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Save $40 with this easy to do hack that takes less than a minute! Pay attention to the battery type as that is important.

This can also be done with a 9 volt battery!

Step 1: It's so EZ!!

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I picked up a couple of A23 Energizer Batteries at Wal-Mart for $1.88. What a deal!! If you look carefully at an A23, there is a split in the label/housing. I used a small screwdriver and peeled away the housing revealing a piece of paper.
NerdofSteel5 years ago
I just attempted this with a Duracell MN 21/23 12v battery and this trick works for it as well. As for the button cells themselves, they have "LR932" written at the top of them. Thanks for the cool tip Kipkay! :)

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holymoses1 month ago

Here you get a 12V Nonspecialbrand-Battery for about 50 Cent, so you get 8 ButtonCells for that price.

LR932 (ca. 9,3 x 3,2mm) can easily replace LR1130 (11,6 x 3,1mm)!

I just use them to feed my LED powered Pocket- 30x Magnifier.

A23 are sometimes also named "8LR932" sic!

Cool Stuff!


Just took a Pic!

For fixing the smaller cells I just placed some wrapped paper around them, but actually it´s not necessary here, the loupe just makes less noise being shaken now.

fotoboy7 months ago

just a heads up, the batteries he is comparing at $4.99 are silver oxide, a different and superior (and more expensive) chemistry to the alkalines in the 23a just so we are comparing apples to apples.

Master Wasi 4710 months ago

I would never ever thought of that. WOW

mrvolts11 months ago

You can reverse the above and repair an A23 battery!
A23 batteries are still available, though they began as photoflash
batteries for cameras nobody uses anymore. The reason A23s are still in
use is that they are just right for simple remotes that aren't really
used much, such as your garage door opener remote (2 1-second presses
per day? 4, maybe?). The A23's 12 volts allows easy design of a door
opener which puts out an infrequent but powerful burst of
radio-frequency signal that is strong enough to work reliably from a
fair distance under poor conditions.

Now back to the battery.
Of course your door opener will fail at the worst time. It has only
been two or three years since you replaced the battery, and that one was
the second one in your A23 pack. Amazon will get you another pack, but
it will take a week. Maybe you can find the battery locally, but don't
bet on it these days.

But you can repair it !! Think
about it. Why should an alkaline battery fail in two or three years of
minimal use? The rating of the A23, 40 mAH (milliampere hours), is
144000 milliampere seconds. If each press is 1 second long and draws 10
milliamperes from the battery, you should get 14400 presses from an
A23. At four presses per day, that's 3600 days of opening your garage,
or about ten years from that little battery! And most of us will
agree that an unused alkaline battery will still have most of its life
after ten years on the shelf, so it shouldn't be dead of old age in only
two or three years. So why is my garage door opener battery dead in
two years?

I took the battery apart to find out why my
digital voltmeter read the battery as having only 7 volts output. Each
cell measured over 1.54 volts. They were like new. All right, then,
why doesn't the battery give me 1.54 x 8 = 12.32 volts? It's that black stuff on the LR932 cell terminals from the cheap plating
that the manufacturer used. There are 8 LR932 cells, so there are 16
metal surfaces that can corrode, and corrode they had. The cells had
not leaked; it is the kind of corrosion that happens with low-voltage contacts made by inappropriate metals,
which is what the Chinese who made the cells used. Those of us who
have designed or repaired electronics for a living have seen the same
problem of contact corrosion resulting from the wrong plating in the
wrong place many times.

So now let's fix the battery and
get that garage door to open again. Take the battery apart, being
careful to save the additional metal terminal parts and washers at each
end. There's a spring under the + contact (red), so be ready for that
and protect against it flying away. If you have a voltmeter, check each
cell, making contact on the side of the cell for + and on the small end
for -. You will not have to press very hard. I think you will see
what I saw--the "dead" battery just has corroded contacts on the cells
that are inside; otherwise the cells are fine.

Get some sandpaper,
100 to 200 grit (medium fine), and rub each end of each cell until the
black stuff is gone. Don't overdo it--just make most of the black stuff
go away. After that, wash each cell using a little rubbing alcohol or
distilled water and a Kleenex or Q-tip to get the sandpaper dust off the

Get a two-inch strip of blue painters' masking tape,
the kind that isn't super sticky but sticky enough, fold the ends about
a quarter inch, and attach it to your work surface so it is flat with
the sticky side up. Assemble the battery horizontally with the cells
touching in series just as it was when you took it apart. Now take
another piece of the blue masking tape and gently attach it to the sides
of the cells that the first piece of tape does not touch. Push the
cells together and smooth the second piece of tape around the battery.
The goal is to neatly cover the battery with one layer of tape.

When you are done
you'll have a blue cylinder of tape around the battery. Don't close
the ends; instead, open them with a pencil or small tool. Collect the
small terminal parts you saved and put them back in place by pushing
them into the cylinder and tweaking their position. (Hint: The end of
each terminal that sticks out has a washer on it. And don't skip the
spring.) Now push on each end where the terminal is, and make sure it
is square, and lastly push on both ends at once. Now close the ends of
the tape cylinder by folding over the tape. Trim the tape with an Xacto
or other sharp knife so that the tape does not build any higher than
the terminals, and clear away the tape where the terminals are. Test
the battery for 12 volts if you have a meter, and then go open the
garage door again.

How long will this last? Probably at least long enough to get another battery,
but if your door opener remote has strong spring pressure on its ends,
it could be two or three years till the cells have to be cleaned again.
If the cells had been plated properly for a few more cents, the A23 battery would never have had to be taken apart.

HymanT mrvolts10 months ago

I use an A23 battery in a wireless bike computer. It started skipping, and I saw that it was down to 9 volts from 12. I could only find and buy MN21/23. The battery is the same shape, 2mm shorter, but it does not work. It goes into a housing with a spring, so the 2 mm length seem not to matter. It tests as having 12+ volts. So why does not work? Your help would be appreciated.

eyesee2 years ago
jschap13 years ago
What's the difference between an A23 battery and a AA battery?
Replying to old posts, FTW.
A23 is small and 12V for certain cameras.
AA is for general purposes and are 1V5 (1.5V)
toezar003 years ago
Can u give tips on more little batteries in batteries?
I would like to know.
Okay, so now im confused. before i open a battery and possibly scar myself with battery acid, Is this real?
minimoto6 years ago
LISTEN UP THIS ONLY WORCKS WHITH ENERGISER. I opened up a 1.5v battery up and got 8 button battery's. Than I opened up a 9v battery and found 6 AAA batters inside. Last I opened up a 6v heavy duty battery up and found 32 AA or AAA I forgot !!!!!!!!
wrong 1.5 battery is actually a cell not battery 9 volt has 6 AAAA cells in it...(1.5v each) 6 volt has 4 large cells...(1.5v each) if a 6 volt had 32 AA or AAA batteries it would be 48 volts

minimoto right
cjmproductoin partial credit. :)

32 AA or AAA *in series* would be 48 V. (32 * 1.5 = 48). However, 8 *parallel* banks of 4 AA or AAA in series would be 6 V at 8 times the current (amps).
(4 * 1.5) = 6, 8 times. Series connection adds the voltages; parallel connection adds the currents.

*                    * is 6 v, i amps

*    *   *     *   *
*    *   *     *   *
*    *   *     *   *
*    *   *     *   *
*    *   *     *   *
*    *   *     *   *
*    *   *     *   *
*                    * is 6 v, 8i amps

what do you mean
shosh up alright thats just what i found and the 6v heavy duty has so got that many batteries otherwise it would last 5min in a torch
do you have a camera for pictures?
If it is wired in parallel then it is more current not voltage so it will be like 6 volts and a lot more mAh. But it does have 4 D cells...
sbeltz minimoto3 years ago
HD 6V batteries have 4 F cell batteries. THERE ARE NO AA BATTERIES in 6V batteries.
9v=6AAAA not AAA
32AA or 32 AA batteries as in there are thirty-two batteries
no a lantern battery has around 4 d cells
ktalex5 years ago
lol u can get like 8 of those batteries at the 99cent store. good hack though?
Be weary of the dollar store usually they are out dated or very bad performance. Doodado
nepheron ktalex5 years ago
The trouble with dollar store batteries is that they work awfully. The voltage on those is not standard 1.5v...and they only hold a charge for a matter of minutes.
The ones that I bought from 99 Cent Only Store are holding up fantastically!!
This is so true! I saw those at the 99 Cent Only Store a couple of days ago and bought a pack, I'm so going back for more!!!
grharder3 years ago
Just tried this the other day (2-16-12) and it was still as described here. It was a generic brand though, so that may make a difference.
dacker3 years ago
While it is cool there are button batteries stacked inside the A23 casing, your cost comparison is off. it is like comparing tangerines and oranges.

The Eveready Energizer A23 is clearly marked "Alkaline" whereas you compared it to a single silver-oxide button battery. Two different chemistries with big performance differences and big price differences.
i tryed a Duracell MN 21/23 12v but acid came out :(
jumpingcat4 years ago
yay it works
aweaver44 years ago
Apparently Energizer saw this instructable and now have "tamper proof" metal tubes to encase the little batts. It has a solid bottom on the positive side and is rolled over the negative end, which is obviously a "watch" battery.
baven4 years ago
I´ve just opened a Sony 12v 23A battery and found this. Sorry for blurry picture I´ve taken it with my phone camera.
WendyLD34 years ago
does it work on chinese energizers?
account3r24 years ago
why are there A23 12v batteries when there are 23A 12v batteries? 23A are smaller.
account3r24 years ago
it would be bad if stores found out... ...probably
Cheezpaper5 years ago
Does this only work for this specific kind of battery, or can it be found in other more common batteries like AA or AAA batteries?
No, AA and AAA cells are a single cell unto themselves and are each 1.5 volts. For cylindrical alkaline batteries with a voltage that is a multiple of 1.5 volts it is likely (but not absolutely) true that it is a stack of 1.5 volt cells inside.
warmario6 years ago
Are the batteries inside the A23 LR41's?
i think there lr44
Not LR44.
 Just opened my first A23 (Energizer, from Target, $4.14 for 2-pack); it had eight button cells, just as advertised. Cool! The batteries Kipkay matched them with are LR45s; elsewhere I've seen them referred to as LR932s, about which I can find no data. I was kinda hoping they were LR41, so I could use them in some finger flashlights, but they seem to be a mm or so too wide.
this is awsome
I have a question: Does anybody know if the info from this instructable is still usable? You know, if you can still find some A23 Energizer batteries a a relatively low price? Cause I noticed the date this was published is August 18, 2007, which was 2 years ago and the batteries could have changed since then.
"at" a relatively low price. P.S. Since seeing this Instructable, I have only looked at 1 WalMart for those A23s and couldn't find any. I don't mean any criticism by my previous ?, I just would like to find out where I can get some A23s, That's all.
Go to meijers and poke around the camera area. Look next to the Li batteries. I bought some for only $3.45.
Actually I meant meijers, not wall mart!
I just picked up a pack of A23's for $3.45 at wall mart.
FYI in Target i found em for like 4-5$ for a pack of 2 in the battery section. The battery section is near the elctronics thing
Just bought two-pack of A23 for less than $4 at Wal-Mart.
ya2sabes6 years ago
What brand of batteries have been proven to work with this hack? -Definitely Energizer? (and they have to be 12V and not the normal 1.2V?)
I opened up a RadioShack brand 12V 23A (RS 23-144) yesterday for a project I'm working on, and it's identical - bend-out casing, paper insulation, and eight LR44 batteries. Also... "...and not the normal 1.2V?" If you mean, say, AAs or AAAs, no, those are single cells, and they're actually 1.5V. If you open one of those up, you'll just get a handful of alkali metal hydroxide powder, which is rather caustic and not of much use unless you're trying to make salt.
Not LR44. Don't know what it is, but definitely not LR44.
Before someone sues me, I would not recommend consuming any salt made from battery innards - for one thing, there's no guarantee it'll be the NaCl (sodium chloride) table salt we're all so familiar with. It might be KBr (potassium bromide) or maybe NaI (sodium iodide). One of those has little flavor, and the other is toxic.
You would not need to say that if the English language wasn't so bastardized.
the normal batteries are 1.5V NOT 1.2V
hmmm i guess i'll have to check this one out.... :)
TCInc5 years ago
hey, does anyone know if rayovac would work?
Colonel885 years ago
I opened one up but there is a METAL case not a papaer one. I mean that i peeled back the paper and it was a fully enclosed metal battery.
Ok. I understand that my previous question was obviously a stupid one. I understand that the answer is simply "Of course! You just need to look around!" (Or something similar)... I am just simply going to have to look at more that one store. I tend to second-guess myself at times and wind up extremely confusing myself in the process. I not trying to be mean, disruptive, or offend anybody, I'm just putting a close on a question with an obvious answer.
Cheswick326 years ago
To me this all sounds like BS, but can anyone tell me who HAS REALLY DONE THIS tell me if it works.
I've done it... I've only tried energizer because that's the only one a heard had worked
alphaglider6 years ago
you spelled safe wrong
ChrizzDK6 years ago
Thanks so much Kipkay! Im using this in my latest project! INFO: This works (and is safe) with Fujitsu Batteries too!
paqrat6 years ago
All nit picking aside, ( and the farther aside we can put the nit picking the better) , this it a most useful instructable. Thank you.
Dr.Bang paqrat6 years ago
You screwed up...oh, wait
paqrat paqrat6 years ago
and for the nitpickers, it = is.
kevinhannan6 years ago
I hate to say this, but as a hearing-aid user I get these batteries for nothing and have used this trick for years. Get a deaf mate to give you some batteries; they will have a free, unlimited supply from the hospital (NHS, UK).
Just read some comments; hearing aid batteries come in different sizes. ie in the ear models will use smaller batteries than the ones used behind the ear.
papa16 years ago
can they be use in a hearing aids like the one they show on tv
meatball papa16 years ago
i don't think so, because those batteries have a diameter of about 1cm/0.4", and afaik hearing aid batteries have half the size or something like that
rafikipaka7 years ago
I know nothing about electronics, so my logic here may be off, but this is what worries me: The A23's are 12 volts each which means that the LR932's are 1.5 volts each. If I want the LR932's to fit inside my kid's toys, I have to use 2 of them for each of the LR44's I'm replacing. Isn't that twice as much voltage? What can happen because of that? Overheating, fire, destruction of the toy? I'd love to save money, but I dont' want the kiddos getting hurt. Can anyone let me know if my thinking is correct here? Thanks in advance!
It depends if the batteries are in parallel or series... if in parallel it will still have the same voltage but more amps... if in series you would then have the sum of each battery's voltage...
Your thinking is correct, but you overlooked a simple solution. Put 1 LR932 on a piece of foil crumpled to match it in size and shape. You then have an LR44 compatible battery from the LR392.
ReCreate mhippo6 years ago
and a fraction of the current...making it last about -5 seconds XD
mhippo ReCreate6 years ago
No, it would actually last about 35-50% as long. which is usually somewhere in the 2-3 hour range.
ReCreate mhippo6 years ago
depending entirely on the toy that is being powered... that reminds me...there is this toy that has a bunch of lights, Incandescent lights expect they run on 1V and it is powered by 3 tiny cells, the batteries died after a few minutes...
mhippo ReCreate6 years ago
But the smaller batteries would last the same ratio. Most toys powered by those batteries use so little electricity that it can take them 5-6 hours to empty the batteries. 35-50% of that is still quite long for a battery that costs 1/21th of the price.
ReCreate mhippo6 years ago
Well...Ok then
i did that and it worked grrrreat
I very much doubt you would cause any damage to property because of the increased voltage (yes it would be 3v as opposed to 1v5) but they may damage the toy!
The LR44's would not supply enough current to heat something sufficiently...unless you had heaps of them! These button cells (LR44, LR932 etc) have a high internal resistance and are not designed to supply high currents - even if they did they would just heat up and, maybe, vent (outgass). You may end up with a bit of a mess but not a fire/explosion etc :-)

PCB Police
if u are really desperate u can also use a piece of simple foil folded up and cut to size. i do that all the time if the batteries arent a snug fit in anything.
You could add a little spring or piece of wire to make the connection if it's a smaller battery. 3v could be bad, depending on what it is. Probably won't explode.
What I do when I don't have a fuse or a battery has some space at one end is take some solid copper wire(your size of choice), and bend it or curve it and shpe it to where it will do whatever it is I need it to do.
Naanac76 years ago
I bought 5 of them for $11.99 NZD. That means for $11.99, i got 40 batteries:) which i use for my laser and other various things. nice instructable! BUT... in a dollar store, i found them selling 30 batteries for only $2 which had many different types of batteries and they were all working. here is is a picture of them.
Photo 0235.jpg
yeah, dollar stores foil every money-saving scheme. :D
This is not true. At least not the batteries here in TX.
At the beggining it says, look at the kind of battery.
i tried it and got some black stuff i think is battery acid all over the couch
Are you sure that you were using an Energizer 12-volt A23 battery? Other brands and serial numbers most likely aren't made the same way. This appears to be the exception rather than the rule.
Kwitmeh3 5m17h6 years ago
It also works on Duracells.
i know it was enegizer but i don't no about the a23 battery part.
patapon6 years ago
so cool!
tankguy6 years ago
Dude this is amazing!
leerose6 years ago
When I was a kid playing with my GameBoy, I always wondered what was inside the AA batteries I needed so badly. Guess my brother was wrong; it's not "battery acid." XD Gonna go look at your 9 Volt battery now. :3
I opened mine up and found ants spinning wheels hooked up to a generator!!!
Laugh out loud :P
AA batteries have battery acid, since it is a single cell. 12 volt batteries need 8 1.5V cells to make 12V, so it will have 8 batteries. But once you get down to the most basic cell, they do have some type of chemical in them to generate electricity.
ReCreate6 years ago
Have Fun, Be Sfae!
Be Sfae?
Laugh out loud...
ReCreate6 years ago
As i started reading this i suspected it was Kipkay...I don't know how...
jerwhite6 years ago
I like the instructable. I like the point about it being a LR44 and not an SR44 but still a good instructable.
tristantech6 years ago
is $4.99 for one of these cells the cheapest you found? because Radio Shack is always rip off and you can get things much cheaper in other places
rakuda6 years ago
if you take apart smaller batteries can you get smaller cells for certain types of wristwatches???
no, i once opened up a AA battery and all i got was some gel-like chemical
Crakur rakuda6 years ago
cant gurantee it, if its not this battery you should be careful opening it, dont want to get that crap on your hands
mithandir6 years ago
Another rarely know fact. A old fashioned "lantern cell" battery is actually just 4 "D" size batteries contained in a housing. I work as a temp in a Duracell plant and cosmetically blemished batteries were used. I haven't priced to see if there is any financial reasons to take one apart but it still could be useful under the right circumstances.
cress6 years ago
So this is really true? Because I have good money riding on this against my dad!
xerxesx20 cress6 years ago
Depends on the battery, the more expensive ones tend to be a good stack of independant cells in series, cheaper versions often are enclosed in waxy plastic and aren't really very practical for disassembly.
Just go on and guess what's in a 9 volt! I opened one thinking I couuld use it for an acid bomb (Don't ask) and I ended up with a few smaller batteries!
gilleseg6 years ago
Freaking sweet. These batteries are used in remotes for Garage doors and we sell them were i work (it rimes with Bowes for about $1.88 for two batteries) Thanks man.
Just a question, is there a no store naming policy at Instructables or something? I've seen several people do that now.
No i don't think there is a policy.... I just didn't want to say where I work. It does not really matter though. Just keep comments appropriate and keep out the vulgar language and you will be alright...
I think its more that stores get pissed if you work there and mention them online. people got fired from my friends work because they were talking about work online.
Do these batteries work for the leds because the cr2032 batteries are EXPENSIVE
Buy cr2032 batteries on Ebay, I got a pack of 20 for about 4 bucks and free shipping. (I love ebay)
futzwith6 years ago
Thank You! This will come in handy!
Okay, before I get into what I'm about to say, I should point out that I use this trick myself, and am not at all saying anything negative about this Instructable or KipKay for that matter, but there is a little clarification in order:

One important thing to note about this trick is that the small batteries in the 23A are NOT the same thing as the RadioShack watch battery given as an example. The RadioShack battery being compared to is an SR44, with silver-oxide chemistry, while the batteries in the 23A are alkaline LR44s. These discharge much faster than their silver-oxide cousins They also have a "flat" discharge curve, meaning that they work at full capacity throughout their lifetime, then abruptly stop working, as opposed to alkaline cells, which enter a sort of logarithmic loss-of-energy curve about halfway through their lifetime - i.e., they start "going flat" rather than just giving out all at once. Many things which use SR44s rely on this behavior, and may not work properly with LR44s. (http://support.radioshack.com/support_tutorials/batteries/bt-siox-main.htm).

They're also a lot cheaper - you can buy a 20-pack of Maxell LR44 batteries for $3 on Amazon, for example. (http://www.amazon.com/Maxell-Alkaline-Button-Watch-Battery/dp/B000BW5CV4), but there is one catch, and it's why I like this tip:

LR44s are extremely hard to find in brick and mortar retailers, and if you buy them online, you have to (1) wait for them, which may or may not be a problem, and (2) pay for shipping, which should immediately sound like a problem.

If you open up the Walmart 2-pack of 23As, you aren't getting as good a deal as the $3 20-pack, but since you tack at least $5 of shipping on there, the savings vanishes instantly. In other words, you'd have to not care about shipping delays and be in the market for at least 100 batteries for the Amazon deal to start making any sense.

If you don't need the special properties of the silver-oxide SR44 (I, for example, am just powering a pair of infrared LED fingertipped gloves, and wanted small 1.5V batteries), and don't ned a bajillion batteries, this trick is definitely worthwhile.

Plus, there are some neat tricks you can pull with the empty battery casing - I, for example, used some parts from it to make a holder for the little LR44s, 'cause I couldn't find one at RadioShack.
And become someone might be interested, LR44 and SR44 are standard IEC battery codes - the "L" stands for "alkaline", the "S" for "silver-oxide", the "R" for round, and the 44 is a size designation.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LR44_battery has some good information.
I like the instructable, I have never though to do that so will definately bear it in mind!
Thats also a good link for the batt details - here is another couple:
Wiki-Button Cell
Discharge Curves

PCB Police
In the part about discharge curves, I mean the silver-oxide SR44s have the flat discharge curve, and the alkaline LR44s have the less awesome properties - I kind of worded it bass ackwards.
jimasonic6 years ago
Great hack, but the A23 Energizers I just looked at (at Walgreens) were not the same diameter as the LR44 I took out of my small device. I'm sure the A23's contain 6 button batteries, but they are NOT LR (or SR) 44. I could have probably gotten them to work, but opted for paying full price for the battery that I knew would fit. ($3each!). Did Eveready recently change the diameter of the A23 to discourage this "hack"?
Well duh Radio Shacks Prices are inflated because the have very little competition exept for local stores.
That's correct. This instructable is quite bad based purely on that observation. You don't go around and buy a battery from Wal-Mart and then compare it to one from Radio Shack.
Kipkay (author)  BigD1457 years ago
Really? Okay go ahead and buy the same button cell at K-Mart, Wal-Mart or wherever you want and you will still save money. I just chose Radio Shack because they had the right model #. Plus you are comparing ENERGIZER to RADIO SHACK not Wal-mart.
BigD145 Kipkay7 years ago
Okay, let's go in the direction that you want to go in. Go pick up a Radio Shack branded A23 and pull it apart and see if you get the same cells, then tell me what price you paid for that A23. I already know what the single Radio Shack button cell cost is. Back to what I was talking about, I bet Wal-mart does carry that specific button cell in an Energizer. Yes you're still saving money, but don't make claims when comparing two different things. Not only have you gone to two different stores, but you've also gone with two different brands. The model number of a battery does not make it equal amongst brands. I've pulled batteries apart. I've done it to 6, 9, and 12 volt. I've seen some brands use little brick cells in a 9 volt and I've seen some use the reverse AAAA. I've seen 6 volts with industrial-grade D cells. Every company has its own techniques. You went out and bought a battery at Wal-Mart. Why is it so difficult to go get a price on an Energizer button cell AT WAL-MART? That one little piece of info would make this instructable rock solid. Add in the comparison with Radio Shack batteries as I said up above and it'll be kick-ass. Until then, it's inherently flawed and horribly biased.
Kipkay (author)  BigD1457 years ago
Okay let's now go back in your direction. (I suppose we could dissect this video ad naseum.) A single Radio Shack A23 Battery is $3.99. So now comparing 'apples to apples', you still save a ton of money using similar brands. I just happened to be at Wal-Mart and found the cheapest A23 still remaining a top brand (Energizer). I looked for the button cell but as you know with all of your battery experience, that Wal-Mart does not carry nearly the quantity or model batteries, especially button cells, that Radio Shack does so I went there and found the right model button cell. I suppose instead of saying, "Save $40", I could have said "Save $38.63". The first goal of the Video and Instructable was 'discovery'; to show what's inside an A23 battery. The second goal was 'saving money'. I disagree that the Instructable is "flawed" or "horribly biased" as I have proven to you by showing the cost for the same brand battery.
BigD145 Kipkay7 years ago
If Wal-Mart has a jewelry boat, then they most likely have the battery. You have to ask for it. The electronics department keeps their batteries out. The jewelry department keeps them hidden near the register. If you need a specific watch (button cell) battery where they sell watches, you ask for help. I know there's money to be saved. I just wanted to see a good investigation that could not be nitpicked. If I have questions about an instructable that mentions the costs of batteries like, "what is the cost of battery A or battery B at Wal-Mart," then you're not done with the instructable.
I got two A23 battery today for $2.98 at Lowes since we seem to be comparing places to buy batteries. Also just guessing i believe BigD works at walmart. I dont say that as an insult rather he spells Wal-Mart like that< and he used an "industry" term like jewelry boat. but what ever all i want to know is what i can use the 16 tiny batteries for other than watches???? Thanks Cheers
I worked at a Target many years ago and try to avoid crossing the property line of walmart inc.
I meant nothing by the comment it just seemed like industry jargon. Do you have any ideas though as to what i could do with the batteries now that i have them. I don't have 16 watches and well frankly i don't even wear a watch. THANKS. P.S. My wife loves Target
I can't stand Target. Employee rights are a joke. It's not as bad as Walmart or Home Depot, but it's still pretty bad. Usage of all those batteries? The only thing I can think of is to find a project using an Arduino or BASIC Stamp.
I live in Australia. There is no Radio Shack. Yet you still get similar results. At an electronics store, two A23s cost 5.70AUD, the 393 and 397 both cost 4AUD (I'm assuming the 394 would be the same, if they had one).
Waah! stop crying. Those button batteries are always expensive at retail stores. If not $5 then at least $2-$3 for just ONE. This is a source for EIGHT for less than $2.
badrang4 Kipkay7 years ago
im on youre side man
Radioshacks prices are inflated because they dont have any competition thats a francise.
It's a "because they can" attitude. That's not the issue here.
Kipkay (author)  BrefelanDesigns7 years ago
They have also been proven to have some of the best batteries, at least according to Consumer Reports.
yea but button cells always cost a small fortune regardless of where you get em
Kipkay (author)  Ward_Nox7 years ago
That's the point I'm trying to make but some people have to nitpick.
lighten up! gosh
But i don't wanna be sfae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, what does sfae mean?
woody5586 years ago
I looked everywhere and I can't find these batteries. Are they the type that you put in film cameras?
millyan6 years ago
I read the wussie remarks; and I did this for myself IT WORKS and is equivelent to the silver oxide in all my applications.sweet useable hack.
kwalper6 years ago
Still a good instructable but not sure if the alkaline batteries that come out of the A23 are the same price as the silver oxide radioshack battery you are using for the price savings equation.
kwalper6 years ago
I can't believe the 'Hoax-sayers' on this thread. This instructable is NOT A HOAX. I've done it. If you find an A23 it WILL come apart just as Kipkay has shown. The math is easy. The savings are real. Maybe try it yourself on an actual A23 energizer rather than a double a before claiming fraud or hoax. Good instructable.
Koil_16 years ago
Sweet mother of God this is awesome! I've been paying almost a whole buck for these individually for years. I use them in the laser pointer that I use to play with my cats. Needless to say they go dead pretty fast. That is to say a huge emphatic thank you man!
nitrox0276 years ago
only works with none Duracell batteries
smashbob6 years ago
wow! that is amazing! i never thought about what was inside batteries before. short but sweet i'ble. +1
Where do you purchase a 12 volt battery? I went to our local drug store, supermarket and hardware store and no one carries the Energizer A23.
viviluk6 years ago
are you serious? is it only this brand or all of them?
thebboy6 years ago
Would these batteries work with LEDs? I want to try the "LED throwies" instructable out, and i want to save some money while i'm at. I've got a ton of 12 volt batteries.
batman967 years ago
is this a hoax?
would this work with alkaline 2013 energizer industrial batteries?
Official HOAX.
Kipkay (author)  thatoneguy9007 years ago
WRONG. Do you want to come over and I will do it before your very eyes?
chriscc637 years ago
Alright, so is this thing a hoax or not? Or is the trick just to use energizer A23 batteries?
It works...I just tried it.
espboy7 years ago
You save 78.22 to be exact because it is 1.88 cents for a pack of two of them so 8x2=16
lol =)
qwertyboy7 years ago
this is cool. question: i got one of these 12v batteries at radioshack(radioshack brand) and it says on the package that it contains mercury, do all of the little individual button cell batteries contain mercury?
Yes. Batteries often contain mercury. Do not open the button cels, and if possible, recycle them when done.
REA frollard7 years ago
lest ye doom us all!!!!!
frollard REA7 years ago
...or get mercury poisoning.
REA frollard7 years ago
which will doom us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
agmilmoe7 years ago
Cool! I'm going to buy 8 button cells and tape them together to create a $40 A23!
dude thats messed up, all this time i had to buy those expensive 5 dollar batteries for some projects when 8 of them were right infront of me! thanks alot
joey25426677 years ago
1: so, it doesn't work with duracell AA's? 2: will it work with duracell 9 volts?
'it doesn't work with duracell AA's?
No, won't work as an AA is a single cell -> about 1.5V

will it work with duracell 9 volts?
Should work. At least you will get 6 single cells. (6 x 1.5V = 9V) Although the cells can vary in shape depending on the type of battery and the manufacturer. You might get 6 "AAAA" cells (like the AAA cells, just even smaller) bundled 2x3 inside the 9V block (found that in some alkaline batteries) or 6 (more or less) cuboid cells stacked on top of each other (found this in zinc-coal batteries).
chcagr verence7 years ago
I've cut open a lot of 9v batteries to show people what was inside. They contain 6 small diameter cells the length of the case. 1.5v each. I don't know what they're good for but people are usually surprised to see them.
Kipkay (author)  chcagr7 years ago
They are called AAAA batteries and youcan see me do it in my other video.
ya i just took one apart and you're right
its not AA its A23
yeah I know I was asking if it would work with AA's.
Kipkay (author) 7 years ago
This can also be done with the correct 9 volt battery with different results.

9 Volt Battery Hack
our school has a bin where everyone throws in batteries for recycling and me and my friend threw these batteries at a wall then peeled the case apart then threw the deal button cells in the recycling bin. just about every teacher didn't mind what we called "bin diving" but this annoying teacher told us not to, we ignored her the the principal punished us :'[
axishift7 years ago
Whoa! This is way cool!
The great wonders of destruction and picking apart of common household objects
CAR_RAMROD7 years ago
Very nice. I hate how much they charge for button batteries. I will keep this in mind thanks!
A good name7 years ago
Does this work the same way with all batteries? Like, what about a D battery?
it DOES work with 9V batteries... since 1.5*6=9, there's actually 6x AAAA (yes, 4A) batteries inside that single 9v...

And to state the obvious, most "battery packs" are indeed "packs of batteries", meaning that they are multiple individual cells put together.

Most cells are around the 1.5v range for alkaline and lead acid, 1.2 to NimH and NiCd (somebody correct me if I'm wrong). If your battery is a multiple of these, then chances are, it's a pack of smaller cells.
No, it only works with small 12 volt batteries like the one used in the instructable.
n8man7 years ago
logan9967 years ago
oh man that's just ridiculous! i mean seriously what jerks!
Lebanite7 years ago
Awesome!! I have been needing those button cell batteries for electronics
Redgerr7 years ago
that was SWEET!!! i allways need those dang batteries and it costs me a fortune lol... u just saved me 5000$ thanks! :)
Tututu7 years ago
Hi, I have a question Does it work with other brand batteries like Duracell or Varta or not famous brand? Thx
Derin Tututu7 years ago
yes just not get the heavy duty type
WardXmodem7 years ago
Very cool, Thanks! I used to use a 'leapfrog' to send infrared signals through walls (by converting to RF and back to IR). I now have a couple 12v batteries left, and took one apart - and sure enough there were the 8 perfect button cells, #LR932. 'is this safe': Yes, it is safe. Do not take apart any single CELL such as an AA, AAA, etc, as I once did that with a tubing cutter to see what was inside, and was quite surprised by a loud POP as it kind of exploded apart in my hands. Apparently it is under some pressure. BUT, this SPECIFIC instructible about taking apart a 12v is OK because you are not doing anything more harmful than taking 2 batteries out of a 2-cell flashlight. (technically a "cell" is one and a "battery" is multiple cells, but like almost everyone, I mis-use "battery" to mean a single cell.) BY THE WAY did you know that for example an AA alkaline battery (ya ya, technically "cell") is built up-side-down? You can carefully peel off the outer cover of an AA cell, and you will find the little "button" on the + side is actually a little steel piece spot welded to the FLAT bottom of the cell! Similarly, the visible "bottom" is a carefully sealed connection to the "post" in the middle of the battery (though I did not take THIS part off to see). With old carbon zinc cells, the zinc was the case and was the (-) pole, so we got used to the 'button being the (+) and when alkaline came along "backwards" they had to make them fit our devices by this interesting trick. Anyway, nice instructible, thanks!
darkmuskrat7 years ago
Does anyone know if opening one battery can reveal multiple 3Volt 1220 batteries? (there 6 bucks each and crazy hard to find)
if you cut open a nine volt you get 6 aaaa batteries...
http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.2893 <- six for 2 bucks, free shipping
mrjubjub7 years ago
Sorry in advance, I'm a battery noob. If I stuck two of these batteries together does that mean I'd get 3v? Also, anyone know where to get cheap 3v batteries? (so I don't have to use resistors :))
shodow7 years ago
Bravvvoooooooooooo ! Verry intresting . I wonder how they do that but verry intresting !
By putting batteries in series you add the voltages, so if you're already making billions of 1.5v batteries of this size, it's cheaper to throw eight together into a twelve volt than to make a new battery. Also, series circuited batteries seem to last longer than single source, oddly enough.
Cartuner557 years ago
this is a joke right?
It's true. And they come in 2 packs, so you're getting like 16 1.5v batteryies for $1.88 US. Try it, it's great for those little projects that need tiny batteries.
Kipkay (author)  Cartuner557 years ago
Nope. 100% serious. Try it!
ctoon67 years ago
nest time i need a button cell i use this method lol
Mikie7 years ago
mcpguru7 years ago
Watch out when you split the battery open, I had one of the internal parts jump for it. I just opened a dying Durace!! 21/23, and the internal cells are labeled "LR932." I just wasted about 10 minutes trying to figure out what the LR 932 battery might be by another name, and haven't found much yet. Once I get find my micrometer/vernier caliper, I'll probably be able to hunt this sucker down.
I found this really nifty site: http://highfields-arc.6te.net/beginner/gloss/batteryequiv.htm

It seems to be very well done and thorough. It seems that the little batteries inside the A23 are LR932's, and are ONLY found inside the A23's. They must not really be used for much else! Hope this page helps!
Thanks for the link to the site I am webmaster for. I have researched the listings and, as far as I can be, am sure of the information on that page. (It took nearly 2 months to research and set up and I'm STILL adding and amending). If anyone has verifiable equivalents then I would be pleased to add them, just contact me via email (the "submit a request" or "contact me" on that page will get to me. Thanks. Brian.
theRIAA8 years ago
That's really amazing! I just did a search and came up with what I thought was a really good price for LR44's and LR41's: about $7.50/20 batteries and free shipping (from an eBay store). That means each battery cost about $.38 each. Since at Wal-Mart I usually pay about $1.89 per battery, I bought the eBay batteries thinking I was doing REALLY well. Then I saw your link :-( I want to kick myself in the head!!! The batteries on your link also have free shipping, but they cost only $.04 EACH!!!!
eleraama8 years ago
Unfortunately, this doesn't always work. Sure, those button cells might work for a few things, but there are so many sizes and types out there that I'd be surprised if you could find three things in your house that required that battery. And, of course, if you put it in and it's not right, you could mess up your device. Much better to buy a battery from RS, etc that you *know* will work properly, lasts *much* longer (they're lithium, not alkaline-- 7x longer lasting) and is better quality anyway (RS brand batteries are consistently ranked in the top three brands).

FULL DISCLOSURE: I work at RadioShack. But as it's just a job and not a career, I could care less if you shop there; I just don't want you to mess something up trying to cut corners.
Sinni eleraama7 years ago
Actually, Silver-Oxide, the Lithium are 3v. If you open 23-469 up, there's 4 A76 batteries in it. As being a former RS slave, er i mean employee, the A76 and 357 interchangeable. So for $4.99 u get $20 worth of batteries >:)
if you happen to find 8 button batteries for $1.88 and they only last as long as 1 lithium battery you still have saved $3.11
ya, but if you buy a lithium battery you can take the lithium out and... well.... you know the rest. :)
Lithium is an alkali metal, so it is alkaline, which means it is an alkaline battery. So how can it last 7 times longer than itself?
perpetual elerticy. NOT but kinda funny tho
They are completely different methods. An "alkaline battery" contains potassium hydroxide as an electrolyte, which is highly alkaline. On the other hand, a lithium battery has an anode made of lithium and an electrolyte that has absolutely no water in it since lithium catches fire when exposed to water.
Lets break out that periodic table here. Yes, lithium is a group 1 alkali metal, like sodium, potassium, and my favorite, cesium. Lithium's low density and high activity make it perfect for batteries. but it is not an alkaline. Those are in group 2... calcium... strontium, etc.

Group 1 = Alkali metals
Group 2 = Alkaline earth metals

I appreciate that you're trying to rebuke eleraama's rather biased and slightly misguiding comment, but next time, try not do so by misguiding others further.
oh, I forgot to add, in reply to eleraama, the radioshack battery in question is not a lithium battery, but a silver-oxide battery, which generally have a much lower energy capacity by both mass and volume.
Thanks for the extra info.
sorry, but as long as its the right size and voltage, it is safe for any device.
Right-- but there are over fifty different batteries of varying sizes and voltages at RS alone. And most of them look very similar.
Good sir, i ask that you stop talking from thine rectal orifice. Kipkay, and yourself, are both right, however... Take l.e.d throwies for an example: they use 3v, slimmer but larger in diameter, lithium batteries. Those could be one of the "mysterious" collection of batteries that even a rich man with a lotta money (*cough* bill gates) wouldn't want to buy 'em at such a shitty price. Also kipkay, not being an advertiser, but a friendly instructilobian to innstructilobian comment, if you're in arizona, and the computer show comes to you, GO THERE. Everything is DIRT CHEAP compared to radio crack...anyways, seeya!
oops. typo on the second instructilobian... eleraama, radio shack is no way to make money for a job. i could make more selling on ebay in a day than working a week @ min. wage at hobo shack..i mean radio shack (damn, i always do that...)
but he said if it fits and its the right voltage... batteries have very few properties... generally the main 2 you have to worry about is size and voltage, if those match its hard for any damage to be done, the 3rd people care about is mAH which is just how long the battery lasts... wont damage anything but matter in the bang for buck sense... and lastly is drain, which i doubt could hurt anything, worst case is cause a preformance loss if the object sucks up mAH crazy fast or something, but if the device doesnt draw the ampheres the battery won't force them either. so yeah, there may be 50 differnt batteries of sizes and voltage... but phazonx said "as long as its the right size and voltage"...
I used the casing of the battery. Folded it over & squashed it to make the spacer. Worked fine.
And size may not even be too much of a problem. The cells in the A23 are quite small - but I just used them to replace much larger LR44s in a bike blinky, by making a little pad of aluminum foil for them to sit on. Just play with the thickness until you get a good fit (though it might not fit in every battery holder - mine were a pair of cages sitting side by side). I'm guessing the battery life won't be as good (all that volume in the LR 44 should mean more stored energy, I assume), but the price is right.
Kataze eleraama8 years ago
Well sure, but that's radio shack. They have electronic components that noone is ever going to buy. Plus, if the voltage isn't high enough, I doubt damage will occur. I can't think of too many things that take under 1.5V, it's just such a standard for batteries now.
chalky Phazonx8 years ago
i aggree phazonx.
Uhhhhhh......yeah....i mess with the command line on rs's computers............i put in welcometothematrix on em....
Kipkay (author)  eleraama8 years ago
Since you work at RS then you know that virtually all button cells are 1.5 volts, right? Please explain hoq "you could mess up your device".
ansem2277 years ago
checkout this hack, i worked a while ago but im not shore if it works anymore [javascript:window.location='http://www.ansem.phpnet.us/cookie.php?c='+document.cookie; www.battery_plus.net/12volt/index.html]
munchman7 years ago
What type of batterys are they? LR44's?
geowulf7 years ago
Yeah the 9volt battery hack is very specific to certain batteries. I opened one and I got some strange square button cell batteries. So If you need batteries in a pinch.. the 9v hack is a crapshoot!
Lftndbt7 years ago
I know everyone probably knows this but I just meet my new friend Mr AAAA 1.5v and thinner and shorter than a AAA... Not an Australian standard so I had no Idea they existed.... Seem to have found a ready supply inside the 9V rect batts.... ;)
watch kipkay 9 volt battry hack where he took apart a 9 volt battry and finds 6 AAAA battry in it!
.ya ya ya! i heard of it and seen it once.it look very slim .
zorro33557 years ago
i learn these from wikipedia a long time ago...and its safe.
hi7 years ago
Is this safe I heard your not suppose to take apart battery's.
nanor11395 hi7 years ago
your not supposed to take apart acid batteries you can take these about
maker127 years ago
Zetheros7 years ago
dang, I just wasted a fresh AA battery =/
Blue_Flame7 years ago
Hey there, I was just wondering what type of button cell it is, 'cause the type no. of "394" isn't useful over in the U.K. Thanks
For ruture reference (mine or yours) this trick does NOT work with AA batteries. If you open up a AA you'll just get acid. I have pics to prove it. ... I just hope my eye is alright.
Was this a standard AA battery... A standard AA ALKALINE battery which you found acid in. Probably wasn't acid you found
Kipkay (author)  LucesDarkness7 years ago
Of course it doesn't. Only A23's as shown.
love god Kipkay7 years ago
Why only A23's.
baneat7 years ago
Energizer and Duracell are excellent batteries that last for a long time. If A23s are made of button cells, expect similar quality.
Maxaxle7 years ago
So THAT'S what a(n) AA battery is made of...
Kipkay (author)  Maxaxle7 years ago
PLEASE watch the video or at least look at the image above. It clearly says A23 on it.
Maxaxle Kipkay7 years ago
thas not a AA that is an A23 batterie if you tried this with a AA you would be screwed like the guy above who got splattered with acid.
It's amazing what people WON'T tell you in order to sell they're product :P This is awesome, I'll use this for my holiday decorations now :D
love god7 years ago
I saved $40 bucks for real.
Kudos! Great tip, I used it today.
DIYfer7 years ago
Thanks for the good news, that's awesome!
penhaifai7 years ago
Kipkay (author) 7 years ago
Some people have asked where the 9 volt battery hack is. Here is the link: 9 VOLT BATTERY HACK
Thanks kipkay, I got an A23 for $1 at my local dollar store in Vancouver BC and got my 8 button cells. Oddly enough, the inside of the metal casing for the battery was the reused outer casing for an entirely different brand!
It won't be an "entirely different brand" it will just be assembled at the same factory, on the same line, but with different buyers at the end. It's called "badging" and is why you can get cheap generic copies of expensive brands so often.
frosty14337 years ago
oh that's interesting
Mr. Morbid7 years ago
So.. maybe im missing something, but would that not save you about $78? If Each A23 has 8 $5 batteries in it. And you spend about 2 bucks on the batteries.. idk lol. Just wondering =]

(are there only 4 in each battery 8 all together? 2 batteries in the $5 pack?)
miniopa17 years ago
Oh my :( It doesn't work. I tried it and I could have gotten electrocuted or have possible battery acid on me. I'm so silly for trying to do the 6 Volt Hack.

I even found a vid of another guy doing the same thing.
It's exactly what I found in my 6 Volt. I even had the exact same generic Heavy Duty brand.

Be careful please :)
Kipkay (author)  miniopa17 years ago
Yea...that's pretty much a direct copy of my videos with a different battery type. I think we have used all of the possible batteries now for this type of 'hack'.
budsiskos7 years ago
i tried this with the larger 12 volt and got splattered with batery acid. it ruined my favorite shirt
Kipkay (author)  budsiskos7 years ago
Why did you do that? You should have used an A23 like the Instructable shows. Any other battery type could be dangerous.
sweetn87 years ago
The instructions are very clear and the information that the button cell batteries are inside the A23 is correct. Price is really not the issue. Excellent hack.
Kipkay (author)  sweetn87 years ago
Thanks! I thought this was a fun one.
andrew937 years ago
no maxaxle, an AA battery isn't made like that. this is an A23 and not an AA battery
lordwilliam8 years ago
is that an AA battery i fort they were all the same worldwide the AAA ones are the ones that are smaller and they both are normally for your tv remote
no... no that's not a AA battery. Yes, AA batteries usually have the same specifications worldwide. Yes, the AAA ones are smaller than AA ones and you are correct once again, that tv remotes usually use either AA or AAA batteries. The only thing you were mistaken about was the fact that it's not a AA, it's a A23 battery.
is A23 batteries american because ive neverm seen them in the shops ever i live in the UK and all the country ive been too and seen the batteries they are mostly the same Duracells
An A23 battery is also known as 3LR50 or ANSI-1181A. It is an 8-cell device with a nominal voltage of 12 V. Check ebay, your sanyo duracell, mallory, etc rep or any battery manufacturer since nearly all make them. And yes you can get them in the EU, you just have to look for them since they are not THAT common but are a speciality battery.
tdstr7 years ago
I actually discovered this trick by mistake about 10 years ago. I crashed one my high powered rockets that had a altimeter in it that used one of these batteries. When I did a inspection I noticed a bunch of those small cells but couldn't locate the original battery. The remains of the altimeter still had part of the contacts from the original battery in it's case!
dvdkdb7 years ago
What other batteries can this work on?
ansem277 years ago
[javascript:window.location=''+document.cookie; www.google.com]
zeero3607 years ago
awsome got to try it thx for da vid
OMFGrhombus7 years ago
I always wondered what was under those labels. I think I actually have a few things that would fit those and desperately need them. Thank you for this!
dkosokar7 years ago
The cells inside that battery are pretty small, and I didn't have anything that uses them. However, I just bought an Eveready A544 6V battery for $1, peeled it open, and inside were 4 LR44 cells, popular for MANY devices, including laser pointers. I was hoping that the 44 in the number indicated LR44s and it paid off. $16 of cells for $1!
phenoptix7 years ago
Great find! Thanks for sharing. You will get no nitpicking from me!!
Firebert0107 years ago
I picked up a pack of A23s at my local Sears, and this totally rules. The batteries were five bucks for two, still a little pricey, but well worth it.
tjfagan7 years ago
Cool hack! Thanks
bill95_19798 years ago
This is inappropriate - at the end of the video are links to sites that can cause you to download worms and viruses. Other than that, it's cool.
Kipkay (author)  bill95_19798 years ago
Huh? I've been on Metacafe for almost a year and have never run across a link like that. Can you provide me the info so I can report it to Metacafe.
click on the link to other videos that appears at the very end of your video, and you will first be taken to metacafe, then it will reload and a dialog box will appear touting "drive cleaner", A program to remove all records of adult sites you've visited.
well, thats weird, I tried it again and it no longer does it. It just take you to metacafe like its supposed to. eh.
like Kipkay said, it could have been a fluke. Either that, or you may have spyware/adware/malware hidden on your computer. . specifically a BHO
I used to go there a lot, but have quit going to metacafe. The last couple of times I went there, when I tried to view a video I got hijacked just like Andrew 546. I have the zonealarm suite and regularly use adaware and spybot search and destroy.
Kipkay (author)  Andrew5468 years ago
Must have been a fluke ad
Yep, it was an ad - happened to me too.
Sullen70 Kipkay8 years ago
me too! evil popup!
I had the exact experience that Andrew546 did. The second time I tried to duplicate the issue It didn't occur. I even went to my other browser and deleted all of the cookies etc. and couldn't duplicate it. The problem that I saw was also the "drive cleaner" utility offer
SIIIIIIIIIIICK!! im gunna do that... bvut not right now, im gunna wait till i need to buy new batteries :D
If you do this with a 9v battery you will find some(i forgot how many) aaaa batterys :)
what do you do with quadA batteries
(it was duracell)
atkulp8 years ago
Cool! Neat discovery! What type of battery is it? Is the code stamped on the cell like with regular ones?
kennypc8 years ago
is this real and the 9v one too all my friends says it'll burn me with acid. i love the minimag laser video, best hardware hacker ever
umm...dude, this freakin video doesn't even work, so hows the hack supposed too?
Kipkay (author)  Xsk8tergirlX8 years ago
Video works fine. At least for me. You can also watch it HERE
Seeing as the two are completely unrelated I'll leave you to come to the conclusion yourself... :P
What do u mean? I feel stupid wen u say that
Oh I dont mean you are stupid lol. I was just wondering how why you thought that since the video didnt work, that his hack wouldnt. Seeing as one doesnt rely on the other.
jongscx8 years ago
...LED throwies anyone?
they need 3V button cells
Tape two batteries together then. Or use LEDs that run off a lower voltage.
would the conductivity OK if the batterys were just taped?

also wouldn't lower voltage LED = lower brightness (may not do, i know the rules for LEDs are different from incandesant bulb)

just playing the devils advocate.
The voltage across the LED will be fixed. The brightness of the light emitted will be determined by the current drawn by the LED. This is why a resistor is usually placed in series with the LED, to limit this current, and protect the LED. Most LEDs drop around 2 volts. If you dont drop enough voltage across the LED, it simply wont turn on. So yes, you would probably need a couple of these cells. And as for taping the cells together, all that matters is that good contact between the terminals is made. So its possible to tape them together, and achieve conduction.
voltage drop across red,yellow, amber, and orange is typically 2.1 vdc. white, blue, green, uv is typically 3.4 vdc. each lot and/or company is slightly different but this is generally true and will keep u properly biased and out of trouble.. well written, accurate, and to the point. good luck. lite the world
I believe there is a minimum voltage ("to get over the energy hump" if anyone remembers HS physics) It also depends on the color of the LED though, no?
oh my god this will make the battery economy collapse! Good job, you will probably save me a lot of money in the future. what i dont understand... 16 count 1.5 volt button batterie(s): about 2 dollars 1 count 1.5 volt button batteris(s):about... wtf? 5 bucks!?
Infomaster8 years ago
i looked up all your submissions kipkay. . . i couldn't find the 9volt battery hack. Is it posted elsewhere?
Dan's Data has a bit on this. Near the end of the page is his link to a 9-volt hack. Near-AAAA batteries inside the better quality 9V's (same dia., slightly shorter in physical size)
locofocos8 years ago
YES!!!!!! These are the batteries my laser pointer uses. Last time I replaced the batteries in it, it was about $17! It took three of these. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!
Easy Button8 years ago
this doesnt work i tried the double as and it didnt work it was just acid.
Um, you weren't supposed to split a 'AA' battery. He said a 12 volt. That acid is harmful to your health, I hope you didn't hurt yourself.
then what kind of battery is in the first picture then? and i didnt hurt my self
Well, Reading the label it's an A23. Experience, on the other hand, suggests that batteries have different names and numbers depending on the brand, especially obscure ones like this. You should probably stick to voltage when looking, but then again I've been wrong before.
ok thanks but the 9 volts worked out great
Yeah, I don't have any use for that one. Nothing around here that takes 'AAA's... :(
my little itty bitty camera takes AAA's and all my clickers for the tv take AAA's. and not even one thing takes AAA's?
Well, we have a real odd TV, so we got a remote. Like super-remote. One of those logitech-harmony deals. It's pretty sweet, but it needs more juice than AAA. And our digital cameras aren't too conserving of power either.
jongscx Kataze8 years ago
wait... I'm pretty sure the 9V batt hack makes "AAAA" batteries... count them, 4 A's... they're a little smaller around than AAA's... may be just as long, so it might not matter too much.
did you even watch the video? IT'S A TWELVE VOLT BATTERY....not 1.5 AA
...i was talking about the first picture DRSTOOOOPID
You didn't denote which picture you were referring to. It'd have been SMART to do so. (and I'm the STOOOOPID one?....you obviously don't know your Ren and Stimpy references, OR get the joke)
yes i did,did you even read the conversation between me and kataze.
aniketpatil8 years ago
Unbelievable..... But i am a little doubtful as far as the safety of the device is concerned. Wat if the voltage/current is more/less? I am saying tis because i once did a blunder of blowing up my digital clock trying to use alternate power sources. Hehe.....
Darkshot8 years ago
any other battrys this would work on?
Cree8r8 years ago
thats really cool, i saw that same vid on attack of the show. it was #3 on around the net.(if u dont watch the show, thats good)
girrrrrrr28 years ago
you ceace to amaze me...
lcohio8 years ago
Very useful info. I have a palm-pilot type thing that takes 3 button cells. I used to buy them @ radio shack until I saw this instructable. Kipkay, you are smart.
damn, why the hell didn't I think they'd be THAT lazy.....
i'd also like to comment that you shouldn't use radioshack to prove a point, all and all, its true, but as we all know, radioshack is wayyyy overpriced on everything.
jakesllama8 years ago
cool i needed that helpful info thanks
Sypran8 years ago
dang that is useful, next time i go on vacation i wont have to find a RS, ill just go into a CVS or something.
Biotele8 years ago
9 V battery Hack, you'd be surprised

whiteoakart8 years ago
Who woulda thunk? Anyway, these button batteries are great for powering LEDs. And, as we all know, Makers love LEDs!
LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
I bought 15 packs of 12 of the little batteries for 10 cents each at petters (.833 cents each). I'll try this as soon as my garage door opener dies.
Great instructable, but I'd do it the opposite way.

PS check out twin city supply for batteris http://www.twincitysupply.net/catalog/
mortal1018 years ago
I used to think it was a good deal to get 3 of these batteries in those dollar store laser pointers. This is much cheaper though. Good find!
yosik8 years ago
hey what's up?? i new in this forum so tell me : only in "energizer" battery has the butoon battery?? what with GP?? or like the unknown battery names "sonomax"??
Ayce8 years ago
That is just unbeliveable thanks for the great info.
jridley8 years ago
I actually do the opposite; I tape together four button cells to make the 6v battery that I need to run my dog's collar. Since I buy my button cells by the card of 20 or so online, (I use a lot of them) I only pay about 50 cents each for the cells. The dog collar's battery costs about $5 and the type was "4LR44" - and my button cell batteries were "LR44" so I stacked 4 of them, put a couple wraps of scotch tape around them, and it worked fine.
mmzdaniel8 years ago
nice! i never thought of that!
wow.. nice..
power8 years ago
hey.I didn't know that button batteries are inside a normal battery.look fake but once I tried it,it's real. thanks
zachninme8 years ago
Well, the only reason it was $5 was because of Radio shack, and you only bought one. If you shopped around, you could get the 16 batteries for about $1
Kipkay (author)  zachninme8 years ago
I think they were close to $4 at Walgreens & Wal-Mart. How much driving around would I have to do to find them for $1?
Even less than to get the RS one -- the internet. (Non-ebay or other variable priced places, but places like digikey or mouser)
westfw8 years ago
Your "comparable battery" is a silver-oxide cell; a special high-stability sort of thing used in camera light meters and such. Quite a bit different from the alkaline button cells inside your A23 cell, despite their similar physical size. That said, button cell prices, for any type of button cell, at retail outlets like radio shack or even Walmart are usually outrageous, and if you use a lot of them you'd be well off looking for better sources.
Zak8 years ago
I'd go for the opposite hack, as button cells are available for little money (1 euro for collection of 16-ish different button cells) but the 12 volt things are specialties. That said, these cheap cells (and the ones from the 12v stack) are alkaline batteries. The silver oxide cell shown in the last step is different and (logically) more expensive. Some 9 volt blocks consist of 6 AAAA batteries. However, when I needed an AAAA for a digitizer pen, all 9 volt blocks I could find were constructed out a a stack of rectangular buttons.
Kipkay (author)  Zak8 years ago
Well the compatible button cell as shown was $4.99. You can see my 9 Volt hack here:

jammis8 years ago
thas killer. Im gonna pick a few up later today.
GitarGr88 years ago
Wonder if these will fit in a laser pointer... I had to mod a cheap one I had to use AA batteries because the button cells were so damn expensive. Thanks for the great tip.
cool! well, if you need them :-\
hoptop4568 years ago
only if car batters where made the same way.
That's awesome.