Picture of 123D Make inspired Acrylic Lamp Mashup
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Color and light have always fascinated me. I've been a fan of mid-century, Danish and modern lighting design for quite a while. I’ve been collecting retro swags for a number of years, as seen above because I love their look - they represent one of the most innovative times for the use of plastics in lighting design.

Multi-part, modular construction pieces however, like the PH Artichoke lamp and IQlight (recreated as an Instructable here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Universal-lamp-shade-polygon-building-kit  as well other multi-part designs peak my attention as they represent an approach to the design and structure of housewares that made the owner part of the process, either by providing their lamp in kit form forcing the owner to build the lamp themselves, or by providing a number of like parts that could be assembled in various ways to produce different outcomes.

A number of designers responsible for that approach were architects turned furniture designers. A few of the more famous mid-century designers attended Cranbrook Design School, a few miles from my home. Charles and Ray Eames ("Eames Era") met at Cranbrook  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cranbrook_Educational_Community#Notable_alumni_and_faculty

A quick visits to the Cranbrook Art Museum to see their works in their native setting started the creative juices flowing, and so, inspired to give it a shot, here is my Instructable on making a mid-century modern style lamp shade using AutoDesk 123D Make.

This Instructable is a jumping off point and instructions on "how to approach" not necessarily a "how to reproduce” my project. Let creativity guide you and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.