Introduction: 12 Life Hacks

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This is a bunch of helpful life hacks. I hope you enjoy ;) I am probably going to make this a weekly thing. 12 hacks each week on Tuesdays, I guess.

Step 1: Love Music?

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Listening to music is a type of meditation. Listening to a good amount of music (an hour or more) helps calm your body. This helps you sleep better in the night.

Step 2: When to Drink Water

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Drink 2 cups of water after waking up

1 cup a half an hour before a meal

1 cup before taking a shower

2 cups before going to bed

When your mouth ever feels dry, drink a cup of water. When your mouth feels dry it means you are becoming dehydrated.

Step 3: Have a Cold?

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Cough syrup is inferior to the power of Pineapple juice. Pineapple juice was found to reduce your cough by killing more bacteria than cough syrups.

Step 4: Educational Giving

Picture of Educational Giving is a website that gives rice to third world countries when you play there games. There great classroom activities or if you are feeling to give.

Step 5: Fluffy Cookies

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Baking cookies in a muffin pan helps cookies get fluffy because the have room to spread. These let the cookies not touch each other, so you get perfect round cookies.

Step 6: Digestive Help

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Drinking a cup of green tea with lemon and honey after you wake up and before you go to bed helps everything circulate with more ease. It boosts digestive and immune health.

Step 7: Don't Want to Pay for a Gym?

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Many social media pages give out daily workouts to do at home. I recommend using Instagram for this hack. Many accounts also have great and healthy food ideas. There very useful quick morning workouts and have tips on living a healthier life.

Step 8: Talking to Tone Deaf People

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Always speak in a lower and louder tone. When your hearing goes, higher tones go first. Remember they are all about that bass, no treble. ;)

Step 9: Wrapping Up Food

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Never put warm food in the fridge because bacteria is quick to grow. If you have to put it in the fridge DO NOT use tin foil. Tin foil is an insulator that keeps the food warmer for longer.

Step 10: Keep It Fresh

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Keep a dryer sheet in luggage, laundry bags and closets. This keeps them smelling nice and fresh. After a while clothes and bags smell after a while.

Step 11: Shaving Cuts

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If you cut yourself with a razor, wash off the the blood, then dry and add petroleum jelly.

Step 12: Avocados

Pop off the stem on the avocado. If it is green it's good, if it's brown it's too ripe. I have no picture for this one, sorry. My creativity ran out by now.


Lotsa Bad Luck (author)2015-10-30

Here's another saying I thought of for Step 8: Talking to tone deaf people... "You'll have no 'treble' with a big 'bass'!" LOL I'm easily amused.

angidiy (author)Lotsa Bad Luck2015-10-31

That's a good one! :D

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