I made this design after I built the 7 shot pistol by oodalumps. it fires 30+ feet with a few rubberbands. it fires 12 blue rods, one each time you pull back the firing pin and pull the trigger.it's my first instructable, so please be nice.

Parts list.
9 red/green
4 yellow
2 blue
1 white
4 black/green

4 white
8 yellow
18 green
5 red/black
10 orange/black
16 grey (one joint)

14 Y shaped pieces
1 ball joint
7 blue washers
3 grey washers (or 9 washers)
duct tape
blu tac
atleast 2 rubber bands

ps, sorry about the dodgy pictures

Step 1: Handle

make the handle

Step 2: Barrel and Trigger

construct the barrel

Step 3: Barrel End

construct these parts

Step 4: Hopper Cover, Firing Pin and Decoration

build all these parts and add duct tape to the firing pin to stop it snapping off

Step 5: Hopper

construct the hopper. this is probably the hardest step due to the amount of conectors on the rods.

Step 6: Begin Putting It All Together

place the ram into the barrel and attach the tan lock pin.

picture 2: push the red/black connectors together.

Step 7: Attach More Parts

attatch these parts to the back of the hopper

Step 8: Barrel Attachment

assemble the end of the barrel and attach onto the trigger section

Step 9: Barrel

fill in the barrel with these pieces

Step 10: Handle and Hopper

attach the handle then the hopper

Step 11: Hopper Cover

put the hopper cover ontop

Step 12: Rubber Bands

add trigger rubberbands and other rubberbands

Step 13: Loading

snap of the hopper cover and load in 12 blue rods, re attach the cover and pull back the firing pin. pull the trigger to fire.
do u need blu tak?
i see a hair
Wouldn't a mag be easier?
this probably sounds stupid but were do you buy all the peices please help!
go on knex.com to buy separate pieces
This gun is awesome I'm probably going to build it later today. GREAT WORK!!!
actually looks okay!
cool very much power
so basically u modded oodalump's 7shot pistol?
hey danny can u plz change ur pic back to thr blue guy
if u give me a good enuf reason hen ill concider it
well the first off the girl is weird second the saying is weird and it kinda rude. and im only 12 so it kind of gory.
why the hell you got oodalumps pic
i like it and he said i could use it
oh sorry
its ok I get it alot
oh yeh shes a zombie and the don't exist
Who cares if they dont exist. the pic is cool.
so I like his other picture better
kinda.I rebuilt it using the same hopper design
Great gun! I loved it, I managed to put 6 elastics on it =P shoots about 50 feet once u manage to pull the rod back. One thing that would be cool if fixed. Sometimes the blue rods don't go down far enough and the pistol then fires nothing...not sure how to fix it, im no expert. Only made one crossbow.<br/>
Ha my uzi is about the same size and it has the same amount of shots!!
awsome! have you posted it?
I made it cause there wasn't many working multi shots that were small
looks good but its just another multi shot pistol. cool but plain

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Bio: i like destroying, fixing, making, altering, and customizing stuff. have really messy "workshop" (A.K.A room) and cant be bothered fixing it.
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