scare those fridge-bound famished food foragers with a head in a jar! Using a photo editor, two pictures are blended together to create flat image of a head, which is then laminated and submerged in a jar. When the flattened image in inserted
Gravy Tea Bags Prank style
Here's how to slyly replace the tea in a tea bag with some delicious gravy granules. Perfect for April fools day! What a tea-rrible prank to play on your family and friends. This is my entry to the 2...
Roof Coffee Cup style
After reading a post on Gizmodo about a researcher who sent a student riding through college campuses dressed as a clown riding on a unicycle, and how he found people who were on cell phones/using ele...