Step 7: Finalists

Picture of Finalists
Neil Wakeman.jpg
Joanne Massey.jpg
Pete Migrin.jpg
Olle Wranne.jpg
Nathan Howe.jpg
Dennis Martin.jpg
We had about forty entries to the 123D Fab! Challenge in total. The competition was extremely fierce, but eventually the judging panel selected the following winners:

1st Place: Michael von Hamel - the photo here does not do justice to this incredible machine. When you turned the crank on the front, gears and wheels all over the structure turned. At the same time, different electrical circuits would be broken and completed, causing a series of lights to flash. Very clever stuff.

2nd Place: Neil Wakeman - Neil's decision to use every last scrap of material, including the packaging of the cardboard pieces, in this beautiful and elaborate sculpture won him $500 of Ponoko vouchers.

3rd Place: Joanne Massey - a seasonal favorite, this showed off the maker spirit by incorporating a crocheted Santa and LEDs.

Runners-up: Pete Migrin and Olle Wranne - Migrin's whimsical lamp and Wranne's elegant reindeer were both aesthetically wonderful.

A special trebuchet category was introduced to the contest for an impromptu war between Dennis Martin's and Nathan Howe's cardboard siege engines.

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brainsfried3 years ago
that is insane great job!