Picture of 12 volt charger/ 12 volt DC power suply
I've made this 12 volt DC suply for testing stuf that I made.
I used 220 V to 12 V transormer and simple Graco's compound.
If you are not expert dont try this at home the 220 volt is more than enough to kill someone.
For base I used old PC power suply I dril holes for switch, and LED.
You will need:
-Power transormer (220V to 12V)
-4 diods 
-wire stripper
-soldering tool

malik88017 months ago


GhoustDoggy (author)  malik88016 months ago

tnx :D

GhoustDoggy (author) 1 year ago
And on multimetar It shows 14 volts I have fixed that whit a resistor :D
Actually, you might want to leave it close to that `14V.. when a car is running, output ranges from 13-15V, to keep the battery above 12V to charge, but obvious, keeping it there too long will cook the battery being charged. Otherwise, if you keep the supply/charger at 12, the battery will never reach full 12V..
GhoustDoggy (author)  Gelfling61 year ago
yea but If you need to use it as 12 power sorce you need a resistor :D
pfred21 year ago
If you have a look at this power supply I made:

You may see on this page a circuit similar to what you have:

If you add capacitors like are in those schematics you will reduce the ripple your power supply produces. Your output voltage will rise about one third more than what it reads now though.