My friends and family are tragically addicted to Rock Band. On many occasions, our tribe of friends have gotten together at one of several houses and burned the night away (and the neighbors' sanity) with our often off-key renditions of many great songs.

We have all the toys, but I was tired of playing my completely awesome Fender... um... "guitar" and needing a groupie to hold the mic for me..  so, I started looking for a mic stand.  Turns put they are pretty cheap...  except what kind of dork would I be if I went into a music store looking for a mic stand to use with Rock Band...  I am not sure i could handle the pressure... or the ridicule of those "real" musicians!   Besides, who are they to look down at me?  I would not give them the pleasure!  Besides, I had some cash on a gift card and some 3/4" PVC pipe laying about.

I looked at some PVC mic stand instructables, but didn't see what I wanted.  The Boom designs were good, so I borrowed those pieces, but the bases always left something to be desired, so here's MY version.

First: I am NOT going to give any details on how to use PVC, or PVC Glue.  If you're not familiar with PVC, there are great primers on using PVC pipe on Instructables.

Step 1: Materials: Let's Start With the Base.

You'll need about 8' of 3/4" Schedule 40 PVC for this project.  about half of that is the base.  

Cut the PVC into the following lengths:
1-  8" Piece
2 - 6" pieces
1 - 4" piece

Plus the following conectors:
2- 3/4" Slip T connectors
3-3/4" 45 degree elbows

And PVC Glue.  Ok, you really don't NEED PVC glue, but you'll need some effective adhesive. . .  PVC glue works best.

You could also make the base as a square or octagon then cut it in half, insert a couple tees and put a piece through the middle with a tee pointing upward that would hold the vertical stand. Hope that makes sense.
<p>Your description makes sense, but three points define a plane, and I think would be more stable on an uneven surface.</p><p> The stand works well, but if I were to make it again, I'd make the base a bit bigger to improve stability, or cap the ends and fill with sand to weigh it down a bit. Thanks for the comment!</p>
Having now used this twice, i will be making One edit: lengthen the base pieces by 2&quot; to improve stability...

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