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Picture of (9) 12-Volt-PhotoVoltaic-Power-For-The-Tiny-Apartment/
Electric rates are going up again in Hawai'i because Foreign Oil is imported from the Middle East. Up 17% just this year. The ships that bring it in have to go a long way through war torn nations past pirates. At least this is the story they are sticking to. 

Back in the early 1900's Hawaiian Electric did away with the burning of Cheap Coal and opted for the use of oil to generate electricity.
At first electricity was cheap because oil was cheap. Oil was being found everywhere under pressure, easily extracted from shallow wells, oil became King In Hawaiian Electricity Production.

Today we have Conflict Oil.
Harder to extract.
Found in or near Middle East War Zones
The cost is high and so it is passed on to the consumer in the form of four and a half dollar a gallon gasoline and High Electric Bills.

Add to all this the installation of Commercial Wind Generators and Private Solar Electric Grid Tie where the customer does not pay for meter reading, HECO is having trouble making ends meet. They only made a 39% profit last year ! Ohhhhh, Poor Babies. I see HECO driving around in nice shiny new trucks every where they need to work. They cannot be hurtin' all that bad and electric rates keep going up and up. At the time of this writing a kilowatt cost .37c. I use 145 kW +/- in any given billing period.

I have a Dialysis Machine in my home that has got to run for eight hours every night. The machine is rated 120 Volts-625 watts @ 5 Amps. The load is not continuous and that makes the rating misleading. The 625 watts is if the machine has everything running at the same time. I got a Kill-A-Watt meter and started measuring how many watts we use each night. The highest number of watts this machine used any given night was 410 Watts. The least was 330 Watts.

I figured I might be able to remove that machine from the grid if I used Photo Voltaics with a Battery Bank and Inverter.

Ya know its ah funny thing. People don't like Conflict Diamonds and have taken steps to Not Buy Them.
What about Conflict Oil?

And The Madness Continues..........

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ironsmiter2 years ago
I'm guessing that having dialysis machine that can run even if the power is down would be worth it.
Don't know how often YOUR power goes out, but it's out here often enough that I wouldn't want MY lifesaving medical equipment to rely on the power company.

I wonder how much power you lose being behind glass like that? Are the window panes plain glass? or UV coated(to help reflect summer heat?)

"Lanai"? so... I'm thinking it's the open porch type thing? The quick googling I did describes that word as the type of house with a porch facing Lanai, or the island itself...

You did mention "conflict oil" a few times, so consider where your solar comes from also. A lot of the materials for those come from questionable sources in China... if not the whole cell coming from there. Technology is moving forward, and we may soon be free of THAT moral dilemma... but not yet.

Given the number of active volcanoes, is geo-thermal not an option? I know it wouldn't work for you on a personal scale, being in an apartment, but the state grid should be able to benefit from it, I would think.
Dr.Bill (author)  ironsmiter2 years ago
Plain glass windows, the panels sit on the inside of the glass up against the glass. I lose quite a bit of power having to do things this way. The electric is reliable enough. I don't Depend on the solar or HECO so much as the idea was to lower the high bills ah bit. Done.

I need ah nice porch to put this on, it does not need to face the island of Lanai.

I have a thermometer set up in the back of one of the panels so I will be seeing how hot things get this summer. I don't expect too much heat.

I have thought about Where the panels are made and who makes them but consider this, I don't have to buy them but one time, not like Oil and Gas from BP or anything. Not having the Technology Yet is not an option, I really don't need to 'Wait For It'.

The state is doing Geo Thermal however they have had some setbacks in that their system leaks and they have to evacuate the neighbor hood when it does. I suspect they have put it in the wrong area that is geologically active in the Big Island's Rift Zone.

All I want from this is a little relief from high bills and I have done just that. It works and that is All I care about at this point till I can move to a better place that has a Yard.

congrats. Hope the plans for moving go well for you.
I know island living can be downright outrageous in pricing.
Dr.Bill (author)  ironsmiter6 months ago

Have moved to Idaho and cut my rent from $650/month to $300/month for 5 times bigger!

Electric bill went from $58 to $17/ month.

Best of all I now have a huge Lanai that gets sun all day for winter. ug

Not much time before the deep freeze sets in. Time to get crackin on the warmer side of things.
Dr.Bill (author)  ironsmiter20 days ago

It's May now and I have been heating my house with an Eden Pure electric heater. the electric bill got to $100us before I installed the heater. I'm glad I did too. The baseboard heaters (4 of them) used 3300 watts each and the Eden Pure used 985 watts. I dropped the E-bill to that of my Hawai'i E-bill around $58. Soon I will be back to $17/month.

Dr.Bill (author)  Dr.Bill2 years ago
Hawai'i has gone more solar than most Other states. We have huge Wind Farms as well being that we have the Trade Winds to benefit us.
Our state is using less Gasoline as well. We lost one of two oil cracking plants last year when they went out of business due to lower sales.

I only deal with what I can change, my source of power for a power pig.

What do you have as an Electric Supplier? Oil? Coal?
Illinois, so we mostly burn coal, and run nukes.

BUT the big issue here is weather. Snow and wind and water take out water every couple months. Sometimes only for a few hours, sometimes a couple days.
It's the transmission lines that are our weak link. :-(

We've lost a few oil crackers in the past couple years too. one was less than 10 min away.
Dr.Bill (author)  ironsmiter2 years ago
Illinois weather I know well. I used to live in Arlington Heights.

So what do they do with the coal slag and the Nuclear Waste?
I think you guys need to shrink your energy/carbon footprint ah bit and get rid of the Nuke Plants.
well, I KNOW what they do with one, and have an educated guess with the other.

The nuclear waste goes the same place as all the other nukes... they bury it out in old salt mines, in the middle of the desert out west (or east for you :-)

At least SOME of the coal slag gets ground up, and sprinkled on the roads down in the south of the state, in lieu of salt. The VAST majority of the coal waste gets substituted into concrete products. and 10% or so of it goes back into the mines from which it came, to fill the hole back in.
Dr.Bill (author)  ironsmiter2 years ago
What of the slag ponds? I seem to remember one that broke its bounds a while back and turned ah good chunk of a valley into a Superfund fiasco.

Bury the nuke waste out west? I wonder how long before that pollutes our water tables, salt domes or no salt domes.

My point is, the stuff you just posted will be in need of service on a very regular basis. We keep paying and paying to store garbage for...ever. What happened to "power too cheap to meter"? It got kinda expensive, no?

Solar and Wind Power still beats out anything else.
FYI, for anyone coming into this late, I am NOT encouraging, making excuses for, or even implying the good of coal and nuclear energy production in Illinois. Just explaining best I can how things ARE right now.

the slag ponds... best I can do is refer you to what the Illinois EPA has to say about it.

Buried nuclear waste... well, it doesn't contaminate the water tables at all.
Baring a 'great flood event' or major geologic movement that renders current landmasses unrecognizable... those salt caves are darn stable. if there WAS water, the caves would not exist. Again, I defer to experts, but the general principal has been deemed sound. (
The normal mode of "failure" in those cave and mines is for the salt to "creep", which ends in the facility turning into a solid block of salt instead of a cave like structure. Making the storage of nuclear material there SAFER after the 'failure'.

Now I DO have a better idea for SAFE and PERMANENT disposal of spent nuke-fuel. But that's for another time... like after a more through patent search/application. I did discuss it once, a bit, with a state legislator, but since he's dead now... I think my 'secret" is still safe.

I totally agree that solar and wind are the ways forward. We had MASSIVE wind farms all over the plains now. On my last trip down to Springfield, I passed a wind farm that took me over 20 min to drive past. at somewhere near 65MPH! And that was the SHORT side of the farm. As to solar, I really prefer the spanish tower power setup, over photo voltaic.
The part I REALLY like about it is... using standard construction materials, readily available ANYWHERE, and rare-earth free. OK, so my thoughts here are a little disjointed. it's early in the morning here ;-(
Anyhow. The solar towers are, at their most basic, steam boilers.
You could demolition and dispose of the nuclear part of a reactor, build one of these power towers, and hook it right back up to the steam turbines from the old nuke, and keep on producing power. And since there's no moving parts, it should placate the people complaining that wind farms harm birds and bats.
Dr.Bill (author)  ironsmiter1 year ago
Cats destroy more Birds than any Wind Power operation ever did BP Oil let the pressure off in the Gulf and the Giant Sink Hole started shortly after that;

(BTW I am not saying you support any of what I call 'Conflict' operations. Our thoughts do need to get out at every opportunity so have at it ironsmiter, the flow of ideas wants to be un-leashed.)

How many of the Wind Farm complainers actually install Bat Houses or know anything of Bat Migratory Routes or where Bats even live?

ironsmiter you have some very good ideas, keep them coming.