Step 7: Finalists

We had about forty entries to the 123D Fab! Challenge in total. The competition was extremely fierce, but eventually the judging panel selected the following winners:

1st Place: Michael von Hamel - the photo here does not do justice to this incredible machine. When you turned the crank on the front, gears and wheels all over the structure turned. At the same time, different electrical circuits would be broken and completed, causing a series of lights to flash. Very clever stuff.

2nd Place: Neil Wakeman - Neil's decision to use every last scrap of material, including the packaging of the cardboard pieces, in this beautiful and elaborate sculpture won him $500 of Ponoko vouchers.

3rd Place: Joanne Massey - a seasonal favorite, this showed off the maker spirit by incorporating a crocheted Santa and LEDs.

Runners-up: Pete Migrin and Olle Wranne - Migrin's whimsical lamp and Wranne's elegant reindeer were both aesthetically wonderful.

A special trebuchet category was introduced to the contest for an impromptu war between Dennis Martin's and Nathan Howe's cardboard siege engines.

Speechless... Soooo Amazing!
NO <br>commnt
very cool!<br>nice job!
Awesome! I'd love to play with one, but my computer lacks the software to open the file downloads. If it were available in pdf I could cut it out by hand (no laser cutter, either) Great job, anyway!
Your wish is my command! I've uploaded the files in PDF format too. However, I'd definitely think twice about trying to cut the whole kit by hand... Good luck to you if you try it, though. Let me know how it goes!
Thanks...I can't find them, though. the only file downloads I click on both give the eps files. I probably woeldn't cut them all, not at once, but enough to play with.
I love those entries made at AU. Very cool stuff!
This kind of kit would be great for schools [with laser cutters].<br><br>Challenges could go on within or between schools, or the kit could form the basis of &quot;transfer&quot; projects, with primary-school groups working at high-schools with pre-cut kits or designing (and cutting) their own parts to add on.
My thoughts exactly!<br /><br />If only I knew someone who had recently started work as a science teacher... I don't suppose your school has a laser cutter, by any chance?
Getting one as soon as they finish building the new part of our school - allegedly June/July, so plan for September.
that is insane great job!
The end designs at AU were amazing. I want to play with this some more - let's clean off the main table and go to work.
Hooray! I predict a war of cardboard siege engines by the end of the week.

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