Check out these 3D printing projects that use the free 123D Design software from Autodesk. Each project includes tutorial videos as well as step by step instructions for designing and printing similar projects.
Learn about convex and concave shapes by creating a chocolate mold. Math is delicious.
4.6K 6
Learn about friction the fun way by designing a rocket.
2.9K 15
Mimic nature by creating a robotic spider. Steal ideas from the hard-won adaptations of a variety of species. It's faster than evolution.
1.5K 8
A balance bike is a great way to teach kids balance and start them on their way to riding a “real” bike.
5.0K 21
If you’re a teacher, conceiving and designing a model car are great exercises in design thinking for students, particularly for the stages of ideation and prototype design.
7.1K 6
Designing a yo-yo can be a great way to push students to gain a better understanding of potential and kinetic energy. Plus, yo-yos are awesome.
3.4K 4
Uses Autodesk Inventor.
4.3K 21