Convert a vacuum cleaner motor into an air blower.

Leaf blowing
Hair drying
Bernoulli ball tricks
Fire blowing
Flame throwing (to be added later)
And more probably...

Step 1: Parts List

One redundant vacuum cleaner
One aluminium lamp shade
Nuts and bolts
3-core mains cable
Resin for glass-fibre
A T-shirt
Epoxy glue
Assorted screws
A drill
Heavy ring-pulls
Various ad-hoc bits and pieces
How very &quot;<strong>Rocketeer</strong>&quot;! (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102803/ ) Also, add some leather and brass and you definitely have a SteamPunk S'more extinguisher.
Looks awesome, Making me think about how I'd build one.<br><br>I'd like to point out that it's not even close to 1200w, that number may have been on the side of the vacuum but it's marketing bs. I worked for an insulation company. The blower was a realistic 1800w and it could move 1200lb (544kg) of cellulose in an hour, up 20ft (6m). <br>Admittedly I did skim it so I could have missed you pointing that out.
<br> I don't understand your comment. I read 1200W as power-consumption, but I can't quite link that to 1200lb (544kg) of cellulose in an hour, up 20ft (6m)?<br> <br> L<br>
I was just pointing out that your motor claims it can draw 1200w but if it ever did it would instantly melt. The blower motor we used draws 1800w when running and it's 10* as powerful as a vacuum.<br><br>http://www.krendlmachine.com/products/other-equipment/blowers/187<br><br>It's a through blower, so it ingests cellulose insulation and blows it through a tube. <br><br>It's non consequential, I was just pointing out how ridiculous the marketing has got.
<br> I do not have a problem with a 5A motor, and I don't see how 5A would &quot;instantly melt&quot; much.<br> What are you talking about?<br> <br> L<br>
I have a 12 amp Eureka vacuum motor, I don't know what you're talking about either, VadimS. It can pull ME and my brother and it outputs 1.85 horsePOWER in one little tiny shaft.... Power = 115v x12 amps = 1380 watts <br>1 hp = 768 ( Im pretty sure) which 1.8 hp. 1200 watts is not 5 amps, it is 10 amps. 1380 watts is 1.8 hp and 12 amps. That's how powerful mine is anyway..
Thanks.<br><br>When you relate amperage to power you need to use voltage too. I'm running on 50Hz 240V (RMS), so 5A is 1200W. <br>But I only said it was 1200W.<br><br><br><br>L
I know. The guy said that 1200 watts would melt.... I have had AC motors from vacuums and other appliances that used 240 and 115... Btw, I didn't know that 240 ran on 50Hz.
Yeah, it's important when taking things overseas, it affects the way some devices behave power-wise.<br><br>L
And I'm assuming that it's alot easier to make 240 volts at their power plants for less amperage..
It's not easier to make 240v, it's just easier to transmit. The more amps you have, the hotter the circuit can get. so if you run 240v through a line, you can transmit the same amount of power in a wire twice as thin.
Oh. I gotcha, Thanks for clarifying. I suppose you need much stronger motors (generators) to even generate 240 volts. <br>
I suppose you would... but the cost of the generator would be easily outweighed by the cost of the extra copper needed to transmit it.
You could probably make a flamer by hooking up the outlet to a carbeurator.
lol, car jokes...
who evan has this kind of stuff \
Yes, it works just fine. There <em>was</em> talk of turning it into a rocket-pack (with fuel) but that wasn't my idea and I'm not even going to try.<br/>I intend to see what it's like for blowing a fire next weekend<br/><br/>L<br/>
please try make a jet pack
i have just gotta say this, ahem, "this really looks like it blows" ha, it looks and from what it sound like really dose blow. I like the resin t shirt trick, and it doubling as a filter. did you get the lamp shade at IKEA?
This was very good at enhancing a wood-fire, very good indeed L
I would bloody imagine, think it would be any good at super provoking thermite?? :p
Might blow the thermite into a big cloud of dust! Thermite doesn't need air, but I'd like to try blowing some coke or charcoal for melting metals. L
I used coke and an old vacuum cleaner motor in my diy foundry and was able to melt iron with ease.
It would probably work extremely well for that.
Well, this has given me an idea of what to do with the two toy plastic vacs with 1600w and 1800w motors sitting doing nothing... :D Although, if I want a blower (say, for inflating my little rubber boat) in less than 2 minutes, I just use one of my Kirbys with the hose on the bag-outlet and the air filter on the front... :P
What's a Redundant Vacuum Cleaner?
There's a bit of an explanation in step 2, but alternatively "surplus to requirements", "of no use (as a vacuum cleaner)". L
i see that you used can opuning things on the strap, very smart
Heavy ring-pulls off food cans, and two each. They were very handy. L
Good work man, I have been aching to experiment with rag fibreglass but havn't had anything to fabricate. Quick! Make that into a jet engine.
Great job lemonie! It almost looks like the device from <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102803/">The Rocketeer</a>! Have you dared yet to strap it on and power it up? :)<br/>

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